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Hi There! About Our “Technical Difficulties”!


Good morning, friends! Imagine our chagrin (or outrage) when we noticed that there were “intermittent issues” with our website–and on the first week that Con is available for free to all of you! Well, we won’t take this lying down. Please email info at godeeperpress dot com with “Con” in the subject line, tell us the brand of your e-reader, and we’ll get the file right out to you.

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One Million Moms Attack the Prettiest, Fiercest Boy You Know (Plus, Write With Lana!)


SheZow Kicking Ass

One Million Moms can find one million ways to be cunts. Latest example? The organization’s attack on cartoon superhero, SheZow. The little crimefighter in pink is the alter ego of a young boy named Guy Hamdon, who magically transforms into SheZow by putting on a ring and (this is the best part) shouting “You go girl!” If you can stomach it, read the Moms’ barely literate hate speech by clicking right here.

You know, I’d guess that a good majority of moms actually know how hard it is to be a kid, especially if you’re a kid that, for some reason, just doesn’t fit in. The reasons could be simple: you don’t throw a ball well, you’re painstakingly shy, or you’re too inside your head, preferring to read and draw over socializing with the rest of your class. The reasons can also be not so simple: Let’s say your skin is darker than everyone else’s, or you kind of spend a lot of time thinking about kissing another kid wearing the same dress as you, or you just don’t feel right in the skin of the gender you were assigned.

I find it strange that these Moms are more compelled to attack a television show rather than accept all the beautiful ways their kids can be kids, that they’d use ignorance and attack language to mandate what’s appropriate for their children and yours.

The Moms say that the Hub channel shouldn’t air a cartoon that features a “gender-bending character.” Okay. You, dear Mothers, shouldn’t be working yourself into a tizzy over how television will “dictate” who your child will grow up to be or love. You want to protect them, right? Start with a hug.

Many thanks to wickedgayblog.

Now, we at GDP know that you, amazing readers of our blog, probably don’t care if your kids grow up to be a fairies of any sort. And if they do, you’re likely not to call them monsters or accuse them of trying to pollute the morality of our always fair and pure United States. Oh, this reminds me! Speaking of fairies and monsters, Boston-area folks should check out the new Grub Street classes offered by our Lana, run under another equally sexy name: Forbidden Fairy Tales and Vulnerable Monsters. That’s right: Lana can teach you about way more than how to write hot sex. She’s the total effin’ package. Details below!

Vulnerable Monsters

Thursday, June 27th, 6:30-9:30pm at Grub Street headquarters.

From fairy-tale wolves to modern-day vampires, monsters have often stood for the violent in us; but many authors stress another side: how vulnerable it can feel to be different. Drawing inspiration from literary examples and classic types, you’ll create a monster or human hybrid who exists in a world of people. Through our writing, we’ll challenge readers to ask deeper questions, such as, “What is it like to feel monstrous, and how do we cope when we do?” This seminar will be a great way to build a new story or to better understand the character(s) in an existing story or novel.

Forbidden Fairy Tales

Saturday, June 29th, 2:30-5:30pm at Grub Street headquarters.

From Sleeping Beauty’s kiss to Bluebeard’s room of horrors, the fairy tale has always been a powerful vehicle for fiction. Authors like Angela Carter, Karen Russell, and Anne Rice have used this traditional form to create original work that taps the depths of sexuality and/or darkness. Whether you’re a sensual/erotic writer looking for exciting material or an author of darker fiction with a taste for creative twists, this fairy tale night will challenge and inspire. Together, we will read and explore excerpts from stories that draw on traditional fairy tales, and we’ll respond by writing our own scenes and/or short shorts. You’ll have a chance to share your writing with members of the group and receive ideas for further development. Expect to leave the class with the first draft of a short short or excerpts that can grow into a unique scene or story.

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Margaret Thatcher: The Ultimate Domme

Margaret Thatcher, in her pearls. Photo credit below post.

Margaret Thatcher, in her pearls. Photo credit below post.

First of all, erotic author Harper Bliss asked me some exciting questions this week.  To view the interview, which includes who I’d like to screw, why I dig Spike, and how I feel about coming out, visit her fabulous blog.  This is the first of Harper’s interviews with authors whose books she rates highly.  In fact, I’m honored that Harper says:

“I totally recommend every book featured on here.  Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee is a great start because it’s light, funny, utterly delicious and extremely well-written (and very, very hot!) You can get it for $1.99 (!) on Amazon US and UK and, frankly, it was the best $1.99 I spent in a very long time.”

