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Have Your Bishop in Bed With You Before Anyone Else Gets Hold of Him

GDP004-BishopActressCover600It’s the night that sex-positive NOOK owners have been waiting for!  Yes, Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women, is now available at Barnes & Noble for a mere snip at $4.99.  (It’s also available at Amazon and our online store.)  And by the by, if you become one of our delightful newsletter subscribers before Feb 4th, you can get our forthcoming anthology, As the Bishop Said to the Actress, at a third of the price, before it’s “officially” released.

In other words, you’ll get your taboo before everyone else gets theirs.

As the bishop said to the actress.



Cosmo Covers for Queer Girls

article-cyrus-0128I don’t remember ever looking at Miley Cyrus and thinking, “Good God—who is that?” Remember Miley? She’s this girl and this guy’s daughter. She starred in Disney’s Hannah Montana. But it happened this afternoon, in a grocery store, of all places, when I saw the cover of this month’s Cosmopolitan. Not in a million years would I guess it was her, and never in a million more would I guess I’d buy it.

So, yes! I now own my first issue of Cosmopolitan, every young woman’s favorite magazine about sex. And, no, the features on “Best Sex Ever” and “The Three Words You Must Never Say to a Guy” don’t really apply to me, since I’m not one known for snuggling up to men. And this magazine, typically, speaks only to the women who do.

But then they go and put Miley looking all Hot, Femme Tank Girl on the cover, and—wow—does that change things a bit.

Now, I might be the only gay woman who falls for this type of thing (dubious…that’s the most dubious thing I’ve thought all day), but Miley, with her new short, blonde hair, and her perfect, pink lips, and her shapely, young breasts, and with Cosmo’s help, seems to be reaching out to a much broader audience of women. Yes, this issue will still be bought by the countless college-aged women who typically drop $3.99 for articles on how to please their men. And sure, she’s married now, and to a male movie star to boot. But women who appreciate other women, regardless of their sexual identities, for introducing (or, really, re-introducing) a different way of looking feminine, take note: There’s something sorta queer going on with Miley now, and it’s worth your observation.


Let me know your thoughts, okay? Leave a comment!

P.S. I had no idea, until I had this magazine in my hands, just how badly Chanel perfume stinks, even if it’s only a peel-back paper sample. Christ.



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Foxtrology: Aries

By Angr (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

By Angr (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Interested in astrology?  So is our Lana Fox.  That’s why, over the coming weeks, Lana will write sextrology posts that outline the erotic qualities of the sun signs, taking a sex-positive, gender-equal tack.  By the by, some of these posts have also appeared (in a slightly different version) at Lana’s personal blog.

Today?  Aries!

Aries: March 21st – April 20th

If Aries is your sun sign, astrology suggests that you like to be caressed around the face and head.  This can make the ears, crown and/or hairline potentially powerful erogenous zones.  Playing with the hair of an Aries or nibbling their ears, can also make their juices run, and seeing as they are often quick-witted, they might well enjoy talking about sex and sexual politics.  Aries, your natural power and directness can make for wonderful BDSM play, so a blindfold or two, or maybe a whip, might not be amiss.  Many Aries people are ignited in the bedroom, possessing a high sex drive, powerful communication skills, and a passion for sex itself.  However, Aries lovers might find it hard to let arousal simmer and build,  preferring to have it all now, now, now!  So varying pace and approach can help.  This ram’s rapid expenditure of energy in the boudoir, means that planning time for recuperation is a great idea — but an Aries’ lover might have to suggest this.  After all, these rams might not always realise how important resting is for their health.

Sex Accessory of the Day:  Aries folks often enjoy luxury in the bedroom as well as power.  I bet many would enjoy the Corkscrew at “Fucking Sculptures.”  Let us know what you think, Aries readers!

Aries Recommended Book of the Day:  The Sin City graphic novels by Frank Miller (published by Dark Horse) contain raw, sublime erotic moments within an exciting, noir-style plot.  Sounds like Aries all over, don’t ya think?

