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Our Dark Sides and, on Halloween, Femme Fatale for Free

Download for free this Halloween!

It’s almost Halloween—the one day a year that we all get to expose our shadows and dark sides, all that stuff we hide way deep down inside. We dress as witches and serial killers and vampires. (My apologies to those preparing their angel and fairy godmother costumes.) It’s sad to think we have only one “official” day a year. Imagine the fun we’d have, the understanding and the opportunities to embrace our full elves, if there was, say, a month relegated to exposing what we hide during the other eleven.

At Go Deeper Press, I’d like to think we let the shadow in 24/7. For me, revealing our darkness is what makes erotica transformative and titillating. It’s what makes erotica fun. Actually, Go Deeper Press may be one of the few erotica houses that doesn’t have a list of “No’s” on our submissions guidelines page, such as no underage, no rape, no incest, no animals, no anything that could make someone feel uncomfortable.

We welcome and honor everyone’s views on the “taboo,” of course. There are likely myriad reasons why a reader may not want to read anything from the list above. Then again, there are just as many reasons why a reader would: to explore, to live out a fantasy safely. And who could argue that there should only be specific topics explored in erotic fiction, where fantasies are the feature?

In our short 10 months of existence, Go Deeper Press has published plenty “taboo” content. We were going to push the whole “rebel erotica” tagline, but never followed through, I guess. Oh, let’s push it again! We are rebel erotica. And it’s not like we don’t have any titles to back it up: Zöe More’s “Hunger,” Lana’s Con (Lana’s everything, actually), and plenty of the fantastic short pieces from Shameless Behavior (“Holding” by Laurel Issac comes to mind), Huddle (Theophilia St. Claire’s “Punishment”), and Dirty Little Numbers (trust me—there’s enough here).

And then there’s Femme Fatale, which is likely one of the darkest of our collections, for obvious reasons. Last time I checked, Femme Fatales don’t run around in flower print on their way to church. Femme Fatale features sexy and “shadowy” fiction at its very best, and because Halloween is the day we can let it all out, it’ll be available as a free download all day tomorrow, Thursday, October 31.

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Brace Yourselves: “Too Much to Give” by Annabeth Leong

GDP007-DirtyLittleNos_Cover2So, if you haven’t picked up Dirty Little Numbers just yet, holding out for reasons neither of us can understand, let us tempt you once again with what is truly the most fantastic solo-sex story in under 500 words that we’ve read in a while now: Annabeth Leong’s “Too Much to Give.” Go on a leave some comments here for Annabeth. Praise her for her awesomeness.

Enjoy, friends!

Too Much to Give
Annabeth Leong

Raul bought me a butt plug because he wants to fuck my ass. In that final frontier of male fantasy, he sees a chance to gain indelible proof that I love him.

As far as he knows, I’ve never even dared to remove the toy from its silk drawstring bag. To him, it’s as untouched and virginal as my asshole.

I didn’t mean to lie to him.

I fantasize all day about the butt plug, but when we’re home together in the evening and his fingertip strays between the cheeks of my ass, I flinch. I’m still scared of letting him touch me there, even though I know it’s good. Raul sighs and remains patient. He whispers in my ear about how hard I’m going to come when I finally give my ass to him, how he’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt too much, how he’ll go down on me for hours the very next day.

Only later, once he’s asleep, do I pad to the dresser and open the top drawer, its runners blessedly silent. The butt plug squishes in my hand, still bearing the floral scent of my toy cleaner. I take it and the bottle of lube to the living room couch. Musty fibers scratch my naked back, but I ignore the discomfort and squirm into my favorite position, my legs dangling over the arm.

Only then, in the night silence, can I grease myself up, grease the plug up, and probe with it, very slowly, just the tip against my most reluctant hole. Without the pressure of Raul’s desire, it’s easy to bear down and slowly work the toy in. It’s always softer than I think, smoother than I think, gentler than I think.

I bite the fleshy part of my forearm to stay quiet. The clock ticks away these secret seconds, when my body becomes open and muscular. My ass welcomes the plug with an elaborate ritual of sucking and squeezing. Gripping, guiding, hugging, and gasping, I bring it into me completely. I keep still for a moment just to feel the way it lies, answering each beat of my heart, trembling each time my lungs draw breath.