Dear Harper, thank you.  Please know that *Lana Fox glows with pride.*

Also, on a very different note, you might be aware that Britain’s first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, died this week.  (Read about it at Salon.)  She was a domme, in her way.  And seeing as I’m a Brit who loves a bit of BDSM and now lives in Boston, US, how could I not comment?  As it happens, when I was a kid, I spent many unhappy evenings in pitch darkness because of Thatcher.  Why?  Because everyone who wasn’t dripping in diamonds was being treated so badly that they were on strike.  What’s more, Thatcher pretty much ignored them.

That said, I do often think of Margaret Thatcher as a tragic Shakespearian BDSM anti-hero, strutting around in her pearls and insisting that she could darn well run the nation as a woman, thank you very much.  And that was very important for us, as Brits.  To watch a woman in a world of men running the country as she saw fit.

Actually, in the film starring Meryl Streep (boy, that woman can act!), there is a wonderful moment where Thatcher, before she is voted in, is told by her advisors that she shouldn’t wear pearls.  They’re too femme, too delicate, her advisors say.  But Thatcher tells them, point blank, that pearls are exactly the tone that the Conservative Party wishes to strike.

So she wore those pearls and she ruled in those pearls.

And I sat in candlelight and drew bad pictures in crayon.

Photo credit: By White House Photographic Office [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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“I Want To Call You Daddy”

Now, as you can guess from the title of my erotic novel, Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee (also available on NOOK), I’m more than a little interested in kink.  In Kinky Divorcee, it all starts with shoes, but there are also some kinky dynamics at play.  For instance, Debs believes she can’t have a much younger lover partly because of the age taboo.  Our society can say, time and again, that love has nothing to do with age, but at heart they often don’t mean it.  Well, Debs has to let go of the age myth, as well as the notion that consenting sex can’t occur even though you’re adults if you’re old enough to be someone’s parent.

Also, we can shout “it’s fantasy!” until we’re blue in the face, yet people still get upset about age play.

Anyhoo, this brings me to the House of Cards Trilogy, which we’ve been watching recently.  (I’ve seen it many times before, but for Angela, this is a first.)  I couldn’t wait to get to the point where Francis Urquhart (a politician who secretly thirsts to be Brit Prime Minister) makes a pass at Mattie Storin, a passionate young journalist.  In the early scenes below, Mattie has no idea that she is saying the very things Urquhart is already thinking.  In truth, he seduces her when she believes that she is seducing him.

That said, she’s the one that says what she wants to “call” him in the bedroom.  And it’s kinky indeed.  Part of why I find Mattie so attractive is because she owns her sexuality, owns her kink.  In fact, Mattie clearly has a hold over Urquhart, and seeing as nobody else really does, that’s perhaps a mesmeric attraction for him, especially seeing as he’s always wanted to be “a father of daughters.”

Oh Daddy.

WARNING:  If you watch these snippets right to the end, there are a few small spoilers.

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It’s Sex-Shaped, Dammit! The Myth of Vaginoplasty


Jacob Appelbaum (see below)

This first appeared in a slightly edited version on What the Fox? Lana Fox’s sexuality blog.

A while back, in her podcast “In Bed with Susie Bright,” Susie mentioned the fad for vaginoplasty, in which women with perfectly healthy genitals have surgery for “correction.”  Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not letting a surgeon down there with a knife unless I really have to.  I mean, hell, there are certain vibrators that look frightening to me!  (I’ve never been a “tentacle” girl….)  Also, how can you make something unique “correct”?

Seriously, though, this is all about fear.

The female sex, pussy, or whatever you want to call it, is beautiful, not shrink-wrapped to order.  Here’s my take.  If your lover can’t like your sex just the way it is, change the lover, not the vagina.  As Susie so brilliantly puts it, pornography in the past was the first to demonstrate variety.  Pictures of the female sex, which are meant for arousal, have often been displayed in an array.  All those models don’t have the same pussy.  They’re variously enticing and appeal in different ways.  If there’s only one sort of sexy sex, why show the others?

For a part of the body that many of us expose the least, our sex can be tremendously defining.  After all, when we’re sexually unconfident, the feelings can run deeply, affecting our moods, even our personalities.  Activist writers such as Stephen Elliott explore how sexuality can affect our whole lives:

“If you are a sadist, someone who likes inflicting pain, then you need to find someone who craves pain instead of taking it out on those who don’t.  And if you are a submissive, you need to find someone who enjoys controlling you rather than manipulating your lovers into a pattern of abuse.”  From Stephen Elliott’s essay, “BDSM” in Dirty Words, ed. by Ellen Sussman.

