Marquis de Sade from “Philosophy in the Bedroom”

Penguin Classics (2006)

Sometimes, but especially on Mondays, it’s best to go old, old school. Here we have three players from the mind of the great and twisted Marquis, in their true, intoxicating forms, mid “lesson”:
Madame de Saint-Ange: Eugenie, do you want him to taste even greater pleasures?
Eugenie: Definitely…I’ll do anything to help.
Madame de Saint-Ange: Fine! Take his dick into your mouth and suck it for a few moments.
Eugenie (doing it): Like this?
Dolmance: Ah, what a delicious mouth! What heat! …It’s as enchanting as the most beautiful ass! You skillful and voluptuous ladies–never withhold this pleasure from your lovers. You will chain them to you forever!
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