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Freebies on our Birthday! Our New PornoCore Imprint

shutterstock_109928696Yes, it’s our birthday! We’re one today! And in honor of this, not to mention the coming holidays, we’d like to offer you, our GDP community, some sizzling free reads. In fact, check in every two days over the Xmas period because we’ll be pubbing similar freebies–all of them from our new PornoCore imprint.

What does PornoCore mean? Explicit, porny, connected sex stories, that feel real and, above all, HOT. These stories unabashedly use the language of porn to communicate real, enjoyable sex.

Our next free read will be coming this Sunday. Until then, here’s Jacob Louder’s PornoCore debut: Straight Shooter.

Baby, the cake’s on you…


And some big shout-outs to porn performers, directors and activists who just keep on inspiring us: Violet Blue, Nella, Tristan Taormino, Susie Bright, Jennifer Lyon Bell, Georgina Spelvin, Lady Cheeky, Shine Louise Houston, The Crashpad, Pink and White Productions, Barbara Carrellas. We heart you all. Here, have some frosting…

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Sneak Peek at PornoCore, Courtesy of Jacob Louder and Tamsin Flowers

20112985_sHi! It’s Sunday and, if you’re in the northeastern part of the U.S., kinda snowy and wet and dreary. So why not warm up with an excerpt from Jacob Louder’s story “Straight Shooter,” which will be live on our  website December 20 (the full version) in celebration of our first birthday and our new imprint, PornoCore? It’s running as Day 15 on Tamsin Flower’s Superotica Advent Calendar (catch Lana’s excerpt, too, while you’re at it!). As the picture implies (thanks, Tasmin!), Jake’s story is all kinds of sexy, and we do hope you enjoy it. Let us know, won’t you?

Stay snuggled.


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Free Xmas Erotica from Tamsin Flowers



Hello, folks. Lana here. I have been slow to let you know that GDP author Tamsin Flowers included an excerpt from my story in Femme Fatale yesterday, as part of her gorgeous Supererotica Advent Calendar. And today, she features an excerpt from her sexy Cherries on Top — love this one. Check it out!

Also, our own Jacob Louder’s sexy advent calendar excerpt will be up on the 15th, so you can wait for that with baited breath.

Thank you, Tamsin. You really are the sexy Santa!

Thanks for reading! Guzzle up our sexy reads at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Go Deeper Press (for all e-readers), and we’ll love you forever. Hearts.

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Gracie Hagen’s Nude Photography at Bust

Photos by Gracie Hagen at Bust Magazine (click image for more)

Photos by Gracie Hagen at Bust Magazine (click image for more)

Please go and check out Gracie Hagen’s nude photos at Bust Magazine. (We’ve raved about Hagen before — she’s such a hit with us.) Just from the two that are pictured here, you can see how Hagen is showing realistic beauty with stances that don’t feel “posed.” We need to see more of this kind of art in order to enjoy variety and truth in body and sexuality, and Hagen does it just beautifully. Let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading! Guzzle up our sexy reads at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Go Deeper Press (for all e-readers), and we’ll love you forever. You can also receive a free erotic e-book when you join our super-sensitive, sex-positive, freebie-gifting email list. Hearts.

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Free Erotic Stories – Shoes, Twins, and Threeways

Pic from

Pic from

We believe in erotica for all at GDP. That’s why we’re thrilled to share a few free erotic freebies with you! Catch Peep Toe — a full erotic shoe-fetish story — at the fabulous Get in with those con artist twins in our free reads section. And while you’re at it, take a peek at Annabeth Leong’s Too Much to Give, Jacob Louder’s Third Party Extension, and Tamsin Flowerserotic advent calendar, no less, not to mention an erotic excerpt by Erzabet Bishop today.

Speaking of Erotica for All, go and check out Lucy Felthouse’s brilliant site.

And have a hot day!

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Let’s Go Deeper with Erotic Author Rion Woolf (with FREE sexy excerpt!)

