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Freebies on our Birthday! Our New PornoCore Imprint

shutterstock_109928696Yes, it’s our birthday! We’re one today! And in honor of this, not to mention the coming holidays, we’d like to offer you, our GDP community, some sizzling free reads. In fact, check in every two days over the Xmas period because we’ll be pubbing similar freebies–all of them from our new PornoCore imprint.

What does PornoCore mean? Explicit, porny, connected sex stories, that feel real and, above all, HOT. These stories unabashedly use the language of porn to communicate real, enjoyable sex.

Our next free read will be coming this Sunday. Until then, here’s Jacob Louder’s PornoCore debut: Straight Shooter.

Baby, the cake’s on you…


And some big shout-outs to porn performers, directors and activists who just keep on inspiring us: Violet Blue, Nella, Tristan Taormino, Susie Bright, Jennifer Lyon Bell, Georgina Spelvin, Lady Cheeky, Shine Louise Houston, The Crashpad, Pink and White Productions, Barbara Carrellas. We heart you all. Here, have some frosting…

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Reasons We’re All About Sex, No. 3: Violet Blue at TinyNibbles

Violet Blue, famed sex/tech writer and activist, did a great deal for the Lana Fox of yore.  When I first moved to the USA, Violet’s TinyNibbles blog helped me to embrace my sexual self.  Violet speaks proudly and loudly about sexuality, and her porn writing and activism are nothing short of inspiring.  Here’s a talk that won her a standing ovation at Gnomedex, where she discussed sex and the net.  As you’ll see, Violet is sharply intelligent and proudly humane.  Get ready to warm the cockles of your sex-positive heart…

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