Then the need to come overwhelms me. I toss a blanket over the couch’s arm to shield it from the stains of my arousal, then straddle it. When I fall forward, the couch’s rough cover teases my nipples into points. The butt plug shifts its delicious pressure as I begin to rock, the growing ache in my clit spreading deep enough to connect to the fullness in my ass. I reach one hand behind me to pull the butt plug closer, deeper.

Pleasure sighs from my lips as strong, tender pulses take me. I squeeze my ass tight around the plug, making it the center of this feeling.

If Raul ever caught me this way, I would tell him the truth. My ass is my own.

You can get your copy of Dirty Little Numbers from, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. As always and always, thank you for your support! 



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The Sex-Negative Dog’s Erotic Review: Shameless Behavior

Lilly Boxer, the Sex-Negative Dog

Lilly Boxer, the Sex-Negative Dog

Good evening, dear mild-mannered bitches.

As a sex-negative dog, ay don’t usually do erotica reviews. But when Step-Mom Lana and BestMomEver asked me to give my cookie’s worth on Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame, ay said, “Will I get a Dentastick if ay do this?” And when the answer was yes, of course, ay jumped at the chance. What else is a bitch to do?

Honestly, ay can’t recommend this book enough. No, wait. What ay mean is, ay can’t recommend this book. Now, you may think to yourself, ah, but LB is a sex-negative dog, so of course she isn’t going to recommend an erotic anthology. But ay can honestly tell you that if this book had less squishy rumpy pumpy in it, ay would give it a first class review.

Ay mean, let’s start with Step-Mom Lana’s terrible piece of smut from the collection, in which a priest gets erotically “saved” by a Virgin Mary lookalike. Now, correct me if ay’m wrong, dear bitches, but isn’t the whole point of being a priest the fact that you’re saved from sex? All that icky below-the-tail mess! Ay tried it once with Bandito the dachshund from next door, and let’s just say ay was cleansing my bottom for weeks. Also, he was very small and ay am a boxer. This, as you can imagine, gave me a unique overview of the situation.

Now, BestMomEver does not appear in this sticky collection, and ay have to say ay’m glad. But apparently she line-edited the thing, which means every time there is a c-word or a d-word or an f-word, BestMomEver did not censor it.

The only story that ay thought was not icky, was ‘Holding’ by Laurel Isaac. Laurel Isaac knows that peeing is a pure and loveable pursuit, and that it bonds us together, and should never cause shame. Ay wouldn’t be surprised if this wonderful writer had a dog of her own. Peeing, of course, is not icky, and Bandito and I bonded more over peeing than anything else. Why humans are so ashamed of peeing, ay will never know. Ay mean, they pee in a pot. How silly of them.

All the same, dear bitches, ay have been told that if ay give this collection of overcoming shame a five-star review, there will be extra Purina One in it for me, along with the aforementioned Dentastix.  So bravo, bravo to the editors and authors of Shameless Behavior. If you’re going to read a book that has lots of icky rumpy pumpy in it, and you don’t mind being more moist than usual, please read this one because Step-Mom Lana and BestMomEver make some money to buy me cookies and such.

Raise those legs, bitches.

–LB the SexNegativeDog

You can buy Shameless Behavior at, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. And thanks for your support!

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Go On and Celebrate With the “Dirty Little Authors”

This past Wednesday was a big day for Go Deeper Press. Truth be told, Lana and I, and 24 other erotic writers, kinda busted our asses to produce, what I’d consider, an effing hot flash fiction collection. And then October 23rd rolled around, and there it was: Dirty Little Numbers live on the web and available for all. So far, it’s been really well-received, and we couldn’t be prouder.

That said, a buzz this big doesn’t happen without a little help from your friends. The Dirty Little Numbers authors turned out to be a true marketing/promotional force to be dealt with. Check out some of the celebratory posts on the blogs of a number of writers from the Dirty Little Numbers roster, and while you’re there, poke around a bit. These writers are huge on brains and heart.