Y0Z_2e4m33EA1AikWpFA3-bZSIG04gM4mLkjj_vZJYkPlease enjoy this interview with the wonderful Rion Woolf whose gorgeous story, Stay, appears in Shameless Behavior: Erotic Stories of Overcoming Shame. If you like to get deep with your erotica, Rion’s story–and the whole of the collection–is published with you in mind!

1. Why do you enjoy writing erotic stories?

Erotica, for me, is all about building a world where anything goes.  That’s the draw that keeps me coming back to the computer to write more.  I want to push my characters as far as they will go because ultimately I’m along for the ride, too, and it can be just as entertaining for me to write an erotic story as it is to read one.  I live in a world full of restrictions and more often than not the response to what I desire is no.  In the world of erotica, though, the response is often yes.  Or, at the very least, let’s try.  It’s thrilling to write about a place where so many barriers have been removed.

2. Who are some of your writing and erotic inspirations?

I love Remittance Girl!  I’m also strongly influenced by The Story of O and the writer John Preston who wrote Mr. Benson.  I read quite a bit of short erotica and I find inspiration through many characters, but I am most drawn to those who are on a quest to try or learn something new.

3. Can you tell us a little about your story in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame?

“Stay” grew out of a larger project I was working on that follows the relationship between “I” and Sir.  The project never came together in the way I hoped, but this story emerged.  Issues of gender fascinate me and I wanted to write an erotic tale in which the master has a secret that is ultimately exposed.  I believe our physical bodies hold our secrets and emotional pain.  More often than not, these are places of enormous shame.  In “Stay,” “I” helps Sir to see that those same places where secrets and pain are held can also contain enormous potential for healing and human connection.

4. Why do you think erotica can be so important for society? 

Erotica is a fantastic way for people to explore issues of sexuality and gender at a speed that is comfortable for them.  It challenges the reader to examine her own ideas about these issues and when the intensity becomes too much, the reader has the power to close the book.  Erotica is funny, though.  It works on the reader and nudges at the back of her mind throughout the day and haunts the edges of her mind at night.  Curiosity to find out what happens next usually wins out and that book, along with all its rich possibilities, is opened once again.

6. Do you have any advice about writing great sex scenes?

I try to bring honesty and realism to any writing that I do that includes sex.  I have a tendency to lean towards soap opera-ish scenes, so I am always double-checking myself.  Is this realistic?  Would my character really say this?  Really?  If my answer wavers on the maybe, it’s time for another draft.  Another red flag?  If I hear “You are so Beautiful” by Joe Cocker, “I Think I Love You” by the Partridge Family, or anything by Air Supply in my head when I read back a scene I’ve written, there is waytoo much sappiness.

And here’s a free sexy excerpt from Stay by Rion Woolf:

Now, as he kneels before me, Sir’s voice is low, guttural, lusty: “Beautiful boy.” He loves how easily I can shape-shift from female to male. Instinctually, my hips roll forward toward his face. His dark eyes flash, then the pupils dilate with want. My heartbeat rockets inside my chest. Slowly, he unbuttons my jeans, slides the zipper down, and with his hands covering my ass, he pulls the jeans down to my ankles. Every inch of the way down, his hands take in the swells and valleys of my muscular legs. There’s something about him kneeling before me, something about him undressing me in this way that is so hot. A groan escapes me, and my hips lunge toward his mouth again.

Sir smiles, chuckles at my body’s reaction, and leans in close, so very close, until his chin and left cheek stroke against the hardness inside my underwear. He pulls his chin down the length of Mighty Max, the dildo he’d never bothered to rename once he took it out of the box. The edges of Sir’s lips trace its size through the fabric. Finally, he reaches up and pulls the tighty whities down to my ankles, freeing the dildo from the cloth. It feels fantastic strapped against my skin so tight, the base of Max pressing against my clitoris. The movement of the dildo strokes me deliciously. More than anything, I want to reach forward and grab Sir’s head, but he’s bound my wrists behind my back with one of his white handkerchiefs. The fabric’s tight. Try as I might, there’s no slipping out of this knot.