There are a million questions that we can be asking ourselves about the way we are.  What turns us on or off can affect us in powerful ways.  Do you crave tenderness and/or pain?  Or can pain be tenderness and tenderness, pain?  What happens when you feel released and liberated?  Do you enjoy having sex with yourself?  If not, why not?  If so, how does solo sex affect you?  Have you looked at your sex in a mirror?  If not, why not?  Do you want to have sex at the moment?  Maybe you don’t?  Do you always want to climax during sex, or perhaps sex can be perfectly enjoyable without an orgasm?  And as for our genitals, in true RuPaul wisdom, if we can’t love ourselves, how the hell we gonna love somebody else?  (Amen!)

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves, not whether or not our genitals look right to a surgeon.  And while plastic surgery can be immensely helpful under the right circumstances (for instance, I know that burn victims often find it life-changing), when it’s just about making ourselves more “beautiful” or “acceptable” to society—many of whom enjoy uniqueness more than sameness—it’s surely time to look inside, not out.

Thanks so much for visiting our blog!  If you’ve like to browse our erotic books for brain and brawn, come visit our website or find us, including our reader reviews, at Amazon.

Photo credit: Jacob Appelbaum from san francisco, USA (Nude and captured.) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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Queer Kids Love the Prom, Too

Rainbow_flag.svgAnd it looks like fellow students and one particularly pea-brained teacher at Sullivan High School in Indiana know this, but still, they’re pushing for an “alternate” prom where there will be a “ban on gays.” Now, I know this is already screaming nuts to you, but I insist you check out the Huffington Post article on this, because I’m fairly certain it will make you angry enough to shred metal with your bare hands. What a sad state of affairs, in 2013, when a community in the middle of the United States starts relying on bogus, bigoted tactics to keep things “traditional.” So tell me, Sullivan, Indiana: How long before the non-white kids have their own separate bathrooms?

Okay. Deep breaths for me now as I direct you to more positive places. Have a Facebook account, do you? Great! Go and support the LGBTQ kids and all their non-bigoted friends at their Facebook page, Support the Sullivan High School Prom for All Students. Leave a comment and let them know you have their backs. And what a great time to mention all the amazing work that the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth (BAGLY) has done over the years. Hell, they offer their own prom for queer kids who want to feel safe and embraced, and why not drop them a few bucks in support of all this?

In completely different news, get ready for Alison Tyler’s Those Girls, because they’re hot in all their red-headness, in all their insolent, sassy, new-bottom-swagger way. Trust me. It will be available on Valentine’s Day, and at a discounted price–that’s the rumor.

Thanks for hanging out with Go Deeper Presswho publish sex-positive erotica with a political slant.  Find out more about our e-books here.

The happy U.S. rainbow flag comes courtesy of GPL via Wikimedia Commons.



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Gay English Bishops and Masturbating Nuns

Dawn French plays the Vicar of Dibley in the BBC's comedy of the same name.

Dawn French plays the Vicar of Dibley in the BBC’s comedy of the same name.

While Angela and I were in the UK, the Church of England announced its decision to allow gay men in civil partnerships to become bishops.  (Those who don’t know about the Church of England, it’s a branch of Christianity that allows its clergy to have sex within the bounds of heterosexual marriage.)  Interestingly, when we heard this news, we’d been reading for our forthcoming anthology, As the Bishop Said to the Actress, and while our submissions did contain many fun, humorous stories, we were also reading quite deep, dark subs that spoke to the problem of sexual shame.

One of the many downsides to the new decision is that, within their civil partnership, gay bishops would be required to still be celibate, while also repenting their past “sexual sins.”  Gay marriage isn’t yet legal in the UK (though, frankly, it’s a waiting game), and the power tactics in this debate are abundantly clear:  “If you’re heterosexual, you’re allowed to have sex in wedlock.  If, however, you’re gay, we won’t let you get married and we want you to recognize that your past extra-marital sex was sinful.”

It’s a bully’s game.

But at least being a bishop is possible if you are gay.

Not if you’re a woman, however.

Yes, just hours before I started writing this post, proposals about the introduction of women bishops received a big “no” from the Church of England.  In other words, a gay man can be trusted with a high church role.  But a woman, of any sexual identity?  Big, bad no.  Isn’t it amazing how deep sexism can go?

