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Amy Winehouse and the Rhythms of Sex

Today, folks, I’ve written a post about sex writing at the Grub Street Daily.  It’s about how erotic writers replicate the music of sex in  their work.  And given Angela’s post yesterday, this seems very fitting.  That said, I’m not sure I’d want to masturbate to my Grub Daily post.  Nope.  I’d be far more likely to choose Amy Winehouse’s Amy, Amy, Amy.  Now there’s a smoky voice I miss.  Thank heaven her songs live on.  Here she is:

By Lana

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Playlist: 8 Songs to Rub One Out To

Ahem. Don’t forget to leave your list in the comments.

The Divinyls “I Touch Myself”

You have to pay tribute when it’s the time to do so. For me, Christina Amphlett and the Divinyls got a very good thing started.

Tweet (with Missy Elliot) “Oops (Oh My)”

Because it’s Tweet and because it’s Missy. For an added benefit, keep your eyes on Tweet in this video. Good God almighty.

Priestess “Lay Down”

Okay, this one’s harder to explain, but let me just say, “I’ll leave you in the dirt” gets me almost every time.

Carina Round “Stolen Car”

This is one of the many Carina Round tracks that usually make my hands sweat. “Temptation, I give up the fight. Tonight, my body is an open mouth.” Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Queens of the Stone Age “Little Sister”

Pompously enough, there’s this character of mine that I love, and I think of her when I hear this song. I mean, I really love this character.

Nicki Minaj “Beez in the Trap”

It’s Nicki.

Juliette and the Licks “Hot Kiss”

Juliette Lewis as Kate in From Dusk Til Dawn, saying “Richie, would you do me a favor and eat my pussy for me…please?” is just as good as Juliette Lewis in “Hot Kiss.”

Chelsea Wolfe “Tracks (Tall Bodies)”

Chelsea Wolfe is amazing on the ear and the eye. “Tracks” is beautiful and lulling, when you’re tired but just want it. However! If you’re in the mood for a more demonic fantasty, pull up “Primal/Carnal” and, really, have some fun on me.

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Body Beautiful: The Erotic Photography of Gracie Hagen

Gracie Hagen’s “Twice the Price”

Holy cow, Gracie Hagen knows how to use a camera.  I only just found out about her work (via tinynibbles, with thanks) and my gosh, what a graceful eye.  Do take a look at her Flickr photostream to see Hagen tapping the beauty of different body shapes, body types, roles and genders in a way that makes me want to run at her, butt-naked, with a CVS throwaway camera, and say, “Find the erotic in me, please!”  Check her out for takes on sexuality, gender and social roles, not to mention a treasure trove of erotic imagination.  I could gaze at these photos all day.

Um, could someone please buy me a pair of leather gloves?


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Fifty Shades, the Magazine, Proclaims an Erotic Movement

I think we’re all aware of the influence that the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has had on most cultures, but if you were doubting it, consider, if you will, a mental revision: Fifty Shades of American Women magazine is out now. For those “Who Love the Book and Live the Life,” Fifty Shades comprises the true recipe for magazine success: part tabloid (with predictions for the actors that will play the novel’s characters in the eventual film), part Cosmopolitan (with tips on how to write a flirty email, a spread featuring 20 of the best-loved sex toys, and a feature from a woman who’s been both a domme and a sub, but prefers now to just “cuddle and makeout”), and part Shape (with tips on how to get Ana’s butt and how to “eat like a sex goddess”).

The magazine even takes a crack at defining why the series is so popular. Ariel Knoebel writes in “American Revolution” that Fifty Shades of Grey, in all its popularity, has given women permission to openly talk about sex, with friends, family, and partners. And isn’t it about time? Sex toy shops, according to the article, have claimed ridiculously large increases in sales, courtesy of E.L. James’ novels. Plus, everyone wants to know what’s next—if you enjoy Fifty Shades of Grey and don’t want the fantasies to stop, where do you go?

Well, you can start by reviewing Rachel Kramer Bussel’s list, which the magazine includes (thumbs up to Alison Tyler’s Cuffing Kate, which our own Lana Fox gave the stamp of approval to in Glo magazine), or you can keep doing what you’re doing—keeping the pulse on Go Deeper Press. We’re getting ready to meet all demands, and we promise you a wild and steamy ride.

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Modern-Day Mermaid No. 2: Breasts

The second in Lana’s vlog series, Modern-Day Mermaid, is entitled “Breasts.”  You can watch it below.  And if you don’t have breasts, but want to watch the vid anyway, you can mentally replace the term “breasts” with any other part of the human body.  Enjoy!

With thanks to Louise Hay, Susan Jeffers, Susie Bright, Dave Eggers.

Love yourselves, folks.

