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Sherlock and Bulldogs for Big Queer “Boy Month”

Available soon from Go Deeper Press (godeeperpress.com)

Available soon from Go Deeper Press

Folks, we’re getting bone-hard for Sherlock and Watson at Boy Month, with cool Yaoi fan art in video, not to mention hot news about Alison Tyler’s Those Boys and Benji Bright’s Boy Stories. Check it.

Also, don’t lose sight of Lana Fox’s (non-erotic) chart-topping self-help book, written by a butch bulldog, Paws Off My Bone: An Assertiveness Guide for Dogs and Their Humans. It steamrollered into the top 10 on Kindle Self-Esteem charts (free), received 3 5-star reviews within the first week of launching, and got some amazing tweet action from the awesome Emerald, and the wonderful August McGlaughlin, among others. (Click on their names to read their amazing sex-positive blogs!). Keep scrolling for more…

Lastly, check out those dogs at BookBoner.com, where we’re sharing the dog rock version of the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”, wondering why “How to Poo on a Date” was written for humans and not dogs, and getting sex-positive about poop management. And when we say dig it, we totally mean it in a dog-positive way.

Finally, if you want to solve problems like Hope Solo, who we’re kind of devastated about at the moment, check Angela’s post here.

Find out more at Go Deeper Press!

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Explicit Erotica from Jacob Louder

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Our forthcoming erotic collection Dirty Little Numbers: Erotic Flash Fiction of 500 words or Less will feature hot stories by well-known names such as Rachel Kramer Bussel and Kristina Lloyd, and newer voices, like Jacob Louder below. If you’d like to sign up for more free stories like this one, join our mailing list! We’ll be shooting (pun intended) out more freebies to all our beloved subscribers.

So, we’re happy to share one of Jacob Louder’s erotic pieces with you to celebrate our forthcoming launch. This story is erotic, explicit, and for ADULTS only, please.


Jacob Louder

Two cocks in our bedroom and my wife is ecstatic. Let me define: Erin is on her back on the bed, her asshole wide from my dick, her pussy wet as hell from his. Panting still, she smiles and stretches out her legs the way I like.

“Go on, Scotty,” Erin says. “He’s your present.”

He is Jordan. I don’t remember his screen name completely, but it contained the word “extension.” Four inches taller than me and ten times prettier. He has muscles I never had, and his cock—my God. Jordan filled my wife’s cunt, spread it wider than ever. She gasped and moaned in a way I’ve never heard. I thought he was hurting her, until I felt her body relax, saw the motion in her hips. When I fucked her ass, for a while there, he was all I could feel.

Jordan waits, looking me over with his coy smile, his strong chin. He cups his balls with one hand, then licks the palm of the other, bringing it down to his cock to start a gentle tug.

It’s been years since I had a cock in my mouth, and tonight, that’s all I want. I want to feel Jordan deep in my throat, to taste what’s left of Erin.

For-hire or not, it’s polite to ask. “Can I suck it?” My own cock stirs then. Jordan notices.

“Yeah, man,” he says. “Come do whatever you want to me.”

Erin moves on the bed, lets out a tiny moan.

This takes no time: Me on my knees and his hands in my hair and the taste, the smell, of my wife from the tip of his cock down its length to his balls.

I can hear Erin over Jordan’s gasps, his little puffs of air: “My God, look at you suck it. You are beautiful.”

My hands are wet and filled with him. I kiss and lick, rub my lips again and again in the spots that make him moan, that make him hold my hair tight behind my ears.

That’s when I feel her: Erin’s soft hands on my dick, my dick in Erin’s mouth. It takes a little while for me to notice, but she’s mirroring me. What I do to Jordan’s cock, she does to mine. Every inch I take, every gentle squeeze of his balls, I get the same.

The gentle growl in Jordan’s throat grows to a yell, and then there he is, pulling away from my mouth and working his cock at a rapid pace. His big load shoots all over my chest, his cream dripping down to my stomach.

“Fuck!” Jordan says. “That was awesome!” In this moment, he suddenly has the face of a man half his age.

Erin lets go of my cock and gets to her knees. She wipes her fingers across my chest. Once they are covered in Jordan’s come, she brings them to my mouth, and I lick them clean, like icing from my birthday cake.

Dirty Little Numbers will be coming this month, featuring both heterosexual and queer characters. To receive free stories that won’t be posted on our blog, as well as a free erotic e-book, sign up for our newsletter. We heart our subscribers!

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Love, Sex and Flowers on the New York Subway

Longtime readers of this blog might know that I have written before about the rose being symbolic of the female sex.  Well, today, we’re back to flowers again, with a Washington florist refusing to arrange the flowers for a gay marriage.  Obviously, we’re devastated to hear this story — it seems that this sort of hatred happens over and over again, and as a queer woman, I take great offense.

I mean, how sad that homophobia should even effect flowers at a wedding.

Well, every time I hear a story of this kind of discrimination, I try and balance it with an inspiring piece of news.  So do take a look at this video of a New York subway passenger who stood up for gay love in spite of a most intimidating situation.  “Jesus is love,” he told the hell-and-damnation preacher.  And his courage and heart were warmly applauded.  Bravo!  Bravo indeed!