Of course, one thing that comes to mind is this:  With their emphasis on which body bits you own and what exactly you do with them, the Church of England is obsessed with genitalia, not to mention sex itself.  Metaphorically speaking, the church is peering through everyone’s keyholes, ready to yelp if they see two cocks in the same place.  I can’t think of anything more sex-obsessed than this, or as voyeuristic.

Thank God for Sister Margaret Farley’s book, “Just Love,” which sings the praises of masturbation.  This brave writer-nun, who indeed understands that love is what matters above all else, is much-needed in the Church of England.  At least, that’s my five cents on the matter.  (Or tuppence, depending on where I am at the time.)

In the meantime, we look forward to releasing As the Bishop Said to the Actress — an erotic anthology that explores the burden of shame and the power of sexual liberation, especially when we’ve been told that sex is a sin.

By the way, have you ever seen the Vicar of Dibley?  The BBC’s comedy stars a Church of England vicar, played by Dawn French. It’s certainly helped to turn around the notion that only men are vicars in the UK.

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The Greeks Invented Gayness? Hallelujah!

Angela and I have been returning to my comical roots by watching British comedy vids.  What we didn’t realize was that two of our recent vids would refer to the notion that the Greeks invented gayness.  Snort.  Being gay ourselves, it occurs to us that we have a great deal to thank the Greeks for. 😉

Anyhoo, here’s one of the scenes from the brilliant Irish comedy, Father Ted.  In this one, Father Ted has been mistaken for a racist.  The hilarious scene ends with a portrayal of both racism and homophobia at their most ridiculous!  Side-splitting stuff.

Oh, and let’s give a nod to Ancient Greek gay poet Sappho too, of course, who wrote with such gorgeous longing.  And also the red and black figure vases that are said to depict gay wooing rituals in ancient times.

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Britain: Land of Sex Scandals

indexYes folks, we’re in London on a Go Deeper vacation.  Of course, I’m a British ex-pat, so coming “home” is always a pretty amazing — and befuddling — experience.  Anyhoo, you might already know that Britain is reputed to be both a place of BDSM and also a country where sex is often “too embarrassing to talk about.”  Both? you cry…  Yes, a paradox in leather and chains.

So!  Here are a few scandals from the past (courtesy of Mental Floss) in which British politicians were discovered in compromising positions.  The funny thing is that many “heterosexual” male politicians have been discovered, over the years, to be secretly having (or seeking) gay sex.  These news stories are called “scandals” by gossips and homophobes (and their newspapers of course) but for many of us, the only “scandal” in several of these cases is the fact that the person concerned appeared to be cheating on their monogamous partner, by having secret sex in clandestine places.  And that, in my opinion, is also the fault of sexual shame.

On a final note, Angela and I wanted to visit Sh! Erotic Emporium yesterday — a London sex store for women — but it was just too far away.  I went to Sh! many years ago and really enjoyed it.  In fact, it’s where I bought one of my first sex toys.  If you’re in London, do take a peek.

Tally-ho for now, folks!

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My Dildo, Officer

Pic: David Lytle, CA (via Wikimedia)

Pic: David Lytle, CA (via Wikimedia)

Angela and I will be traveling to London this New Year’s Eve, on that great invention: the airplane.  So when TinyNibbles quoted from this wryly revealing “confessions” blog by a former TSA officer, I found myself particularly intrigued.  Her writing is fun and very revealing.  Here is a part of one of the posts from that very blog, Taking Sense Away:

Finally, I was intrigued by the irrepressible sexual hunger that compels the passengers of this great nation to bring vibrators, dildos and other assorted sex toys aboard the plane with their carry-on luggage. I know that the people of this great nation are strong and have within themselves the capacity to overcome irrationality. I know that they are capable of not being menaced by “an endless series of political hobgoblins,” as Mencken once said—the hobgoblins that the TSA assures them are the cause of their peanut butter confiscation and privacy compromises—due to the fortitude displayed in their bravely pressing on; exposing themselves to the risk of having me rummage through their bag and pull out a large sex toy.

I recall one time I did a bag check on a man from Detroit, once the auto-making capital of the world. Having been informed by the x-ray operator that there was a bottle of water in the bag, I pulled it out and quickly sensed that something was slightly off. Then, I realized what it was: there was an enormous dildo rubber-banded to it…

Do read on!  It’s well-worth it.



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