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Erotic Mermaids! Win the Mermaid Voyage!

MermaidVoyageLogoSome say that a mermaid is half-fish, half-woman. But I take a different point of view. After all, there are so many people who feel like they are defined as “half and half” when really they are whole—complete and unique—just as they are.  Every time we look at ourselves as “half one thing, half another,” we’re failing to see the whole beauty of ourselves. And part of The Mermaid Voyage: A Two-Week Journey of Erotic Self-Discovery is accepting ourselves, right here and now, as gorgeous and whole.

(Also, ya know, I haven’t heard anyone define angels as half-person, half-bird!)

I sometimes wonder whether the “half-and-half” definition of mermaids has something to do with the stereotypes we buy into. At Go Deeper, for example, when we were designing the Mermaid Voyage, it was hard to find images of mermaids who weren’t skinny, with flat tummies, tiny waists, and (I’m guessing) 34C-sized breasts. And seeing how the Voyage is about romancing your erotic self in terms of body, mind, and soul, how on earth could we justify images of mermaids that always have the same body shape?

Well, we’ve done our best with the images we can afford to buy for the Voyage, but of course, as a small press, we have our limits. That said, we want to add some images and/or descriptions of mermaids with different body shapes to the Mermaid Voyage materials. So! Here’s a chance for you to win the Mermaid Voyage for free.  (Yes, you heard that correctly! A two-week self-love course, with daily audio visualizations and a wealth of other goodies, for zero dollars!) We’re asking you for portrayals of mermaids that crack open the general stereotype. You can describe the mermaid(s) in words or visually, and we’ll publish the winning portrayal on our blog and website. Here are the rules:

  • Submissions must be your own original work.
  • You need to be prepared to share the image on our blog in exchange for a free Mermaid Voyage, launching July 1st.
  • You must email your mermaid portrayal to GDP by June 20th (email address: submissions (at) Please put “Mermaid Contest” in the subject line. Otherwise, we might miss it!
  • The mermaid portrayal doesn’t have to be erotic, but sensual, sexy elements are always warmly welcomed.

Good luck!  And a big “Yay!” to the rich variety of body types that we so value at GDP!

Yay for the Oracle of Mermaids - the mermaid on the cover may be slim, but she has a tummy!

Yay for the Oracle of Mermaids, which I’ll be using with Mermaid Voyagers – the mermaid on the cover may be slim, but she has a tummy!

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