You know that feeling you get when everyone around you loves a project just as much as you do, and the energy is good and high, and you huddle up to provide encouragement, and when the huddle breaks, you smack everyone on the ass? Well, this past Wednesday, it happened virtually. Okay. Here’s the proof:

RACHEL KRAMER BUSSEL | My Rihanna-Inspired Flash Fiction Story “Teamwork” Out Now in Dirty Little Numbers

“I’d been touting the Go Deeper Press call for submissions for this one in my erotic writing workshops because it’s a challenge and an art to write a full, sexy story in 500 words or less, but it can be done. I’m looking forward to reading all the others, and strongly recommend writing short, either like this, or the 1,200 word limit, such as in my books Gotta Have It and The Big Book of Orgasms. It’s amazing how much you can cut out when you have such a strict word count; it forces you to boil down the essence of what makes your story.” READ MORE

TAMSIN FLOWERS | You Like It Fast? Try Dirty Little Numbers

“It’s out at last! The book with what simply has to be the best cover in erotica this year is finally available to buy—and I couldn’t be more excited by what I’ve discovered between the covers.” READ MORE

ANNABETH LEONG | Dirty Little (Sex-Positive) Numbers

“Just yesterday, I was talking with a friend about the periodic waves of corporate censorship that erotica writers face. My friend commented that comedians facing censorship have the magic word “satire” on their side—and wondered if erotica writers have any similar get-out-of-jail-free card.” READ MORE

(Also see Annabeth’s “Dirty Little Read-Through: The Sexy Eyelashes of ‘Under Captain Jack’ by Kristina Lloyd,” simply because we love all of our activist authors, you do not want to miss this.)

KRISTINA LLOYD | Dirty Little Numbers

“Dirty Little Numbers, an anthology of flash fiction, is out today, 23rd Oct! My story, “Under Captain Jack,” is the opening piece in the book. Kicking off a collection is always a thrill, and being first also means my short short can be read for free on Amazon’s Look Inside Thingy—in less than 2 minutes! (I timed it, and I’m a slow reader.)” READ MORE

GISELLE RENARDE | Dirty Little Numbers

“I’m going to write a review right now. I don’t usually review fiction, but I’m going to do it anyway.” READ MORE

MIA HOPKINS | Release Day for Dirty Little Numbers

“It’s here! It’s here! Flash fiction anthology Dirty Little Numbers from Go Deeper Press was released today. Oh, my gosh. I’m having palpitations.” READ MORE

You can get your copy of Dirty Little Numbers from, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. (Google Play coming soon, once it stops giving me angina attacks.) As always and always, thank you for your support! 



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Some Sexy, Beautiful, and Most Def Intriguing Last Lines From Dirty Little Numbers

Coming this Wednesday, Oct 23rd, 2013!

Coming this Wednesday, Oct 23rd, 2013!

Well, folks, today’s the day: you can finally get your copy of Dirty Little Numbers, read it right away, and then post here what you loved about it. (Or maybe what you didn’t love about it. We’re open-minded girls. We listen to all opinions.) To celebrate this day, I’ve decided to assemble the following teasers (or maybe the following spoilers?) for some of the amazing flash pieces from the anthology. (Adult material, NSFW content.)

And so, without further ado:

Daniel Burnell’s “Visitation”

“The petals of my cunt melt apart and cling to show that my body is ready to open and be penetrated and receive his strange and magnificent cock and to have the long and slow, ecstatic and painful journey to myself begin.”

Mia Hopkins’ “Here’s My Problem, Dr. Kinsey”

“But now, when my husband fucks me, I can’t come unless I think of Jim.”

T.J. Caliber’s “Oops!”

“Even more unsettling when I saw my dad in the outer room, waiting to be next.”

Benji Bright’s “Ceci N’est Pas Un Western”

“Chip’d sure miss that dick of his, though.”

Annabeth Leong’s “Too Much to Give”

“My ass is my own.”

Stephen Dorneman’s “Inappropriate Footwear”

“I could tell from the smoothness and the powdered flecks of skin that she’d recently had a pedicure, and I couldn’t stop myself, so my tongue slipped out like it had a mind of its own and flicked once across her hallux, the great toe, saliva pooling in the corner of my cheek, and I ached for that moment to last forever, but I knew, I knew, before she jerked up her foot that it couldn’t last, it wouldn’t last, it never, ever lasted, and I prayed that a free pair of Nikes would at least buy me her footsteps leaving in silence.”

Shane St. John’s “The Sun Is Also Rising”

“I stretched and swelled, and with a cry that could be heard across the river and into the trees, I gave my essence to him, pressing him to my loins until he told me he couldn’t breathe, and I released him.”

Adrea Kore’s “Dangerous Curves”

“For another night, he is utterly, totally hers.”

You can get your copy of Dirty Little Numbers today at, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Thanks for your support!

