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A Firebomb Between Your Sheets

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall - what sweet noir!

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall – what sweet noir!

This morning, in the Go Deeper office, I, Lana Fox, am reading through our final proofs of Femme Fatale.

And oh. My. God.

I’m so excited by this collection.  These stories are addictive, sexy and sizzling, and what’s more, they break through the stereotype of the femme fatale for me.  In here, we have innocents with an air of danger that you wouldn’t even imagine.  We have thieves with soft hearts and serial killers with the deepest sexual longing.  Of course, I can’t pick a favorite story, but I just reached the end of Maricia Verma’s “Elisabetta,” so I’ll share just the very beginning with you.

I want to fuck a girl named Elisabetta. Don’t you?

That’s an Italian name. An Italian girl. Even her name sounds like sex.

El is what you say when you enter her.

Isa is the movement.

Bayta is her nipple in your mouth. Say it slowly. You can feel it on the tip of your tongue, when it touches the roof of your mouth.

Bay-ta. Yeah, like that.

From Femme Fatale, available this December from Go Deeper Press.  And that’s just the beginning, buster.  Anyhoo, there I will cruelly leave you, with that steely gun still hot in your hands.  Has an editor ever been such a tease?  Oh baby, this is just the beginning….

*blows nonchalant jet of cigarette smoke over shoulder*

Femme Fatale, coming soon from GDP!

Femme Fatale, coming soon from GDP!

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Where Go Deeper Press Goes Fishing for Compliments

Hi there! Angela and Lana here from the GDP office, looking to you, our valued audience, for your opinion on something we’ve been working long and hard on as of late: Femme Fatale. That’s the cover, right there on the left, and if you click it, you’ll get a much larger version to check out. Let us know what you think in a comment, won’t you? And if you don’t have time for that today (who has time anymore?), you can alway “like” this post.

How much would we love you for your opinion? Forever and ever.

More soon!

Oh, Those Long Silk Gloves!

I’m a big fan of long silk gloves.  I’m also a fan of long PVC gloves, which might just be what the model is wearing below.  But whatever the material they’re made of, there’s something rather ‘femme fatale’ about long, sexy gloves, methinks.  Anyhoo, the book cover below is quite a beauty, in my opinion, and seeing as we at Go Deeper are determined to provide you all with sexy, enticing cover art, why not give Maxim Jakobowski’s Mammoth Book of Illustrated Erotica a good old shout-out.  Bravo!

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So Sexy, So Scary: GDP Interviews Zoe More (Part 3)

GDP Author, Zoe More

Here, Angela and Zoe More complete their interview on erotica, sexuality, horror and the dark side.  (If you’re coming in late, no worries!  You can also read Part 1 and Part 2 of this fabulous interview.)  Zoe More’s fiction will be published by GDP this coming December, and includes her GDP Short, Hunger, and Our Courtship, Our Romance — a short story in Femme Fatale.

Angela:  Before you sit down to write sexy darkness, where do you go for inspiration, assuming, of course, that you look to other places than simply inside yourself? Have there been movies or websites or exhibitions–a specific band or other music artist, maybe? I’m going to tell you and only you something right now that could damage my cred for life: I’m sort of a fan of that Stone Temple Pilots song, “Sex Type Thing.” You know, the one that implies a woman will or could or should get raped, because of her “dress” and all.

Coming soon from Go Deeper Press!

Zoe:  I’m a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails. If I had to choose one song, I’d go with the not obvious and say’The Perfect Drug’ because it’s hot and dark and challenging (and the one NIN song I can’t play for shit when I drum along with Rock Band). I also love to write to Sigur Ros (which is good writing music, though not dark or atmospheric in the same way).  I’ve been listening to Ben Frost’s ‘By the Throat’ lately, too.

Angela:  This is where you say something that no one will ever forget, ever.

Zoe:  Make your monsters so real, so sexy, so scary that you can’t decide if you want to fuck them or fight them.

To keep up with the latest news about new releases from Go Deeper Press, you can sign up for our free newsletter here.  Newsletter subscribers also receive special deals, offers and postings!

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Hands Up!

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday, US folks!   I’m not pro-guns, but I’m definitely pro-guns in fictional stories and pics.  This is taken from  Enjoy!

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Erotic Bones: GDP Interviews Zoe More (Part 2)

Part 1 of Zoe’s seductive interview on erotic horror can be found here.

Our dark, sexy Zoe More

Angela: Do the recent remakings of horror films, like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare of Elm Street, not piss you off? Seriously, do you feel the U.S. is lacking new, creative horror talent, or are we, as a country, suddenly afraid of taking different, darker risks?

Zoe: I am so sick of remakes. And yes, I say this as I’m eagerly anticipating the remake of Carrie (no one can out-creep Piper Laurie, goddamnit). I think it’s really telling that so many folks are reaching for the easy, retelling stories that don’t need to be retold, trying to re-open franchises that can be put to rest, instead of bringing the audience to a new time, place, experience. Because we haven’t run out of ideas, or talent. There are amazing filmmakers like Ti West who are taking dark risks in their work. The House of the Devil is beautiful and dark and risky, and an homage, of sorts, to the great 80s horror flicks. We just need to keep reaching for that which scares the hell out of us at the same time that it turns us on.

Angela: Who’s scarier: GWAR or L7 as Camel Lips in John Waters’ Pecker?

Zoe: Oh, wow. I love them both. I’ve seen them both in concert and while I loved getting drenched in spacecum and blood, L7 reigns for me in terms of badassery (especially in Pecker).

