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Gracie Hagen’s Nude Photography at Bust

Photos by Gracie Hagen at Bust Magazine (click image for more)

Photos by Gracie Hagen at Bust Magazine (click image for more)

Please go and check out Gracie Hagen’s nude photos at Bust Magazine. (We’ve raved about Hagen before — she’s such a hit with us.) Just from the two that are pictured here, you can see how Hagen is showing realistic beauty with stances that don’t feel “posed.” We need to see more of this kind of art in order to enjoy variety and truth in body and sexuality, and Hagen does it just beautifully. Let us know what you think!

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Ingrid Bergman: A Porn Parody

PulpFiction_HSSGood morning, deeper ones.  At this end, we had a crisp and even Christmas Day (yes, it snowed in Massachusetts!).  Then, later, we watched Casablanca.  Oh Ingrid!  Oh Bogie!  Afterwards, I said to Angela, “Casablanca would make a great porn parody.”  After all, don’t all those desirous clinches and softly fevered kisses lend themselves to erotic film?  Anyhoo, nope.  There doesn’t appear to be a porn parody of Casablanca.  But I did find something rather delectable instead…

Yes, thanks to the artistry of (NSFW) Ision-Fakes.com, we kinda get to see Ingrid Bergman in the nip, Casablanca-style.  Not to mention Audrey Hepburn, and a host of other silver screen beauties.  Seriously genius!

What’s more, it turns out I’m not the only one hankering after specific porn parodies.  Last January, Crave Online listed the NSFW top ten porn parodies they themselves would love to see.  Do take a look.  Also, a little internet dabbling brought me to this — which is also NSFW.  It’s a rather old list of the “top 14” porn parodies.

And who knew that Pulp Fiction had received the parody treatment?   Oh, but Uma, Uma!  My heart is forever yours.

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Apparently, I’m a Sexy Scribe! Kiss Me Quick!

id463196186Well, dear sex-positive reader, it’s Lana Fox here, and as our Thursday launch draws ever closer (including our e-book giveaway deal), we have news aplenty.  Firstly, Rose Caraway’s podcast, the “Kiss Me Quick’s,” features Frosting First, an erotic story that I wrote many years ago and published in Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s Orgasmic. On the podcast, Lucy Malone reads the piece beautifully (it’s Lucy who reads the story on the Orgasmic audio book).  Rose reads from her brand new erotic work, too!  Do have a listen!

Secondly, I will be giving a reading in February at Jeremy Edwards’ event, Sexy Scribes Speaking, which will take place at a yet-to-be-announced venus in Turner Falls, MA, and you can look forward to erotic art from Nina’s Nook art and craft store, too.  The date is Saturday, February 2nd. (They are also looking for erotic art work for the event!) Jeremy Edwards, the talented erotic writer, is organizing the event.  Writers include Teresa Noelle Roberts, Sacchi Green, and Jeremy himself.

Sexy Scribes Speaking

And that’s it from me, folks.  Off I go, back to GDP, to experience the delightful busyness that precedes our launch.  So, until later, have a delicious day.

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Anais Nin’s Garters and Go Deeper’s Launch

Hello, dear sex-positive readers.  Trust Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus to generate delightfully erotic cover art.  I love the aesthetic of thigh and garter-straps, and this image makes the viewer a voyeur.  A delicious little morsel just for you, dear ones. Now back I go to GDP Launch planning. December 20th is the date.  Woohoo!




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Buttocks on Show

Once again, we’re getting excited about erotic cover art.  And this time, our culprit is Susie Bright‘s Best American Erotica 2004.  Sadly, Best American Erotica doesn’t run any more, but will you look at those gorgeous buttocks?  It’s clever that this photo is hot without being exceptionally explicit.  I’m imagining that it would be displayed in many bookstores without much of a problem (famous last words from Ms. Fox!).  And as you may know, if you’ve seen our cover for Zoe More’s Hunger (see below), we’re all about sexy body parts — the mouth included.  Enjoy!


And here’s the cover to Zoe More’s Hunger — deep, hungry erotica coming soon from GDP:

More's "Hunger" will be available in Dec, 2012

More’s “Hunger” will be available in Dec, 2012



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Oh, Those Long Silk Gloves!

I’m a big fan of long silk gloves.  I’m also a fan of long PVC gloves, which might just be what the model is wearing below.  But whatever the material they’re made of, there’s something rather ‘femme fatale’ about long, sexy gloves, methinks.  Anyhoo, the book cover below is quite a beauty, in my opinion, and seeing as we at Go Deeper are determined to provide you all with sexy, enticing cover art, why not give Maxim Jakobowski’s Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica a good old shout-out.  Bravo!

