Brace Yourselves: “Too Much to Give” by Annabeth Leong

GDP007-DirtyLittleNos_Cover2So, if you haven’t picked up Dirty Little Numbers just yet, holding out for reasons neither of us can understand, let us tempt you once again with what is truly the most fantastic solo-sex story in under 500 words that we’ve read in a while now: Annabeth Leong’s “Too Much to Give.” Go on a leave some comments here for Annabeth. Praise her for her awesomeness.

Enjoy, friends!

Too Much to Give
Annabeth Leong

Raul bought me a butt plug because he wants to fuck my ass. In that final frontier of male fantasy, he sees a chance to gain indelible proof that I love him.

As far as he knows, I’ve never even dared to remove the toy from its silk drawstring bag. To him, it’s as untouched and virginal as my asshole.

I didn’t mean to lie to him.

I fantasize all day about the butt plug, but when we’re home together in the evening and his fingertip strays between the cheeks of my ass, I flinch. I’m still scared of letting him touch me there, even though I know it’s good. Raul sighs and remains patient. He whispers in my ear about how hard I’m going to come when I finally give my ass to him, how he’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt too much, how he’ll go down on me for hours the very next day.

Only later, once he’s asleep, do I pad to the dresser and open the top drawer, its runners blessedly silent. The butt plug squishes in my hand, still bearing the floral scent of my toy cleaner. I take it and the bottle of lube to the living room couch. Musty fibers scratch my naked back, but I ignore the discomfort and squirm into my favorite position, my legs dangling over the arm.

Only then, in the night silence, can I grease myself up, grease the plug up, and probe with it, very slowly, just the tip against my most reluctant hole. Without the pressure of Raul’s desire, it’s easy to bear down and slowly work the toy in. It’s always softer than I think, smoother than I think, gentler than I think.

I bite the fleshy part of my forearm to stay quiet. The clock ticks away these secret seconds, when my body becomes open and muscular. My ass welcomes the plug with an elaborate ritual of sucking and squeezing. Gripping, guiding, hugging, and gasping, I bring it into me completely. I keep still for a moment just to feel the way it lies, answering each beat of my heart, trembling each time my lungs draw breath.

Then the need to come overwhelms me. I toss a blanket over the couch’s arm to shield it from the stains of my arousal, then straddle it. When I fall forward, the couch’s rough cover teases my nipples into points. The butt plug shifts its delicious pressure as I begin to rock, the growing ache in my clit spreading deep enough to connect to the fullness in my ass. I reach one hand behind me to pull the butt plug closer, deeper.

Pleasure sighs from my lips as strong, tender pulses take me. I squeeze my ass tight around the plug, making it the center of this feeling.

If Raul ever caught me this way, I would tell him the truth. My ass is my own.

You can get your copy of Dirty Little Numbers from, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. As always and always, thank you for your support! 



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