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The Sex We’d Like to See in 2013

slide_5623_76284_largeFolks, we are setting off for London today and are busy, busy, busy.  We’ll be gone for a week, but will be blogging when we can.  Until then, here’s one of the many things we’d like to see in 2013, both in terms of submissions and in terms of life:

Big sex with bigger people.  Bigger people having big sex.  Don’t get us wrong…small is good too.  But one look at Tara Lynn in the pic to the left, photographed in French Elle (see more shots of Tara at Huffington Post), gives just a glimpse of what we’d love to see.  People who are larger than those we usually see.  Real people with real bodies, bringing the big sexy.

Also!  Big news.  Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women, edited by Lana Fox and Hunger: A Go Deeper Press Short by Zoe More are now both available on Amazon.  Woohoo!

We’ll bring news from the Big Smoke, when we can.  Until then, Happy New Year, dear sex-positive readers!



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Pony Play with Ashley Smith


Ashley Smith photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for Galore Magazine NY

Thanks to photographer Ellen von Unwerth, model Ashley Smith, and Galore Magazine (via TinyNibbles and Touch Puppet) for this amazing spread.  Note that the pics are just a couple in a whole series.  At GDP, we love the aesthetic here.  These pics above, in my opinion, are hot because of how noir they are, how suggestive they are, and how focused they are on texture and touch.  Plus Ashley is, obviously, gorgeous.

The full spread is from Galore Magazine.  Enjoy!



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My Dildo, Officer

Pic: David Lytle, CA (via Wikimedia)

Pic: David Lytle, CA (via Wikimedia)

Angela and I will be traveling to London this New Year’s Eve, on that great invention: the airplane.  So when TinyNibbles quoted from this wryly revealing “confessions” blog by a former TSA officer, I found myself particularly intrigued.  Her writing is fun and very revealing.  Here is a part of one of the posts from that very blog, Taking Sense Away:

Finally, I was intrigued by the irrepressible sexual hunger that compels the passengers of this great nation to bring vibrators, dildos and other assorted sex toys aboard the plane with their carry-on luggage. I know that the people of this great nation are strong and have within themselves the capacity to overcome irrationality. I know that they are capable of not being menaced by “an endless series of political hobgoblins,” as Mencken once said—the hobgoblins that the TSA assures them are the cause of their peanut butter confiscation and privacy compromises—due to the fortitude displayed in their bravely pressing on; exposing themselves to the risk of having me rummage through their bag and pull out a large sex toy.

I recall one time I did a bag check on a man from Detroit, once the auto-making capital of the world. Having been informed by the x-ray operator that there was a bottle of water in the bag, I pulled it out and quickly sensed that something was slightly off. Then, I realized what it was: there was an enormous dildo rubber-banded to it…

Do read on!  It’s well-worth it.



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Ingrid Bergman: A Porn Parody

PulpFiction_HSSGood morning, deeper ones.  At this end, we had a crisp and even Christmas Day (yes, it snowed in Massachusetts!).  Then, later, we watched Casablanca.  Oh Ingrid!  Oh Bogie!  Afterwards, I said to Angela, “Casablanca would make a great porn parody.”  After all, don’t all those desirous clinches and softly fevered kisses lend themselves to erotic film?  Anyhoo, nope.  There doesn’t appear to be a porn parody of Casablanca.  But I did find something rather delectable instead…

Yes, thanks to the artistry of (NSFW), we kinda get to see Ingrid Bergman in the nip, Casablanca-style.  Not to mention Audrey Hepburn, and a host of other silver screen beauties.  Seriously genius!

What’s more, it turns out I’m not the only one hankering after specific porn parodies.  Last January, Crave Online listed the NSFW top ten porn parodies they themselves would love to see.  Do take a look.  Also, a little internet dabbling brought me to this — which is also NSFW.  It’s a rather old list of the “top 14” porn parodies.

And who knew that Pulp Fiction had received the parody treatment?   Oh, but Uma, Uma!  My heart is forever yours.