We’d also like to thank all those who have been reviewing Those Girls by Alison Tyler.  In fact, Preston Avery recently posted a five-star review at Amazon.  Preston explains how the man of the story, Sandy, is a dom with a “penchant for knowing what subs need,” but one of the beauties of this novelette, she adds, is how Sandy is shown what it is that he needs.  And that’s just a snippet from this wonderful, insightful review.  Thank you, Preston.

Thanks for reading the GDP blog!  You can browse our books and read more posts at: http://www.godeeperpress.com

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Reasons We’re All About Sex, No. 3: Violet Blue at TinyNibbles

Violet Blue, famed sex/tech writer and activist, did a great deal for the Lana Fox of yore.  When I first moved to the USA, Violet’s TinyNibbles blog helped me to embrace my sexual self.  Violet speaks proudly and loudly about sexuality, and her porn writing and activism are nothing short of inspiring.  Here’s a talk that won her a standing ovation at Gnomedex, where she discussed sex and the net.  As you’ll see, Violet is sharply intelligent and proudly humane.  Get ready to warm the cockles of your sex-positive heart…

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Reasons We’re All About Sex, No. 1: Susie Bright

imgresYes, today, during our launch, we’re all about the gratitude!  Thanks so much to all those who’ve been buying from us and cheering for us on this special day.

Throughout the day, we’re going to be posting gratitude notes, thanking the people in this world who made us sex-positive.  After all, without them, we would not exist!

So let’s hear it for Susie Bright who liberated me a long time ago, with her sex-positivity, pride, intelligence and laughter.  She brings us the best-ever podcast about sexual politics on a week-by-week basis, and if you haven’t listened to it, I recommend you do.  Also, take a peek at this, from “Full Exposure: Opening Up to Your Sexual Creativity and Erotic Expression,” which, in my humble opinion, is one of the most beautifully written, sex-positive books in the world:

“There is no such thing as a person without an erotic story. I don’t mean a tall tale or a punch line or a story about the one who got away. I’m talking about a personal erotic identity, what you might call a sexual philosophy. It’s the big “What If?” of our sexual lives. 

Take a look at your own erotic story, and you’ll see that it’s a motion picture of everything about you that is creative: the risks you’d be willing to take, the weightless depth of your imagination, your attraction to the truth, and the things that would make you go blind.”  

See?  Stunning.  Thank you so much, Susie.

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Anais Nin’s Garters and Go Deeper’s Launch

Hello, dear sex-positive readers.  Trust Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus to generate delightfully erotic cover art.  I love the aesthetic of thigh and garter-straps, and this image makes the viewer a voyeur.  A delicious little morsel just for you, dear ones. Now back I go to GDP Launch planning. December 20th is the date.  Woohoo!




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Go Deeper Press at DigBoston

Big thanks to Emily Hopkins and all at DigBoston for a fabulous article on Go Deeper Press.  As you’ll see, we felt very comfortable when we met with Emily — comfortable enough to talk about our lives and loves.   In the interview, we express our excitement at our increasingly sex-positive society, our amazement that Fifty Shades should have garnered more interest than Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy, and our frustration that even large bookstores have zero/limited sections for erotica.  (You can bet your bottom dollar that the erotica is there, but it’s often the proverbial needle-haystack problem).  And that’s just for starters!

And by the way, we often don’t mention our personal blogs, but why not?  You can find Angela’s women’s soccer gossip here, and Lana’s sex blog here.  We’re always delighted to welcome you!

Anyway, have a lovely, sex-positive Tuesday, folks.  We heart you.

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Sex Jokes: The Cream of Crop

Photo: Benny Mazur via Wikimedia Commons

My favourite joke is so terrible that I decided to start this post with a better one.  That’s why I googled.  For a better one, I mean.  And you know what I found?  True pain, my friends.

So here’s my own groaner:

Why do squirrels swim on their backs?  

To keep their nuts dry.

Okay, I give you permission to virtually slap me.  The safe word is “Aargh!”

But seriously, the sex joke plays an important purpose in our society.  It allows us to express sexual energy, which must often be repressed — and such repression can take up so much unconscious power that it can cause health problems, latent stress, tiredness, etc., etc.  What’s more, dirty jokes can serve to keep us away from prudery.  And seeing as we at GDP are selling products that’ll be anything but prudish, we’re invested in the sex joke, groanworthy or not.

In other words, the Squirrel gets it.

Now, Angela and I have been enjoying the cream of our Bishop/Actress contests, one of which asks you to craft a joke or witticism. Some might say that this jokey “tweeting” involves little creativity, but we heartily disagree.  Wit, which many associate with “lower class” humor, is a poorly valued art form, and what a shame that is.  As Feste, the fool in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, reminds us, “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit.”  And as the homophobic slaughter of queer teens continues (thank you, California, for banning conversion “therapy”), not to mention the slurs and violence against queer and sex-positive communities, surely we need the humble sex joke more than ever.  Because laughter, like good sex, helps us to connect.

So swim, little Squirrel.  Swim!

Some of you have been asking whether you can email your entries for our Bishop/Actress Twitter contest. No problem, as long as you follow the guidelines and include the tag in your 140 characters!  Please use our submissions [at] godeeperpress.com email address.

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