A Famously Sex-Positive Aries:  Lady Gaga. She’s done so much for sex-positivity and LGBTQ rights. I mean, wow.

Burn on Aries!  And remember…your astrological chart is a mix of all sorts of aspects (including your Moon sign and your Rising sign, to name but a couple).  So if you are Aries and any of the above doesn’t sound like you, then it isn’t!  This is just a generalization.  

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Hope You Like to Watch Women Kissing as Much as We Do

It’s Friday after all, right? Right! So enjoy this clip, which comes via a Tiny Nibbles tip, and don’t forget to take in the beautiful artistry of this video, done by Mark & Ish and set to a tune from the Boxer Rebellion.

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Gabby Bernstein: Using Your Body for Good

We believe that healthy, exciting, consensual sex, with oneself or others, is a wonderful way to praise the universe. And here’s Gabrielle Bernstein, author of May Cause Miracles, encouraging us to use our bodies for love. A wonderful little vid:

In other, more-GDP-related news, one of our writers from Femme Fatale has a new post up at the Grub Street Daily. Do check it out, since she gives us a peek inside her flawless writing process, speaking specifically about the creation of her characters featured in our anthology. Inspiring, right? Yes, yes. And don’t forget to pick up your own copy to see the end result! You can buy it directly from us here, or over there at

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“Hot and Coming Your Way….” (And We Have a Winner!)

w1_2PDrg9GjQSc7ios6siOzw01hVPIE_bmGmo4Bpa4QOh my God, we’re excited, so excited, so excited. In just a matter of days our new anthology, As the Bishop Said to the Actress, will be available in our webstore and on (Have patience, please! All GDP books will soon be available on and in Apple’s iBookstore, too. We promise.) The anthology includes four amazing stories, leading with our contest winner, “Fishing” by A. Zimmerman. Oh, so fun. Oh, so seriously sexy. We hope you love it, too.

Other stories included are these awesome gems: “The Bishop’s Tongue” by James Thorpby, “The Solo Act” by Lady Astrid, and “Compassion’s Seed” by our own Lana Fox. We’re so proud of this anthology, which takes that cheeky British saying, mixes it up with a bucket-load of taboo, and delivers fiction that is clever, dark, transformative, and (sorta most importantly) seriously piping hot.

The official release date is Monday, February 4, but we’ll be offering a pre-release version at a discounted price to all our newsletter subscribers. Not a subscriber yet? No worries. Click right here and join the fun.



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Who Doesn’t Love It When a Guy Like This Speaks in Favor of Marriage Equality?

In case you missed it like we did and you’re just catching up to the awesomeness now, here’s U.S. President Barrack Obama being the amazing badass that he can be:

Joss Whedon Glorifies Sex Trafficking? No Way, Baby.

Being an ardent fan of Joss Whedon, I’m always saddened to come across the notion that he is corrupting audiences.  Here, in this video, for example, Whedon says that Dollhouse was thought by some to glorify human trafficking.  While Dollhouse does portray a kind of sci-fi human trafficking, anyone who thinks that this counts as “glorification” is, in my book, sorely mistaken.

But this idea of “glorifying abuse” is one that we, as erotic writers and readers, often come up against.  Where sex is involved, particularly dark sex, there’s usually someone announcing that we’re modeling or glorifying sexual violence.  That said, such attitudes are often rooted in genre snobbery.  When, for instance, was the last time someone told you that Shakespeare glorifies jealousy and abuse in Othello?  Or that Mary Shelley is encouraging murder in Frankenstein?  I’ll bet there are those who say that Fifty Shades glorifies abuse, then go home and listen to “Madame Butterfly”—an opera that has often been criticized as intensely racist.

Anyhoo, here’s Joss speaking about Dollhouse.  I love it.  Hope you do, too.

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Free Copies of GDP’s Erotic E-Books!

Available now from GDP!

Available now from GDP!