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Lana Reads the Opening of Abyssinia’s Ash Wednesday…

We’re back to the video teasers again!  This time I’m reading from the very beginning Abyssinia Grey’s beautiful piece, Ash Wednesday, which appears in Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women.  It’s sexy, it’s set in a church, it’s unabashed and beautifully written.  Have a listen…

Happy Holidays to all of you.  And here’s to a wowzer-ful, sex-positive New Year!

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Pearly Cummings (Or Writing Sex Under a Pen Name)

Zoe More, wearing her pen name...

Zoe More, wearing her pen name…

My father was an accountant, back in the day.  (No wait, this does have something to do with sex, I promise).  I used to work for him during the summer break, filing files, and the only interesting part of this job was the names that people had.  Mr. Leaker, the plumber.  Miss Potter, the purveyor of toilets and baths.  The Hatters, who…you guessed it…made quality hats.  Oh, the list went on!

A dear friend once told me that there is a theory about this — it’s called “nominalistic determinism.”  That said, there isn’t much online to suggest that it’s official!

My own name, Lana Fox, is a pen name.  Why did I choose it?  Because it’s a very real name — there are other Lana Foxes around — and it also sounds and feels sexy for me.  Plus our Zoe More, author of Hunger, who also has a story in Femme Fatale, uses a pen name too.  And guess what?  She’s written a fascinating post about the benefits of using a pseudonym.  There are many, in case you wondered, so do take a look!  Also, you can check out Zoe’s dark and sexy writing blog here.

On a crazier note, I was once told that you can “find” your pen name by marrying the name of your first pet with your mother’s pre-marital name.  This, of course, isn’t a great system.  For one, it assumes that you’ve had a pet and a mother you can track down.  What’s more, not every mother changes her name.

Also, would I want to be called Pearly?  Nope.

Anyhoo.  What would your pen name be?  Or if you already have one, why did you choose it?  And how, indeed, does it support your work?



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Ms. Zoe More: An Erotic Video Reading

If you have yet to feast your eyes on our new website, please take a look.  You’ll find all sorts of intriguing reads there, including an interview with the darkly brilliant Zoe More, whose work appears in Femme Fatale.  Zoe More’s Hunger, a Go Deeper Short, was released yesterday, and is now available from the GDP online store.  Zoe also contributed a story to Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women.  It’s entitled “Our Courtship, Our Romance,” and it’s dark and beautiful and terrifying and hot.  Here’s the opening:

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Femme Fatale Erotic Reading: Some Other Time

Next, I have the privilege of reading from Some Other Time, Bracken MacLeod‘s contribution to Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women.  It’s a gorgeous, dark piece.  So enjoyable to read.  Have a listen…

You can buy Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women, edited by Lana Fox, here on Amazon OR here on B&N.

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Erotic Femme Fatale Reading: Excerpt from “Peeping”

cropped-The-Kiss-Me-QuicksFirst of all, congratulations to GDP friend, Rose Caraway!  Her fabulous “Kiss Me Quick’s” podcast made the top 10 podcasts list on iTunes this week.  I’m proud to say that my story, Frosting First, narrated by the sublime Lucy Malone, was featured on the “Kiss Me Quick’s” recently.  I’ll be coming back for more delights from Rose and her gorgeous novels, stories and excerpts.

Also, here’s another audio reading by yours truly from Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women.  This time, I’m reading from Stephen Dorneman‘s Peeping…and my goodness, this is sexy peeping indeed…

Reasons We’re All About Sex, No. 3: Violet Blue at TinyNibbles

Violet Blue, famed sex/tech writer and activist, did a great deal for the Lana Fox of yore.  When I first moved to the USA, Violet’s TinyNibbles blog helped me to embrace my sexual self.  Violet speaks proudly and loudly about sexuality, and her porn writing and activism are nothing short of inspiring.  Here’s a talk that won her a standing ovation at Gnomedex, where she discussed sex and the net.  As you’ll see, Violet is sharply intelligent and proudly humane.  Get ready to warm the cockles of your sex-positive heart…

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