So Sexy, So Scary: GDP Interviews Zoe More (Part 3)

GDP Author, Zoe More

Here, Angela and Zoe More complete their interview on erotica, sexuality, horror and the dark side.  (If you’re coming in late, no worries!  You can also read Part 1 and Part 2 of this fabulous interview.)  Zoe More’s fiction will be published by GDP this coming December, and includes her GDP Short, Hunger, and Our Courtship, Our Romance — a short story in Femme Fatale.

Angela:  Before you sit down to write sexy darkness, where do you go for inspiration, assuming, of course, that you look to other places than simply inside yourself? Have there been movies or websites or exhibitions–a specific band or other music artist, maybe? I’m going to tell you and only you something right now that could damage my cred for life: I’m sort of a fan of that Stone Temple Pilots song, “Sex Type Thing.” You know, the one that implies a woman will or could or should get raped, because of her “dress” and all.

Coming soon from Go Deeper Press!

Zoe:  I’m a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails. If I had to choose one song, I’d go with the not obvious and say’The Perfect Drug’ because it’s hot and dark and challenging (and the one NIN song I can’t play for shit when I drum along with Rock Band). I also love to write to Sigur Ros (which is good writing music, though not dark or atmospheric in the same way).  I’ve been listening to Ben Frost’s ‘By the Throat’ lately, too.

Angela:  This is where you say something that no one will ever forget, ever.

Zoe:  Make your monsters so real, so sexy, so scary that you can’t decide if you want to fuck them or fight them.

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