About Go Deeper Press

Website: www.godeeperpress.com

We’re going to be publishing some of the freshest, bravest, and most inventive new names in erotic lit.  If you like your reads to be hot, compelling and edgy, stay tuned for our official launch.

Our Mission

When it comes to hot stories, there are no boundaries at Go Deeper.  Be it knives or roses, if it’s sexy, we dig it—in fact, we’re blasting a hole in the notion of what “erotica” is.  For us, true erotica contains deep characters with deep desires and writing that starts fires with words.  We’ll turn on your brain as much as we tickle your brawn, so prepare to be erotically engrossed.

Are we proud of sex?  Yes.  In fact, if you think sex can be beautiful, terrifying, brutal, liberating, hellish, transformative, or just plain gorgeous, you’re what we’re all about.

Who We Are

Lana Fox became a sex writer when she realized she couldn’t shut up about the subject.  Her erotica, which has been described as “so delicious, vivid, debauched and ripe it could easily be adapted to film…” (Violet Blue) and “full of whoa and awesome…” (Dee Carney) appears in over a dozen anthologies by publishers such as Harlequin and Cleis.  She has also worked as a literary magazine editor, under a different name.  In fact, on finalist panels, she had a habit of announcing, “Yes, but where’s the smooching?”  Debauched as she is, Lana believes in the political and emotional importance of sex, and these passions led her to becoming an online sex columnist at both Boston Magazine and the Nervous Breakdown.  She is also a contributing blogger, and avid vibrator purchaser, at Good Vibrations.  Lana admits that she fainted in a most unattractive manner, drool included, when Susie Bright called her blog “addictive” on air.  She has also managed to snag a wonderful agent at the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency, who is currently representing her new self-help book project.  Find Lana online at her sex blog Lanafox.com and her spirituality blog, Follow the Signs Like Alice.

Angela Tavares It was a long time ago, indeed, that Angela Tavares wrote smutty short stories on lined paper  with pen  for friends in high school. Little did she know she’d find Lana Fox, and then Go Deeper, and now look at her. With endless passion for women’s soccer, and with palms made sweaty by nearly every member of a certain Mannschaft that is not Team USA, Tavares has written for goal.com and was quoted in the Atlantic Monthly on this very topic. But, contrary to popular beliefs, “punk” can meet “jock,” and so she founded Agitprop! Records, a Boston-based queer punk and hip hop record label, back in the day. Her short fiction has been published on 30pov.com and in the anthology “Userlands: New Fiction Writers from the Blogging Undergound,” which was edited by Dennis Cooper and published by Akashic. She’s now writing a novel, just like everyone else you know.

6 thoughts on “About Go Deeper Press

  1. Paul says:

    Hello Angela & Lana,

    I’m a African Americana freelance illustrator from Boston Mass, who also does
    pin-up & erotic art.

    After corresponding with Doriane Chase about some of my artwork, she recommend
    that I contact you in the hopes that I might be able to showcase some of my art
    on your website / blog.

    I’ve been doing erotic art for quite awhile & I finally intend to self-publish a mini-
    zine showcasing some of my art in a few months. Unlike some of the erotic art done
    by heterosexual men, a majority of my art is mainly geared toward more of what
    women (heterosexual, lesbian, bi) would like, but I will also have a good amount
    of art that gay & bi men can enjoy. Basically a pansexual audience.

    Through my art I want to be able to show that anyone can enjoy the sexual chemistry between 2 (or 3 ) individuals, no matter what their sexual preference might be; It’s
    about the passion that people give off.

    If you happen to be interested in seeing some of my artwork, feel free to write back

    All the Best,

  2. Thanks so much, Paul! We emailed you a while back, so we hope you got the message, but do email us if you didn’t! (editors (at) godeeperpress.com. Have a lovely day.

  3. Do you ever publish erotic poetry?

  4. lana says:

    Yes, we do! And if you have any to submit to us, we’d love to see it!

  5. sammywest says:

    Hi both, I have some works on Amazon already but I’m working on the sequel to my first bi them “The Job” not sure if you have time but I was just wondering if my work is suitable for Go Deeper Press please?

    • angela says:

      Hi Sammy!

      Thanks for checking in! Please feel free to send your submission to submissions [at] godeeperpress dot com. And be sure to check out site in a few days regarding our new calls for submission!


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