Angela: What was the first book, story or poem you read that mixed horror or darkness with erotic language—you know, the one that made you say, “Oh shit, I want to do this! I have to do this!”

More’s “Hunger” will be available in Dec, 2012

Zoe: Angela Carter. The Bloody Chamber. All the way. She truly changed everything in this collection. She gave rise to the fairy tale retelling movement and the use of darkness as an erotic catalyst. I read it for the first time during my senior year of college and felt all the bones in my body splinter and stab me until I cried bloody tears and started writing. It was like finding the woman who’d birthed my soul.

Angela: Who’s sexier: Jason Patric as Michael in The Lost Boys or Kiefer Sutherland as David in The Lost Boys?

Zoe: Kiefer. Always. He’s so much vampy Billy Idol in this movie. YUM.

Well, that was Zoe being interviewed by Angela.  I’ll add that Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber is one of my favorite sexy story collections.  Carter is amazing! -Lana

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A Fetish for the Queen from Alien: GDP Interviews Zoe More (Part 1)

Over the coming days, we’ll be posting a super-sexy interview with Zoe More.  Angela always asks fabulous questions, and Zoe gives delectable answers.  What’s not to ogle?

Angela:  Hi Zöe! Okay, so, for me, it’s strange to think that not enough people know your name yet. With your short story, “Hunger,” coming out on Go Deeper Press, and with your piece “Our Courtship, Our Romance” included in our upcoming Femme Fatales anthology, it’s probably time for everyone to prepare for the very best in a different type of erotic literature. Rumor has it you’re “obsessed with dark and scary monsters,” so I’ve got to ask: Who’s your most coveted monster of them all, and when did you learn you could create your own with such vivid detail and sensual language?

Zoe:  Well, Angela, I’ve spent a lot of my life flying under the radar, hiding my extreme yearning for the dark and hot and so wrong it’s right. It can be really scary to be out there with your darkness, especially when your darkness is concerned with sex that’s non-heteronormative in any way (sex with yourself, sex with monsters, sex that has to do with pain and pleasure, submission and dominance). There aren’t a whole lot of spaces where erotic horror that is  both unflinchingly fucking scary and fucking hot is celebrated. Of course, we now have GDP. Which totally changes the game.

And my most coveted monster? Too many to choose from, though I have to admit to a fetish for the Queen from Alien. She’s all slippy-sleek and latexy and has all those mouths and sharp teeth, which I imagine would run over my skin and drive me completely orgasmicly crazy until, of course, she killed me.

What was the last part of that question…? I’m feeling a little warm now. OH yes. Creating vivid and sensual monsters with language. I started out in life as a poet, so I try to create images that enjoy being draped in velvet. Monsters LOVE velvet. They’re vain creatures, after all.

More soon from Zoe’s interview!  Also, her Go Deeper Short, Hunger, will be available from GDP very soon.  For messages about the GDP winter launch, you can either sign up for our newsletter on the GDP website (in which you can also receive occasional gifts) or follow us on Twitter: @GoDeeperPress
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Soft Porn and Psychic Phenomena (No, Really)

Anyone who says that porn-viewing has nothing to do with synchronicity, think again.  Angela and I were freshly connected to Emmanuelle, the 1970’s soft porn phenomenon, because of an amazing psychic hit.  Take a look at my recent post at the Good Vibrations Blog, The Buzz, to find out more.

Sylvia Kristel, may you rest in peace and always be remembered.

Pic by Steve [CC-BY-SA-2.0]

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Why You’ll Want to Sink Your Teeth into Zoe More’s “Hunger”

Yes, Zoe More‘s Hunger, a stellar Go Deeper Press Short, will be available this December.  We’d tell you why you’ll want to devour this erotic tale as soon as possible…but why tell when we can show?

So.  Before we do just that, let’s fill you in a little:  Sully can’t kiss Tias.  She wants to, but it’s too dangerous.  That’s all you need to know.  Here’s an excerpt:

She knew he wanted her kiss—to crush his lips against hers, to savage the corners of her mouth, to get lost behind her lips, to seek out the pink flesh inside her cheeks for the taste, the essence that he searched for, but hadn’t yet found on her belly, the dip of her clavicle, or the backs of her knees. She knew it was there, in her mouth. She knew it because, when he tasted the rest of her, he said there was always something missing, something Sully knew Tias wanted more than anything. Something that she held back. Something he’d have died to get.

Zoe’s erotic story is coming (yes coming!) this December, published by GDP.


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A Good Night for LGBTQ Rights

Well! The votes are in, and what a night it was for the LGBTQ community. For starters, the people of Maine totally reversed course from 2009, when opponents voted against the  state legislature  to legalize gay marriage. Last night, however, showed a different side to Maine: the state is now counted as the first in the union to legalize  same-sex marriage by ballot vote.

Maryland came next. Maryland! The marriage equality won the popular vote by 51%, according to a report from

And then there was Minnesota and, oh…for a state that re-elected Michele Bachmann, our worries, on this end, were running high. But well done, Minnesota! The crazy-cold-and-snow state voted down an amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

It’s looking good in Washington State, too, although the word is still out since the mail-in ballots are still being counted.

You can read about our victories everywhere this morning. This is literally the shortest of short lists. It’s so rad:

Huffington Post

New York Times

The Christian Science Monitor


Congratulations to the four states, and big love goes out to everyone who worked so hard through the fight.

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