Free Copies of GDP’s Erotic E-Books!

Available now from GDP!

Available now from GDP!

Would you like a free copy of Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women?  Well, if you’re happy to write a review of the e-book, we’re happy to send you a free copy.  But do be quick about it, because we only have 25 copies up for grabs!  All we ask:  Your online review can be positive, negative, or anything in between. You can post it on a blog/website, on Amazon, on Facebook, etc.  What we really want to know is what you think of the e-book.  Naturally, you’ll also be helping us to spread the word about Go Deeper Press, and we’ll be forever grateful for that.  Just drop us an email at “editors (at)” or comment on this post, leaving your email address.  We’ll send a free download link to the first 25 emailers, and we look forward to your review!

In case you need persuading, here is an excerpt from “La Femme Chocolat” — the first story in Femme Fatale.  Author V. C. writes this dark fantasy beautifully, bringing the Parisian chocolate-seller who seduces women with her wares, to wonderful erotic life.  In this excerpt, “La Femme Chocolate” (aka Annette) begins to seduce the narrator:

“When she walked in, blood rushed immediately to my clitoris, causing it to swell, while the rest of my body buzzed with indescribable pleasure that I had never felt before until that moment. Annette was completely nude. I was hypnotized by the bounce of her gorgeous breasts and the sway of her hips as she moved toward me, holding a tray of four gorgeous, delectable, bite-sized cordials on a silver platter. My mouth gaped as she lay on her back on the long coffee table that was in front of me. Immediately, I realized that she was the table, and I was to dine on her new chocolates on her naked flesh….”

No need for me to tell you what follows.  I’ll just say that it’s sexy, voluptuous, and well-worth enjoying.  V.C. writes beautifully.  A tour de force!

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  1. kandysparks says:

    Sure thing, i would gladly do a review. My email is
    I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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