“Wait for my permission.” Sir’s tone turns stern, and I fear that I will come before he’s ready. I try to pull my eyes away from the scene below my waist, and make myself think of anything else to stop the wetness from coating me whole and dripping down my legs. [Read the rest of the story in Shameless Behavior]

Thanks so much for supporting indie erotica! We hope to be here for a good long time, and if you decide to buy our erotica, you sustain us!

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Happy Almost Birthday, GDP! (Plus, Free Porn With a Connection Twist)

shutterstock_94888144Lana and I did some brainstorming about what we’d do to celebrate Go Deeper Press’ first birthday. Can you believe it? We’ll be one-year-old on December 20, five days before Christmas, fifteen days after Chanukah, and six days before Kwanzaa. So, of course we wanted to celebrate with you all.

We decided that we’d give away well-written “free porn” to give thanks to all our mailing list subscribers, Twitter and blog followers, our Facebook “Likers,” and every single person who’s bought one of our books and/or stopped by our website for a few minutes or so. It was interesting, this distinction we made. We would not give away “transformative” or “rebel” erotica. We’d write and offer for free on our website Penthouse Forum-style pieces: quick, short wank stories for all our friends over this holiday season.

So, we started. Lana’s first story came in over 2,500 words, mine 1,500-ish. Her second story came in around 2,000, mine over 3,000. For some reason, we couldn’t seem to get the formula right. Don’t get me wrong: These stories are porny, and we’re very proud of just how porny they are and hope you’ll enjoy them tremendously (wink, wink). It took us a little while to figure out why we couldn’t crank out what we had intended. But then—boom—there it was.

We’re fans of connections. Even if they’re shallow or selfish or voyeuristic or whatever. To write true, connected porn, we’ve found, you need to build at least a little story, breathe some sort of emotion into your characters, and then let them run around with their pants around their ankles. Lana, by the way, was the first to put this to words. “This works because they’re connected,” she said. I replied, “That’s what makes porn sexy for me.”

How many clips have you seen on the internet where some guy is pounding a big-breasted blonde, and not only are they not looking at one another, they’re hardly touching, other than, of course, that whole cock in cunt or asshole bit. And they don’t really communicate to one another, but the blonde is probably wailing away like she’s never felt anything so good in her life, and if Mr. Big Cock is making any noise at all, he’s probably letting out a little grunt every now and again.

This porn’s good, right? I don’t want to take away from its value and the purpose it serves for many people in this world. Would I pay for it? No, I wouldn’t, and maybe that’s why it’s a free clip on the internet. I wouldn’t buy it because those actors usually aren’t connected and so it sometimes looks really fake, and although I love it when guys blow their loads on women’s tits, I don’t like it when they’re looking only at their cocks and the women are on their knees looking up at the guy all “horny, little slut” because I don’t believe it for a second. That said, I hope they both got paid and were treated well.

Porn I would buy and have bought: Viv ThomasUnfaithful series (which stars my girl Nella, just FYI), Matinee and Headshot by Jennifer Lyon Bell and Blue Artichoke, Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex, a whole slew from the Candida Royalle crew—and there’s more and more. Big surprise: I would argue that, in all of these films, we are witness to actors living out a story and connecting sexually with their co-stars. Whether it’s slaps to the tits or eye contact during penetrative sex or a prolonged French kiss, these films offer something that holds my attention, making them perfect “rewatch” candidates, especially on snowy Friday nights, or any night, to be honest, but I digress.

Go Deeper Press loves porn. Oh God, we do. Lana and I are talking now about doing a more “porny” line at GDP, and we’re kicking around names like PornStyle and Porncore (or PornoCore, which reminds me of “homocore,” and so now you know where my allegiance lies) and Rumpy Pumpy. The great thing about this, I think, is that—and I can guarantee you this—we will publish incredibly explicit content that not only is the hottest of its kind, but will provide the element that makes pornography work for us: a steamy, sweaty, hot connection.

What I hope you’re asking now is “WHEN DO WE GET FREE PORN?” Well, our birthday and Christmas is coming, friends, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter (if you haven’t already) and check your inbox for more information on when to stop on by at

Thanks for reading! Guzzle up our sexy reads at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Go Deeper Press (for all e-readers), and we’ll love you forever.

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