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BDSM Gets Spanked and Ogled

There was a time when few could see the beauty in BDSM, but that seems like an age away now.  Personally, when the body is bound, I think it is at its most beautiful.  Tying wrists together can accentuate their size, not to mention the slope of the arms, and if you’ve never seen Japanese rope bondage raising a pair of breasts towards the eye (and mouth!), you’ve been missing a treat.  What’s more, post-spanking, a pair of buttocks can sport a delightful blush, and I have a particular yen for running the tip of a riding crop across my lover’s skin.  Yes, BDSM can be aesthetically gorgeous, and now that the BDSM-trilogy-that-shall-not-be-named has hit the big time, we’re seeing kink-inspired glamour all over the place.   Just look at the “choking” on the cover of Paris Vogue that caused such controversy a couple of months ago.  BDSM gets spanked, indeed — which seems strange, especially since (I assume) Stephanie Seymour gave her consent and looks far from unexcited!

But my oh my, if you want to experience the grace of BDSM, not to mention the finesse of female bodies, take a look at (fairly NSFW) Gunter Blum’s website.  For one thing, that man can make ass cheeks look swankier than pearls, and what he does for vulvas is sublime.  Black and white BDSM has never looked more colorful.  And don’t you just ache to touch Blum’s models?

I know I do.  *swoon*

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A Texture Queen Adores Rae Threat

By Rae Threat

I am a texture queen.  No, really.  What’s more sexy than the sensation of long silk gloves, or the bite of lace trimmings, or the tension of satiny rope?  Fortunately, I’m not alone.  Whether wet or dry, clasping or loose, old or shiny new, Rae Threat is making it hot in her photography.  If you’re inspired by the photos we’ve posted here, please take a look at her tumblr and feast your eyes on more artistic gems.

Maybe my love of texture has inspired a love of burlesque.  When I learned the art of burlesque dance with the ladies of Rogue Burlesque, one of the most intriguing things that they taught us was how to communicate texture — or, more specifically, our own textures.  Running your fingers over your skin (or indeed your silky gloves) with relish quietly implies that you’re gorgeous to touch, plus if you hold your audience’s gaze as you do this, you easily suggest that they’d love to touch you.

And of course, when there’s a nipple involved, texture becomes even hotter.  (Check out the images, my friends!).

By Rae Threat

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The Sexy, “Sinful” Art of Aaron Nagel

courtesy of aaronnagel.com

I don’t know if you visit Juxtapoz’s Erotica page as frequently as I do. For argument’s sake, let’s assume you don’t. Well, many thanks go out once again to the art magazine for turning me on to Aaron Nagel, a figurative artist from the West coast who does amazing things with oil paint.

I’m a fan of dark art, yes, but, in the case of Nagel, his art is dark only in its tone. I love his play with religion, and all the different things he captures in his models’ eyes: perceived innocence, unquestionable intensity, and heavy sexual desire.

Check out Nagel’s portfolio on his website–it’s astounding in all its beauty. He has some prints for sale, too, and if you’re wondering what Go Deeper Press would like for the holidays, we say anything there, thanks. And for those of you close to New York City, you can check out Nagel’s art in person at the Lyons Wier Gallery on 542 West 24th St., starting next Thursday, 11 October 2012. Be sure to report back and let us know how many Hail Marys you had to say afterward, sinner.

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Naughty Bits: The Ladies of Rogue Burlesque Strip Off in Style

Rogue Burlesque

Angela and I went to see Rogue Burlesque on Friday — specifically their new show “Naughty Bits.”  The show was MC’d by Brit, Liz Fang, who verbally abused the audience in delightful ways, whilst bringing to mind a Medieval brothel keeper — the kind who offers you foamy beer while her wenches cavort around persuading you to spend.  The acts themselves ranged from stripping at the police station to a sexy unicorn plucking her furry horn.  A delight from start to finish.  Highly recommended!

I first met the ladies of Rogue — well, two of them, to be precise — at their burlesque class “Sassy, Classy and Brassy” at Boston Center for Adult Ed.  Miss Sassypants and Polly Surely were fantastic teachers, and unlike other burlesque troupes that I could mention, they insisted that the best route to “sexy” is in feeling sexy within yourself, rather than worrying about convention.  Amen, sisters.   That said, they also taught us some classic moves that we could perform or send up — or indeed, fuck up, if we chose.  We loosened silk gloves finger by finger, using our teeth, and learned to twirl boas and tassels.  A fantastic day.

“Burlesque” literally translates as “parody” or “making fun of,” and Rogue royally sent up many a convention in “Naughty Bits.”  From parodying butch male buddies who think they are God’s gift, to giving a 1950’s style cookery scene a cannibalistic edge, fun really was made, and how.

And you know what?  I have been to burlesque performances where the auditorium was awash with men, but at Rogue, women were also strongly present.  In fact, in front of us, when a gutsy lady rose and screamed lovingly at Femme Brûlée, she received a glare from a gent who was sitting in front of her.  Did she care?  No way, baby.

And why should she?  This is burlesque.

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