Would you like a free copy of Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women?  Well, if you’re happy to write a review of the e-book, we’re happy to send you a free copy.  But do be quick about it, because we only have 25 copies up for grabs!  All we ask:  Your online review can be positive, negative, or anything in between. You can post it on a blog/website, on Amazon, on Facebook, etc.  What we really want to know is what you think of the e-book.  Naturally, you’ll also be helping us to spread the word about Go Deeper Press, and we’ll be forever grateful for that.  Just drop us an email at “editors (at)” or comment on this post, leaving your email address.  We’ll send a free download link to the first 25 emailers, and we look forward to your review!

In case you need persuading, here is an excerpt from “La Femme Chocolat” — the first story in Femme Fatale.  Author V. C. writes this dark fantasy beautifully, bringing the Parisian chocolate-seller who seduces women with her wares, to wonderful erotic life.  In this excerpt, “La Femme Chocolate” (aka Annette) begins to seduce the narrator:

“When she walked in, blood rushed immediately to my clitoris, causing it to swell, while the rest of my body buzzed with indescribable pleasure that I had never felt before until that moment. Annette was completely nude. I was hypnotized by the bounce of her gorgeous breasts and the sway of her hips as she moved toward me, holding a tray of four gorgeous, delectable, bite-sized cordials on a silver platter. My mouth gaped as she lay on her back on the long coffee table that was in front of me. Immediately, I realized that she was the table, and I was to dine on her new chocolates on her naked flesh….”

No need for me to tell you what follows.  I’ll just say that it’s sexy, voluptuous, and well-worth enjoying.  V.C. writes beautifully.  A tour de force!

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Gay English Bishops and Masturbating Nuns

Dawn French plays the Vicar of Dibley in the BBC's comedy of the same name.

Dawn French plays the Vicar of Dibley in the BBC’s comedy of the same name.

While Angela and I were in the UK, the Church of England announced its decision to allow gay men in civil partnerships to become bishops.  (Those who don’t know about the Church of England, it’s a branch of Christianity that allows its clergy to have sex within the bounds of heterosexual marriage.)  Interestingly, when we heard this news, we’d been reading for our forthcoming anthology, As the Bishop Said to the Actress, and while our submissions did contain many fun, humorous stories, we were also reading quite deep, dark subs that spoke to the problem of sexual shame.

One of the many downsides to the new decision is that, within their civil partnership, gay bishops would be required to still be celibate, while also repenting their past “sexual sins.”  Gay marriage isn’t yet legal in the UK (though, frankly, it’s a waiting game), and the power tactics in this debate are abundantly clear:  “If you’re heterosexual, you’re allowed to have sex in wedlock.  If, however, you’re gay, we won’t let you get married and we want you to recognize that your past extra-marital sex was sinful.”

It’s a bully’s game.

But at least being a bishop is possible if you are gay.

Not if you’re a woman, however.

Yes, just hours before I started writing this post, proposals about the introduction of women bishops received a big “no” from the Church of England.  In other words, a gay man can be trusted with a high church role.  But a woman, of any sexual identity?  Big, bad no.  Isn’t it amazing how deep sexism can go?

Of course, one thing that comes to mind is this:  With their emphasis on which body bits you own and what exactly you do with them, the Church of England is obsessed with genitalia, not to mention sex itself.  Metaphorically speaking, the church is peering through everyone’s keyholes, ready to yelp if they see two cocks in the same place.  I can’t think of anything more sex-obsessed than this, or as voyeuristic.

Thank God for Sister Margaret Farley’s book, “Just Love,” which sings the praises of masturbation.  This brave writer-nun, who indeed understands that love is what matters above all else, is much-needed in the Church of England.  At least, that’s my five cents on the matter.  (Or tuppence, depending on where I am at the time.)

In the meantime, we look forward to releasing As the Bishop Said to the Actress — an erotic anthology that explores the burden of shame and the power of sexual liberation, especially when we’ve been told that sex is a sin.

By the way, have you ever seen the Vicar of Dibley?  The BBC’s comedy stars a Church of England vicar, played by Dawn French. It’s certainly helped to turn around the notion that only men are vicars in the UK.

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