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Dirty Little Numbers – This Wednesday, One Big Release!

Coming this Wednesday, Oct 23rd, 2013!

Coming this Weds, Oct 23rd, 2013!

We’ve got goosebumps. See, this Wednesday (October 23rd, 2013), we’ll be launching our collection of hot, super-short erotic stories. Seriously, if you think a story of several pages can be hot, just imagine how such stories can be if you condense them right down and focus on the juice.

(Hey, did someone turn the heat on, or am I having a body response?)

Anyhoo, we’re thrilled to announce our Dirty Little Numbers authors below. And if you’d like a sneak peek at some of the sexy fayre we’ll be publishing, take a look at Jacob Louder’s delicious debut.

Benji Bright, Erzabet Bishop, Daniel Burnell, T.J. Caliber, Heather Day, Stephen Dorneman, Arianna Douglas, Jeremy Edwards, Tamsin Flowers, Lana Fox, Abyssinia Grey, Nikki Haze, Madeleine Hennefield, Mia Hopkins, Waffle Irongirl, Regina Kammer, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Adrea Kore, Axa Lee, Annabeth Leong, Kristina Lloyd, Jacob Louder, Raziel Moore, Giselle Renarde, Shane St. John, and Angela Tavares.

That’s the list. So you can see why we’re sizzling.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by. And please support indie erotica by browsing our e-books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Go Deeper Press. We heart you.

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A Hotter State: An Interview with Laila Blake (Part 2)

Y0Z_2e4m33EA1AikWpFA3-bZSIG04gM4mLkjj_vZJYkYou can read the first part of this interview here.

4. Why do you think erotica can be so important for society?

I think that well-written erotica can help women reclaim their sexuality. It can give them the language and the tools to begin creating the sex life and the self-image that they want to have. And maybe, in the long run, that will affect young people, too – both men and women – and in that way actually help society. But I think that is already happening on so many other channels as well, like Laci Green’s YouTube channel, to name just one.

I am still constantly baffled and saddened by the amount of negativity thrown against anything that contains sex – from blogs being deleted, to search engine blocks and whole porn bans instead of a real, honest discussion on how to work against the exploitative and shocking aspects of the industry, and how to give parents, and young people the tools to process what they see online. So I suppose on days when I feel particularly hopeful, I might think that writing erotica can help there. That’s one reason why I decided against using a pen name for my erotica.

I’m happy if I touch people with my writing – that’s enough for now.

5. Can you let us know of any other books/stories that you have in the works at the moment? Any forthcoming publications? And how can we get hold of them?

My next publication is actually, and fittingly, an erotic novella. It’s called Driftwood Deeds, coming out with the Ladylit Publishing imprint A Hotter State. During the writing process, my friend and I called it “consent-and-communication-in-BDSM PSA erotica,” and that made me giggle a lot. It’s simply the story of a young woman and a man exploring a little bit of BDSM together, with a lot of talk and a lot of sex.

In fact, it’s really a complete rewrite of the first time I wrote anything involving BDSM and erotica when I was about 18. It shaped a lot of my ideas about writing erotica and my own self-image, and it felt fitting to reimagine it as my first stand-alone erotica publication.

It will come out in November and will be available as an ebook at all major retailers.

6. Do you have any advice about writing great sex scenes?

I am still trying to figure out what other people like, or what the majority of people like – I have absolutely no clue. But if you’re asking what I like to read – then a great sex scene needs to have just as much voice and individuality as any other scene – maybe more. I like sex scenes full of personality – both the writer’s and the characters’. I want to care about the people I read about, I want to feel them, their issues and aspirations, their dirty secrets and their vast range of emotions, even if the scenes just covers sex. I love it, for example, when erotica is coupled with some other kind of hobby or aspect of their life – I’ve written erotica about larpers and about a woman obsessed with the planet Mars, about photography and yoga. There’s nothing I find less erotic than reading some fantasy played out by bland, doll-like characters. I actually blogged about this at length.

I also have a special fondness for physical attributes often societally impressed on us as flaws.

Thank you so much for having me. This was a blast!

Author, Laila Blake

Author, Laila Blake

Thank you, Laila, for your fascinating interview!

You can find Laila Blake at, where she lists her publications and blogs about writing and society. She also co-hosts the podcast Lilt.

