Where Go Deeper Press Goes Fishing for Compliments

Hi there! Angela and Lana here from the GDP office, looking to you, our valued audience, for your opinion on something we’ve been working long and hard on as of late: Femme Fatale. That’s the cover, right there on the left, and if you click it, you’ll get a much larger version to check out. Let us know what you think in a comment, won’t you? And if you don’t have time for that today (who has time anymore?), you can alway “like” this post.

How much would we love you for your opinion? Forever and ever.

More soon!

4 thoughts on “Where Go Deeper Press Goes Fishing for Compliments

  1. May I provide some constructive criticism? I’ve liked your work before. I don’t believe you’ve looked at my work, which includes self-portraits with, among other props, long silk gloves and weapons and plenty of lace…
    In any event, I get the contrast you are looking for here, but I find that the smirk on the model’s face does not entirely suffice to make up for her in-your-face innocence. A “femme fatale” –and I am French– is at least 35…
    Perhaps ruffle her hair, or if not, go in the other direction and have her look downright young débutante-ish?
    I don’t know. I’m really just trying to provide feedback. I am your audience and the woman on the cover is not dangerous. I see too great a discrepancy between words and images on that cover.
    Hope this helps, even if you choose not to publish the comment or to visit my site.

  2. Mistress Raeven says:

    I think she ought to have a lace mask, or perhaps be in shadow…a silhouette ? I also agree that she is rather young to be a “femme fatale” but that also could be down to a more Eurocentric mindset. Thank you for asking for feedback.

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