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One Million Moms Attack the Prettiest, Fiercest Boy You Know (Plus, Write With Lana!)


SheZow Kicking Ass

One Million Moms can find one million ways to be cunts. Latest example? The organization’s attack on cartoon superhero, SheZow. The little crimefighter in pink is the alter ego of a young boy named Guy Hamdon, who magically transforms into SheZow by putting on a ring and (this is the best part) shouting “You go girl!” If you can stomach it, read the Moms’ barely literate hate speech by clicking right here.

You know, I’d guess that a good majority of moms actually know how hard it is to be a kid, especially if you’re a kid that, for some reason, just doesn’t fit in. The reasons could be simple: you don’t throw a ball well, you’re painstakingly shy, or you’re too inside your head, preferring to read and draw over socializing with the rest of your class. The reasons can also be not so simple: Let’s say your skin is darker than everyone else’s, or you kind of spend a lot of time thinking about kissing another kid wearing the same dress as you, or you just don’t feel right in the skin of the gender you were assigned.

I find it strange that these Moms are more compelled to attack a television show rather than accept all the beautiful ways their kids can be kids, that they’d use ignorance and attack language to mandate what’s appropriate for their children and yours.

The Moms say that the Hub channel shouldn’t air a cartoon that features a “gender-bending character.” Okay. You, dear Mothers, shouldn’t be working yourself into a tizzy over how television will “dictate” who your child will grow up to be or love. You want to protect them, right? Start with a hug.

Many thanks to wickedgayblog.

Now, we at GDP know that you, amazing readers of our blog, probably don’t care if your kids grow up to be a fairies of any sort. And if they do, you’re likely not to call them monsters or accuse them of trying to pollute the morality of our always fair and pure United States. Oh, this reminds me! Speaking of fairies and monsters, Boston-area folks should check out the new Grub Street classes offered by our Lana, run under another equally sexy name: Forbidden Fairy Tales and Vulnerable Monsters. That’s right: Lana can teach you about way more than how to write hot sex. She’s the total effin’ package. Details below!

Vulnerable Monsters

Thursday, June 27th, 6:30-9:30pm at Grub Street headquarters.

From fairy-tale wolves to modern-day vampires, monsters have often stood for the violent in us; but many authors stress another side: how vulnerable it can feel to be different. Drawing inspiration from literary examples and classic types, you’ll create a monster or human hybrid who exists in a world of people. Through our writing, we’ll challenge readers to ask deeper questions, such as, “What is it like to feel monstrous, and how do we cope when we do?” This seminar will be a great way to build a new story or to better understand the character(s) in an existing story or novel.

Forbidden Fairy Tales

Saturday, June 29th, 2:30-5:30pm at Grub Street headquarters.

From Sleeping Beauty’s kiss to Bluebeard’s room of horrors, the fairy tale has always been a powerful vehicle for fiction. Authors like Angela Carter, Karen Russell, and Anne Rice have used this traditional form to create original work that taps the depths of sexuality and/or darkness. Whether you’re a sensual/erotic writer looking for exciting material or an author of darker fiction with a taste for creative twists, this fairy tale night will challenge and inspire. Together, we will read and explore excerpts from stories that draw on traditional fairy tales, and we’ll respond by writing our own scenes and/or short shorts. You’ll have a chance to share your writing with members of the group and receive ideas for further development. Expect to leave the class with the first draft of a short short or excerpts that can grow into a unique scene or story.

Thanks for supporting Go Deeper Press. If you’d like to browse our erotic, sex-positive e-books for brain and brawn, you can find our website here.



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