Her social media haunts are pinterest and goodreads, but she also hangs out on twitter and she has a facebook page. For updates on new publications, there is also her newsletter, which she promises will be very sparing and unspammy.

Support sex-positive fiction by buying GDP’s books from Amazon, B&N, and

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“To Write What Turns Me On” – An Interview with Laila Blake (Part 1)

Author, Laila Blake

Author, Laila Blake

1. Laila, we’re thrilled to have published you in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame. Why do you enjoy writing erotic stories?

Most of my day-to-day writing isn’t erotic, in fact, I’ve spent the last few months working on a very tame, contemporary YA manuscript. My other novels usually contain erotic content to some degree, but the pacing of most of them simply doesn’t allow for more than one or two graphic scenes in the entire book. And it wouldn’t be completely true to say that this makes me sad – I like them the way they are, but I do sometimes feel like I’m leaving something out that is important to me and to the characters, but that really isn’t important in the story arc.

Erotic stories are the opposite – for a few thousand words, I don’t have to care about a broader plot. I get to compress two whole lives into usually a single scene centered on a sexual experience, and that is a lot of fun and a great way to unwind from the occassional drudgery of working through novels.

I also find it empowering. As a woman, I grew up in a culture that led to me to believe for most of my adolescence and early adult years that my sexuality was very narrowly defined by the sexual identities of the men I was with. I couldn’t express what I liked, what I fantasized about, I couldn’t even really fathom that I was really allowed to dislike something a guy liked, or like it in a different way.

By writing erotic stories, I get to do just that – I get to write what turns me on, or speculate about stuff that does it for others. I get to play around with concepts and practices, and reclaim my connection to not just my personal sexuality, but to connect with so many wonderful women who read and write erotic stories, too.

2. Who are some of your writing and erotic inspirations?

A few months after my first novel was published, I got a phone call from my ex-boxfriend. This had become a rarity, and I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, until in his rambling way he asked whether our experiences together ended up in the book.

I wanted to say: “Well, buy it and effing read the book it you really want to know!” But instead I blushed, then I laughed and told him to check his ego. That was a lie, though–of course it was. Most of my ideas come from the people around me and the experiences I share with them, however filtered and removed the eventual story will be. My wonderful writing partner Lorrie is one of them, too. I know we both have played around with specifically writing stories to push the other’s buttons.

Just working with some of these wonderful editors inspires me to no end, as well as all these women who have been paving the way for us newer writers with such grace, dignity, and intelligence, women who show that writing erotica does not have to go along with a loss in quality.

3. Can you tell us a little about your story in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame?

Of course, I’m happy to! “Doll-faced Demons” is the story of a lesbian couple visiting one of the women’s homophobic parents. Upset by their bigotry, the women trash her old room; they cut open plush toys, jump on the bed and fuck there in utter defiance of the juvenile, innocent image her family is trying to maintain of their daughter.

I tell it from the perspective of the visitor, shocked as she is when confronted in real life by what she has only ever heard about. That was my main inspiration for the piece, actually– that I, as a bisexual woman in the demographic in which I grew up, have never once faced any kind of discrimination for it. But I am still part of a community whose essential struggle I can only sympathize with, aid in, but never truly understand.

The second half of this interview will be published tomorrow!


Y0Z_2e4m33EA1AikWpFA3-bZSIG04gM4mLkjj_vZJYkYou can find Laila Blake at, where she lists her publications and blogs about writing and society. She also co-hosts the podcast Lilt.

Her social media haunts are pinterest and goodreads, but she also hangs out on twitter and she has a facebook page. For updates on new publications, there is also her newsletter, which she promises will be very sparing and unspammy.

Support sex-positive fiction by buying GDP’s books from Amazon, B&N, and

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Go Deeper Loves: Greta Christina’s Bending

Bending-cover-jpg-2002I’m lucky. I read a lot of good erotic literature because I do what I do and Go Deeper does what it does. But I have to confess: It’s been a really long time since a collection stopped me in my tracks, and an even longer time since I’ve reread the first story before moving on to the second.

Enter Greta Christina’s Bending: Dirty Kinky Stories About Pain, Power, Religion, Unicorns, & More, which came out in April of this year, courtesy of Dirty Heathen Publishing, and how I missed it for so long, I don’t know. But, hey, many thanks go to In Bed With Susie Bright for the tip. “These are not nice stories,” Christina writes in her introduction. Of course, we all know that “not nice” is subjective. I, for one, think that her stories are incredibly nice or, more accurately, dirty in a way that makes me wish I’d written them. All of them. Her warning is a good one, though, for the folks whose experiences with erotica begin and end with Fifty Shades of Grey.

