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Marquis de Sade from “Philosophy in the Bedroom”

Penguin Classics (2006)

Sometimes, but especially on Mondays, it’s best to go old, old school. Here we have three players from the mind of the great and twisted Marquis, in their true, intoxicating forms, mid “lesson”:
Madame de Saint-Ange: Eugenie, do you want him to taste even greater pleasures?
Eugenie: Definitely…I’ll do anything to help.
Madame de Saint-Ange: Fine! Take his dick into your mouth and suck it for a few moments.
Eugenie (doing it): Like this?
Dolmance: Ah, what a delicious mouth! What heat! …It’s as enchanting as the most beautiful ass! You skillful and voluptuous ladies–never withhold this pleasure from your lovers. You will chain them to you forever!
You can pick this up at Amazon, or at your shop of choice, of course.
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Stephen Elliott: My Girlfriend Comes to the City and Beats Me Up

ImageIsn’t the above title one of the most intriguing you’ve ever seen? It belongs to Stephen Elliott’s story collection, pictured to the left.  This excerpt is from What It’s Like in San Francisco–one of my favourite pieces in the collection.  In this scene, the narrator sits with a stranger at a bar.  Neither of them have ever met before.

After a few drinks I slid my hand between her legs.  Not inside her jeans, outside, rubbing the denim seam with the bridge of my hand, forcing her zipper against her pelvis.  “Oh, we’re doing that,” she said, and unzipped my pants and pulled my penis out and started stroking me below the bar.  The bartender looked over at us once then looked away.  She gripped me tightly and pulled, letting her thumbnail scratch the tip of my penis.  I thought she was going to tear my skin.  I was so lonely I laid my head on her cold leather shoulder.

Erin Cressida Wilson in The Erotica Project

Cleis (2000)

Perfect lines from perfect flash fiction—it’s sexy and beautiful, everything erotic writing can be. Every time I read these lines, I melt and melt and melt.

Tree Frog

I bite my nails now to be like you, I move my mouth and pronounce my vowels like you … Pick me up and hold me up to the light, turn me until you find the perfect place to sink your teeth.

Get The Erotica Project here, or at your favorite shop anywhere.


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Anais Nin: Desirous

As I have often said, Anais Nin should never be censored, particularly with respect to her diary entries.  The following is from Anais Nin’s “Fire: the Unexpurgated Diary of Anais Nin, 1934 to 1937” from her lifelong diary, “A Journal of Love.”  Here she describes a scene from her love affair with Gonzalo…

All night, all night we dreamed.  He slept a moment.  Awoke desirous, slipping into me and out, swiftly, pushed away his desire, our fever mounting, words like caresses, caresses like words, like drugs.  His desire again, renunciation, fever, the dream, ecstasy.

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Shanna Germain in Hide and Seek

Cleis Press (2010)

In Shanna Germain’s “Red Light, Green Light,” Luce’s husband Danny gives her a gift she’s wanted since their first visit to Amsterdam: a window where she can display herself in the city’s infamous red light district. In this excerpt, Luce has selected the man that will pay her handsomely for her time, but what gets me most is the way Germain ensures that Danny never leaves Luce’s thoughts:

I ride him backward, his hand pulling me down, hips pumping up. I put my hand to my wet clit, think of Danny standing out there in the cold, watching my closed curtain, waiting while this other man fucks me. It nearly makes me come right there, just thinking of that. But I promised Danny I’d wait, that I’d wait for him. I have to take my hand away from my clit, concentrate on the man beneath me, on the way he moans and rocks under me, on the way his cock feels, longer inside me, as though he’s reaching farther up in me than Danny ever does.

Visit Shanna Germain’s official website. And buy “Hide and Seek” right here.

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The Red Shoes (Redux) by Nikki Magennis


In Nikki Magennis’ The Red Shoes (Redux) Lily is given a pair of “cherry-red, skyscraper-high, patent-leather fuck-me shoes” by a shoe-shop owner named Hans…as a gift.  But this story comes from an erotic fairy tale anthology, (Alison’s Wonderland ed. Alison Tyler) and as we all know, there’s no such thing as “free” in a fairy tale…

“Dance,” he whispered, and gave her a sharp slap on the rounded cheek of her ass.  The sting made her leap, and Lily whirled around, her mouth open wide in surprise.  Before she could say a word, though, her attention was distracted by a low, pulsing sound.  It could have been her heartbeat thumping in her ears or it could have been music, but whatever it was, the rhythm spoke directly to her body, to her hips and belly and the sweet wetness gathering between her legs.

Lily danced.  She rolled back and forth and stroked herself, balancing on her tiptoes in the towering shoes.  As Hans watched, she danced for him and toward him, winding around his body and rocking against him…

To read more, along with other fantastic pieces, you can buy Alison’s Wonderland here.

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Heather Lewis’ “House Rules”


Serpent’s Tail (2005)

Lewis’ Lee is likely the first 15-year-old I fell in love with. And Heather Lewis, who writes pleasure and pain in a way that’s difficult to find done like this, is missed and missed, and I’m sure not only by me:

“I closed my eyes—not to keep her out this time, but to let her in. She brushed her hand along my cheek. I knew she wouldn’t kiss me, would leave that up to me and I would’ve, except I tuned too far in to how her hand felt on my cheek. How definite and unabashedly tender it was. And though I ached just where you’d expect me to, I hurt worse somewhere else and pressed against her to keep that hurt at bay by fixing the other.”

Get House Rules.

Angela Carter and the Insinuating Nightdress

The young heroine in Angela Carter’s Bloody Chamber (which is based on the fairy tale, Bluebeard) is on a train, en route to her new, ghoulish husband’s castle.  When she arrives there and meets with him, she will have sex for the first time.

“Now and then a starburst of lights spattered the drawn blinds as if the railway company had lit up all the stations through which we passed in celebration of the bride.  My satin nightdress had just been shaken from its wrappings; it had slipped over my young girl’s pointed breasts and shoulders, supple as a garment of heavy water, and now teasingly caressed me, egregious, insinuating, nudging between my thighs as I shifted restlessly in my narrow berth.  His kiss, his kiss with tongue and teeth in it and a rasp of beard had hinted to me, though with the same exquisite tact as this nightdress he’d given me, of the wedding night, which would be voluptuously deferred until we lay in his great ancestral bed in the sea-girt, pinnacled domain that lay, still, beyond the grasp of my imagination…”

From the Bloody Chamber, by Angela Carter

Georges Bataille’s “Story of the Eye”

Bataille’s Simone is right: Milk is for the pussy.

Georges Bataille

Suddenly, she got up, and I saw the milk dripping down her thighs to the stockings. She wiped herself evenly with a handkerchief as she stood over my head with one foot on the small bench, and I vigorously rubbed my cock through the trousers while writhing amorously on the floor. We reached orgasm at almost the same time without even touching one another.

More Georges here.

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