Daniela Uhlig’s Mysterious Erotic Tentacles

Today, thanks to TinyNibbles, I discovered Berlin-based artist Daniela Uhlig.  I mean look at this art!  Look, look!  Stunning, not to mention delightfully kinky.  I love how the curls and curves of these tentacles accentuate this character’s hourglass figure, while suggesting a surreal erotic tryst that’s full of possibilities.  Given the woman’s parted lips, lowered lashes and arched back, we can certainly tell that her creature is bringing the sexy.

And isn’t the way the tentacle clasps this beauty’s hair rather romantic, or is it just my twisted mind?

View more…oh much, much more…at Uhlig’s website.  A tour de force.


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One thought on “Daniela Uhlig’s Mysterious Erotic Tentacles

  1. Oh, oh, the tentacle marks on her ass. This is amazing work, and amazing find, Ms. Fox.

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