Gracie Hagen’s Nude Photography at Bust

Photos by Gracie Hagen at Bust Magazine (click image for more)

Photos by Gracie Hagen at Bust Magazine (click image for more)

Please go and check out Gracie Hagen’s nude photos at Bust Magazine. (We’ve raved about Hagen before — she’s such a hit with us.) Just from the two that are pictured here, you can see how Hagen is showing realistic beauty with stances that don’t feel “posed.” We need to see more of this kind of art in order to enjoy variety and truth in body and sexuality, and Hagen does it just beautifully. Let us know what you think!

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2 thoughts on “Gracie Hagen’s Nude Photography at Bust

  1. As a fellow fine art photographer myself, I find her choices of background, lighting, and poses curious. If indeed her stance is to challenge beauty myth by portraying real bodies as beautiful and sensuous, no matter what size, shape, or color, why has she solve rarely chosen harsh lighting that would be unflattering to even someone with “model” standard beauty? It almost feels like she is attempting to strip these women even further of the beauty they do posess. In addition, the background makes me feel almost like I am liking at something clinical like medical photos or something in a scientific journal, rather than being something that supports the beauty of these bodies. Also, the lighting is just bizarre. Completely unflattering and very one note, making these women look flat against a flat background. Sadly, I do not see what you see.

    • Auto correct on the iPhone is crap. It should read “why has she deliberately chosen harsh lighting”. And further down “”the background makes me feel almost like I am looking at something clinical”.

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