A Fetish for the Queen from Alien: GDP Interviews Zoe More (Part 1)

Over the coming days, we’ll be posting a super-sexy interview with Zoe More.  Angela always asks fabulous questions, and Zoe gives delectable answers.  What’s not to ogle?

Angela:  Hi Zöe! Okay, so, for me, it’s strange to think that not enough people know your name yet. With your short story, “Hunger,” coming out on Go Deeper Press, and with your piece “Our Courtship, Our Romance” included in our upcoming Femme Fatales anthology, it’s probably time for everyone to prepare for the very best in a different type of erotic literature. Rumor has it you’re “obsessed with dark and scary monsters,” so I’ve got to ask: Who’s your most coveted monster of them all, and when did you learn you could create your own with such vivid detail and sensual language?

Zoe:  Well, Angela, I’ve spent a lot of my life flying under the radar, hiding my extreme yearning for the dark and hot and so wrong it’s right. It can be really scary to be out there with your darkness, especially when your darkness is concerned with sex that’s non-heteronormative in any way (sex with yourself, sex with monsters, sex that has to do with pain and pleasure, submission and dominance). There aren’t a whole lot of spaces where erotic horror that is  both unflinchingly fucking scary and fucking hot is celebrated. Of course, we now have GDP. Which totally changes the game.

And my most coveted monster? Too many to choose from, though I have to admit to a fetish for the Queen from Alien. She’s all slippy-sleek and latexy and has all those mouths and sharp teeth, which I imagine would run over my skin and drive me completely orgasmicly crazy until, of course, she killed me.

What was the last part of that question…? I’m feeling a little warm now. OH yes. Creating vivid and sensual monsters with language. I started out in life as a poet, so I try to create images that enjoy being draped in velvet. Monsters LOVE velvet. They’re vain creatures, after all.

More soon from Zoe’s interview!  Also, her Go Deeper Short, Hunger, will be available from GDP very soon.  For messages about the GDP winter launch, you can either sign up for our newsletter on the GDP website (in which you can also receive occasional gifts) or follow us on Twitter: @GoDeeperPress
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2 thoughts on “A Fetish for the Queen from Alien: GDP Interviews Zoe More (Part 1)

  1. Zoe More says:

    Thank you, lovely GDP! How fun this is! You are amazing.

    Love bites,
    Z xxx

  2. Our pleasure, dearest Zoe! You’re amazing too. We can’t *wait* to launch “Hunger”!

    Much love,

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