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The Mermaid Voyage: Spiritual-Erotic Love Days

shutterstock_108989024“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” –Anais Nin, Mermaid Voyage hero.

Valentine’s Day can be a tough time for those who aren’t involved in romantic relationships. But it needn’t be, if we celebrate our selves. That’s why we’re offering a FREE Mermaid Voyage celebration from February 14th – February 16th, 2014, in which women — and those who identify as women — will fully and deeply enjoy an erotic romance with ourselves. The free Mermaid Voyage Love Days are all about having a romantic, erotic affair with ourselves — one that vibrates with spiritual-sexual energy and doesn’t have to involve romantic partners. (And if you’re interested in why it’s called the Mermaid Voyage, take a look here.)

To give a taster, here is the audio visualization from Day One of the Love Days:

The free Love Days will include:

  • Free daily erotic-spiritual audio visualizations, such as the one you find above;
  • Free video discussions of how to be our own best lovers;
  • Free daily affirmations and spiritual messages;
  • Free solo lovemaking tips;
  • Free Mermaid oracle readings for the whole group.

A fuller 10-day Mermaid Voyage will be launching in March for those who want to go deeper into their erotic romance with themselves, guided by the heart and soul of our Mermaid Voyage community. These 10-Day Voyagers will have full access to the Love Days materials, along with similar and more immersive offerings over the ten days. Prices for the full Voyage will be announced after the Love Days take place. Keep an eye on this blog, Follow the Signs Like Alice, and also the Mermaid Voyage pages, as the Love Days grow closer.

Until then, we’ll be posting updates, mermaid-themed posts, and freebies. Stay tuned. And to join our Mermaid Voyage mailing list you can send a blank email with Mermaid List in the subject line, to: editors (at)


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5 Ways to Harness the Erotic You in 2014!

shutterstock_106389134Happy New Year! We’ve been on a prolonged silence because we’ve been over in the UK with less internet than you’d imagine. But we’re back to bring you five ways of harnessing the erotic you, this year. Enjoy!

1. Remember that your erotic self lies inside of you. You can be richly erotic whether you are in a relationship, enjoying different partners, or being the solo sexual you. An affirmation to help? I am pure erotic inspiration

2. Enjoy erotica and porn without being restricted. What turns you on? What do you enjoy reading or watching? Give yourself permission to enjoy being aroused, and check out some new sources of erotic enjoyment. We recommend Blue Artichoke Films, Tristan Taormino‘s porn flicks,, and the gorgeously queer Crashpad. (Plus you can check out our free Pornocore stories, or buy our books, if they’re for you!)

3. Invest in a new sex toy. Our current loves include the WeVibe, the Magic Wand, and, if you fancy donning a realistic cock this year, check out the Vixskin range.

4. Tell yourself that when you have sex with yourself or other partners, and you really enjoy the experience, you create a more loving you. Check out this great research on oxytocin if you need convincing (thanks to Plos One). And you can also enjoy the Mermaid Voyage this year, if you want to take part in a solo journey of pure, unabashed, erotic self-love.

5.  Look at your genitals in a small hand-mirror and tell them that they are beautiful. It is understandable if you don’t believe this statement as yet — society has shamed our beautiful sexualities for far too long. But tell your genitals anyway. Tell them they’re gorgeous. Tell them you’re grateful that they are a part of you. Because, if you do nothing else this year, loving yourself will take you a very long way.

If you’re a woman or woman-identified person who is interested in a solo journey into erotic self love, check out the Mermaid Voyage, which will be sailing this spring.

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The Seductive Courtesan: An Interview with Yolanda Shoshana

Yolanda Shoshana (click the image for Yolanda's website!)

Yolanda Shoshana (click the image for Yolanda’s website!)

At GDP, we are big fans of sexuality, magick, and the psychic arts, not to mention truffles, so imagine how exciting we find Yolanda Shoshana, who combines all these and so much more. Yolanda also runs an amazing radio show, on which Lana was thrilled to be interviewed recently. She has published a sensual food and sacred sex cookbook entitled Tantra with a Side of Truffles, plus she writes The Charming Courtesan blog. Check it out!

It was a pleasure interviewing Yolanda. Enjoy!

1. You have lots of intriguing job titles, Yolanda, and we love how sexuality plays such an important role in your work. How did you first come to combine seduction, magick, and clairvoyance?

I am a  witch, clairvoyant, courtesan curator, and seduction alchemist, which is not typical of most lifestyle experts. I found a way to bring my passions and who I am together to help women become the highest versions of themselves.

In the work that I do, I also bring back the art and magick of the courtesans. Since courtesans were so sexy and charming, they were thought of as witches. They lived their lives of pleasure without apologizing for it. It’s time we bring those virtues back.

