A Good Night for LGBTQ Rights

Well! The votes are in, and what a night it was for the LGBTQ community. For starters, the people of Maine totally reversed course from 2009, when opponents voted against the  state legislature  to legalize gay marriage. Last night, however, showed a different side to Maine: the state is now counted as the first in the union to legalize  same-sex marriage by ballot vote.

Maryland came next. Maryland! The marriage equality won the popular vote by 51%, according to a report from glaad.org.

And then there was Minnesota and, oh…for a state that re-elected Michele Bachmann, our worries, on this end, were running high. But well done, Minnesota! The crazy-cold-and-snow state voted down an amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

It’s looking good in Washington State, too, although the word is still out since the mail-in ballots are still being counted.

You can read about our victories everywhere this morning. This is literally the shortest of short lists. It’s so rad:

Huffington Post

New York Times

The Christian Science Monitor


Congratulations to the four states, and big love goes out to everyone who worked so hard through the fight.

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4 thoughts on “A Good Night for LGBTQ Rights

  1. Love should always be celebrated. It is the greatest gift!!!

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