Cosmo Covers for Queer Girls

article-cyrus-0128I don’t remember ever looking at Miley Cyrus and thinking, “Good God—who is that?” Remember Miley? She’s this girl and this guy’s daughter. She starred in Disney’s Hannah Montana. But it happened this afternoon, in a grocery store, of all places, when I saw the cover of this month’s Cosmopolitan. Not in a million years would I guess it was her, and never in a million more would I guess I’d buy it.

So, yes! I now own my first issue of Cosmopolitan, every young woman’s favorite magazine about sex. And, no, the features on “Best Sex Ever” and “The Three Words You Must Never Say to a Guy” don’t really apply to me, since I’m not one known for snuggling up to men. And this magazine, typically, speaks only to the women who do.

But then they go and put Miley looking all Hot, Femme Tank Girl on the cover, and—wow—does that change things a bit.

Now, I might be the only gay woman who falls for this type of thing (dubious…that’s the most dubious thing I’ve thought all day), but Miley, with her new short, blonde hair, and her perfect, pink lips, and her shapely, young breasts, and with Cosmo’s help, seems to be reaching out to a much broader audience of women. Yes, this issue will still be bought by the countless college-aged women who typically drop $3.99 for articles on how to please their men. And sure, she’s married now, and to a male movie star to boot. But women who appreciate other women, regardless of their sexual identities, for introducing (or, really, re-introducing) a different way of looking feminine, take note: There’s something sorta queer going on with Miley now, and it’s worth your observation.


Let me know your thoughts, okay? Leave a comment!

P.S. I had no idea, until I had this magazine in my hands, just how badly Chanel perfume stinks, even if it’s only a peel-back paper sample. Christ.



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One thought on “Cosmo Covers for Queer Girls

  1. Mark Smith says:

    I never had a problem with Miley C. Seems like quite a few people did. That bothers me a little because they should remember how hard it is to make a name for yourself as an entertainer – being criticized either for trying something new or for playing it safe. She’s fun to watch. Great pics, too; and being on the cover of Cosmo isn’t a bad thing.

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