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The Femme Fatale (And Some Hot Submission Guidelines)

Our forthcoming hot anthology

The femme fatale — which translates from the French as the fatal woman — has quite a history as an archetype.  She arose in film noir after the Second World War was through.  But these dark, hardboiled films of murder and secrets were more “alternative” culture at their original time of release.  While directors had thought that women would have been changed by their roles in the war and would long for female characters that smoked and lived on the dark side, it turned out that the opposite was often true.  Viewers tended to want safety rather than risk.

But the femme fatale has become a vital character in film history.  From Jessica Rabbit (oh those curves!) to Lauren Bacall (did you see her faint into Bogart’s arms in the Big Sleep?), femme fatales have unleashed the sexual shadow in ways that early directors might never have dreamed of.  After all, it takes a lot to disturb the dark waters of this archetypal “broad” who never expects perfection because she knows–oh, and how!–that it’s a myth.

And who doesn’t want to screw a woman who embraces their inner darkness?

Hardboiled detectives have often been drawn to femmes fatales because these women see their brokenness and are capable of accepting it…at least, up to a point.  And why do such femmes have such dark blood running through their veins?  Well, if they expect the dark side, they’ll rarely be disappointed.  Femmes are often at their most sexy, in fact, when their cool facade has been disturbed and we see the vulnerability behind the mask.  And the cooler the mask, the deeper the trauma.  That’s how it seems to go with these characters.

Anyhoo, if you’re a writer, we’re currently on the lookout for erotic short stories about femme fatales.  If you’re interested take a look at our submission guidelines at the Go Deeper Press website.  And how do we want to feel once we’ve read these erotic stories?  Well, in the Big Sleep, after Bogart’s hardboiled detective kisses Lauren Bacall’s femme fatale, Bacall says, “I liked that. I’d like more.”

We couldn’t have put it better.

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Girls Watch Porn Too

Thanks to S, a good friend of Go Deeper, we want to share this vid with you, which celebrates all porn-viewing women!  You can bet your bottom dollar there are many of us.  Oh, and by the way, as an erotic writer, I’ve often penned an orgasm by drawing on the metaphor of music, but these guys take it a step further…

The History of Lana’s Harness: A Review

I didn’t start using a harness in the bedroom for many, many years.  In fact, just before my first experience I stumbled into Good Vibrations in Brookline and was told, very kindly, that I could try on any of the harnesses in the sanctity of the restroom.  But did I?  No.  In spite of the warm atmosphere, I gave way to shyness, and bought a leather harness that looked about my size.

You know what’s coming, don’t you?

Yes, during my first sex-with-harness, when I tried to bedeck myself in this new leather sensation, the straps hung off so loosely that the whole contraption almost slid right off, even when I fastened it as tightly as I could.  The woman I was with also hadn’t had much experience with such gear, and…well, let’s face it, the resulting scene made me feel rather like a moose in heat.

After this distressing turn of events, I spent a good year avoiding wearing a harness, until my sexual fantasies brought me back, and my super-supportive partner found me the perfect design via the Smitten Kitten online store.  (We love Smitten Kitten).

The Sasha Harness is made of silky nylon and spandex…which surprises me because the material feels rather like satin.  It’s rushed round the buttocks, giving the impression of softness, yet the inner lining actually brings lots of control.  And if you enjoy wearing stockings, no fear!  The Sasha has attachable garter straps.  Delightful.  This harness makes you feel like a sexy domme, not least because the fabric is taut enough to remind me of close-fitted boning.  And it comes in the same sort of sizes as underwear does, so you’re far more likely to order the right fit if you’re buying online.

And it’s rather pretty, don’t you think?

Five stars from me.

Wanted: Your Sexiest Tweet Now

Attention sexy tweeters: Want to win a $20 gift card to Good Vibrations, get wild exposure here on our blog and website, and let the entire Twitterverse know just how hot you write?  Don’t miss your chance! Enter our fee-free contest by following these super-easy steps:

  • Follow us on Twitter @GoDeeperPress.
  • Write your sexy tweet.
  • Reap the rewards.

The deadline is midnight EST on Friday, August 31, 2012, and we’ll announce our winner in early September.

Now go and be your sexy selves, and tweet before it’s too late!

Daniela Uhlig’s Mysterious Erotic Tentacles

Today, thanks to TinyNibbles, I discovered Berlin-based artist Daniela Uhlig.  I mean look at this art!  Look, look!  Stunning, not to mention delightfully kinky.  I love how the curls and curves of these tentacles accentuate this character’s hourglass figure, while suggesting a surreal erotic tryst that’s full of possibilities.  Given the woman’s parted lips, lowered lashes and arched back, we can certainly tell that her creature is bringing the sexy.

And isn’t the way the tentacle clasps this beauty’s hair rather romantic, or is it just my twisted mind?

View more…oh much, much more…at Uhlig’s website.  A tour de force.


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