2. What is “seduction alchemy”? And why is it so powerful?

Seduction alchemy is using the power of scent as a tool to seduce and conjure things in your life. Smells bring out feelings and emotions in people. Scent can be used to raise vibrations to bring in joy, happiness, and abundance.

What I always tell my clients is that perfume is one of the best tools for the art of seduction. It’s like sensual foreplay.

Tantra with a Side of Truffles3. Can you give us a glimpse of one of the sexiest dishes in Tantra with a Side of Truffles?  What makes this dish so sexy?

There is a truffle macaroni and cheese in the book—need I say more.? The truffle aioli recipe is great because it is a spread that can be used on just about anything and for every occasion.

There is something about truffles that just add a touch of sexy to every dish it is in. It must be the musky, deep smell and flavor.

4. Are there one or two simple tips you can give us for creating a magically seductive atmosphere on a dinner date?

Candles are a wonderful way to create a seductive atmosphere at all times. Also, having scent in the air adds to the atmosphere. A delightful scent to have is vanilla. It is perfect in seducing men and women. Vanilla conjures up love and sexuality, and stirs the senses.

5. Are there any oracle cards that you particularly recommend to those who are interested in sex-positive psychic readings?

There are two decks that come to mind. The first is the Kama Sutra Tarot. This great deck is based on the sexy book of love, the Kama Sutra. The second one is the Manera deck. It is a combo of sex, astrology, and fantasy. Both are great decks and give different interpretations for sex-positive readings.

6. How would we book a reading or consultation with you?

Sending me an email is a quick and easy way to book a reading with me. That way, we can discuss what kind of reading you want. I offer various readings, which include clairvoyant readings, angel card readings, oracle card readings, reiki, crystal skull healings, and so much more. If someone wants to work with me more closely, they can sign up for Courtesan Curation. It’s a six-month program that is a game-changer in life.

7. Is there anything else you’d love to tell us?

I will be starting Coven of the Courtesan, a teaching coven where I will offer virtual retreats and classes. Last but not least, be on the look out for my magickal novelettes, “The Courtesan Chronicles.” The books will include available perfume potions and magickal aromatherapy influenced and worn by the characters in the novelettes, bringing together a magickal, divine feminine, and olfactory experience.

What a pleasure it has been to interview you, Yolanda! Thanks a million for chatting with us on the GDP blog, and giving us a glimpse of your inspiring and powerful work. Namaste.

FREE while offer lasts!

FREE while offer lasts!

Remember to check out Yolanda Shoshana’s new book, Tantra with a Side of Truffles. (Mmm, I’m looking forward to those deliciously seductive dishes…), and also her website and blog

And don’t forget to download Huddle: Sex with Sporty Queers (vol. 1, Boys Varsity) from GDP while it’s still FREE. What’s more, you can download Con, Book 1: You Can Play it Safe When You’re Dead — the most daring erotic story that Lana Fox has ever written. 

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A Sexual-Spiritual Mermaid Reading for Today (Monday, June 10th)

The one-card reading for today. (Click the image to buy the deck from Blue Angel Publishing).

The one-card reading for today. (Click the image to buy the deck from Blue Angel Publishing).

This is the first in a series of oracle card readings for our sexual-spiritual blog readers. This reading is for anyone who visits the blog today (June 10th, 2013), and is also for those who will be attending The Mermaid Voyage online. (You can sign up here.) Here is the divination:

Card: Reflections

Deck: Oracle of Mermaids (Lucy Cavendish, Blue Angel Publishing)

Lana’s reading:  

Today is a great time to let ourselves reflect.  Take a moment, today, to enjoy your inner world.  Imagine.  Remember that what lies inside of your self is every bit as important at what is outside.  Value yourself, the gifts within you — your erotic yearnings, your ability to connect, your rich imagination, your fire, your power.  Part of romancing ourselves is learning to love our own dreams, inner figures, and thoughts.

Erotically speaking, it is a wonderful time to focus on Venus within yourself.  Who is your own Goddess of Love?  What does She (or He or Ze) do when others treat her unfairly, beautifully, harmfully, kindly?  And when others need her, yourself included, how does she help and protect whilst still holding onto her boundaries?  Your inner Goddess is more powerful than you can even imagine.  Get in touch with her today, and enjoy her.

Remember that “What you contemplate can actualize.” (Taken from the card itself, in the words of Lucy Cavendish.)

Lucy Cavendish:  The card can mean “contemplation, a time of gathering all the threads of the half-formed thoughts, and following some through to their end, and reaching a better understanding of what it is you are currently looking at.”  Also: “Reflection also means to have greater understanding of yourself — there is no outer contemplation that does not have its echo within.”

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