The History of Lana’s Harness: A Review

I didn’t start using a harness in the bedroom for many, many years.  In fact, just before my first experience I stumbled into Good Vibrations in Brookline and was told, very kindly, that I could try on any of the harnesses in the sanctity of the restroom.  But did I?  No.  In spite of the warm atmosphere, I gave way to shyness, and bought a leather harness that looked about my size.

You know what’s coming, don’t you?

Yes, during my first sex-with-harness, when I tried to bedeck myself in this new leather sensation, the straps hung off so loosely that the whole contraption almost slid right off, even when I fastened it as tightly as I could.  The woman I was with also hadn’t had much experience with such gear, and…well, let’s face it, the resulting scene made me feel rather like a moose in heat.

After this distressing turn of events, I spent a good year avoiding wearing a harness, until my sexual fantasies brought me back, and my super-supportive partner found me the perfect design via the Smitten Kitten online store.  (We love Smitten Kitten).

The Sasha Harness is made of silky nylon and spandex…which surprises me because the material feels rather like satin.  It’s rushed round the buttocks, giving the impression of softness, yet the inner lining actually brings lots of control.  And if you enjoy wearing stockings, no fear!  The Sasha has attachable garter straps.  Delightful.  This harness makes you feel like a sexy domme, not least because the fabric is taut enough to remind me of close-fitted boning.  And it comes in the same sort of sizes as underwear does, so you’re far more likely to order the right fit if you’re buying online.

And it’s rather pretty, don’t you think?

Five stars from me.

2 thoughts on “The History of Lana’s Harness: A Review

  1. Mari says:

    Cool! As a newbie this is very good to good to know! Thanks Lana!

  2. You are most welcome, Mari! And thanks for commenting. So good to hear that it helps. 🙂 L.

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