But, oh, that’s not you guys!

Bending is good sex writing. Period. Christina has a solid, literary voice; Bataille-style bravery and honesty (we’re talking fearlessness that is stunning and sometimes too hard to find in this genre); and the wildest, most beautiful imagination, which leads to the most stunningly sexy scenes starring some broken, but beautiful, players.

Just a tip: You should buy this book. You should especially buy this book if you’re a fan of a good spanking. There are lots of spankings. I’d say a spanking for every story, but that might not be true, and I’d hate to falsely advertise. You should also buy this book if you’re a fan of “taboo” topics. As a very huge fan of what typically falls under this category–in Bending’s case, the best ever buildup between an uncle and a niece; a sex worker as nun, who offers a woman, in true Catholic fashion, opportunity after opportunity to relive moments of guilt and shame; and, my personal favorite, a professor/student scenario that is…oh. You just have to read.

Get Bending whenever and where ever you can.

Thanks for supporting Go Deeper Press. If you’d like to browse our erotic, sex-positive e-books for brain and brawn, you can find our website here.



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Come Out, Come Out! If You Can, If You Want

National Coming Out Day was a hugely personal day of celebration for me many, many years ago. Hell, it was my day! I was 18, newly (but finally) out, and there was this 24-hour period for little queers like me. What could possibly hold me back?

I was lucky. I lived in Massachusetts and went to a pretty fruity school in Boston. Plus, there was a certain slow and rhythmic throb of sociopolitical excitement back in the early Clinton nineties. Really. I came out, and there it all was, just waiting: Act Up and Queer Nation and BAGLY and—fuck—Radical Faeries—everything! It seemed like there was an organization and local meetup group for any interest, whether it was sexual or political. And for my punk rock heart, there was the beginning of riot grrrl. There was the beginning of homocore and Matt Wobensmith’s record label and zine, Outpunk!

There was also less fun stuff: watching your friends wait for the results of HIV tests, which took about two weeks or so to come in; getting off the train to get away from the guys who yelled at you and your girlfriend from the end of the train car about how they “want to watch,” and how us girls just need a good dick in our cunts—let them show us; and listening to another friend retell the story of how he and his boyfriend were attacked late on a Saturday night, how the attackers called them “AIDS faggots,” “You fucking queers,” while they kicked and threw elbows and fists to their heads, and how the boyfriend was in the ICU, and how the boyfriend never left that ward.

I think it’s better now. I really, really want it to be better now. In a good handful of U.S. states and a growing number of countries, we are allowed to wed. I can get my partner healthcare, and her immigration process, presumably, will have less loopholes and walls to scale. And, picture this: I can hold her hand in a shopping mall in the suburbs, and the worst we get is a quick look—or a long one, in the most extreme of cases. There is no more yelling. There is no more fear.

But there is still plenty of fear in Russia and Nigeria—in too many other countries in this world. There are queer kids worldwide who are bullied so badly that it just seems easier for them to end their lives, and so they do. A month, sometimes a week, doesn’t pass when I don’t read a news story about a trans person who has been murdered after being outed as trans.

Coming out is a very special thing. It’s easy and complicated, embracing and scary, life-saving or life-threatening. Today’s our day to remember our own stories and histories. Today’s our day to lend a hand, give a hug, spread strong words of love and support, because we’re here and we are.

Go Deeper Press would love to hear your coming-out story. Leave one in the Comments section!

Hey! On this great National Coming Out Day, why not support an LGBTQ organization that does good every day? Here are some queer rights groups that get the GDP Thumbs Up! All Out, National Center for Transgender Equality, Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, GLSEN, and Waltham House.

Celebratory price this weekend only!

Celebratory price this weekend only!

ALSO, our National Coming Out Day celebratory sale is on! If you’d like to buy our erotic anthology Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame for $4 (usually it’s $5.50) enter SHAMELESS at checkout. Special offer for THIS WEEKEND ONLY! (When you support indie erotica, we glow and glow and glow… *blows kiss*)

Thanks for supporting Go Deeper Press. If you’d like to browse our erotic, sex-positive e-books for brain and brawn, you can find our website here.

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