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Sophie Bulldog’s Bitchin’ Review of Zombie Erotoclypse by Tamsin Flowers

Sophie Bulldog, bitch and erotica reviewer.

Sophie Bulldog, bitch and erotica reviewer.

Trot on over to BookBoner for Sophie Bulldog’s first bitchin’ erotic review. I quote:

“Anyhump, I’ve been enjoying Zombie Erotoclypse by Tamsin Flowers. It’s erotica. Not dog erotica, but  it does contain zombies in chains–pretty great to see humans being tied up for a change instead of humble bulldogs. (If only I had opposable thumbs.) But overall…” [Read more here.]

And since we’re on the talented Tamsin, her gorgeous Lucky Mascot appears in Huddle: Sex with Sporty Queers (vol. 1, Boys’ Varsity) which is also available for NOOK or at a special price at Go Deeper Press.

What’s more, have you heard of the amazing Erotica for All? You can find free reads there (here’s an erotic excerpt from Con), info about authors, great posts around erotica, and much much more. Go take a look!


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Dirty Little Numbers – This Wednesday, One Big Release!

Coming this Wednesday, Oct 23rd, 2013!

Coming this Weds, Oct 23rd, 2013!

We’ve got goosebumps. See, this Wednesday (October 23rd, 2013), we’ll be launching our collection of hot, super-short erotic stories. Seriously, if you think a story of several pages can be hot, just imagine how such stories can be if you condense them right down and focus on the juice.

(Hey, did someone turn the heat on, or am I having a body response?)

Anyhoo, we’re thrilled to announce our Dirty Little Numbers authors below. And if you’d like a sneak peek at some of the sexy fayre we’ll be publishing, take a look at Jacob Louder’s delicious debut.

Benji Bright, Erzabet Bishop, Daniel Burnell, T.J. Caliber, Heather Day, Stephen Dorneman, Arianna Douglas, Jeremy Edwards, Tamsin Flowers, Lana Fox, Abyssinia Grey, Nikki Haze, Madeleine Hennefield, Mia Hopkins, Waffle Irongirl, Regina Kammer, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Adrea Kore, Axa Lee, Annabeth Leong, Kristina Lloyd, Jacob Louder, Raziel Moore, Giselle Renarde, Shane St. John, and Angela Tavares.

That’s the list. So you can see why we’re sizzling.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by. And please support indie erotica by browsing our e-books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Go Deeper Press. We heart you.

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Explicit Erotica from Jacob Louder

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Our forthcoming erotic collection Dirty Little Numbers: Erotic Flash Fiction of 500 words or Less will feature hot stories by well-known names such as Rachel Kramer Bussel and Kristina Lloyd, and newer voices, like Jacob Louder below. If you’d like to sign up for more free stories like this one, join our mailing list! We’ll be shooting (pun intended) out more freebies to all our beloved subscribers.

So, we’re happy to share one of Jacob Louder’s erotic pieces with you to celebrate our forthcoming launch. This story is erotic, explicit, and for ADULTS only, please.


Jacob Louder

Two cocks in our bedroom and my wife is ecstatic. Let me define: Erin is on her back on the bed, her asshole wide from my dick, her pussy wet as hell from his. Panting still, she smiles and stretches out her legs the way I like.

“Go on, Scotty,” Erin says. “He’s your present.”

He is Jordan. I don’t remember his screen name completely, but it contained the word “extension.” Four inches taller than me and ten times prettier. He has muscles I never had, and his cock—my God. Jordan filled my wife’s cunt, spread it wider than ever. She gasped and moaned in a way I’ve never heard. I thought he was hurting her, until I felt her body relax, saw the motion in her hips. When I fucked her ass, for a while there, he was all I could feel.

Jordan waits, looking me over with his coy smile, his strong chin. He cups his balls with one hand, then licks the palm of the other, bringing it down to his cock to start a gentle tug.

It’s been years since I had a cock in my mouth, and tonight, that’s all I want. I want to feel Jordan deep in my throat, to taste what’s left of Erin.

For-hire or not, it’s polite to ask. “Can I suck it?” My own cock stirs then. Jordan notices.

“Yeah, man,” he says. “Come do whatever you want to me.”

Erin moves on the bed, lets out a tiny moan.

This takes no time: Me on my knees and his hands in my hair and the taste, the smell, of my wife from the tip of his cock down its length to his balls.

I can hear Erin over Jordan’s gasps, his little puffs of air: “My God, look at you suck it. You are beautiful.”

My hands are wet and filled with him. I kiss and lick, rub my lips again and again in the spots that make him moan, that make him hold my hair tight behind my ears.

That’s when I feel her: Erin’s soft hands on my dick, my dick in Erin’s mouth. It takes a little while for me to notice, but she’s mirroring me. What I do to Jordan’s cock, she does to mine. Every inch I take, every gentle squeeze of his balls, I get the same.

The gentle growl in Jordan’s throat grows to a yell, and then there he is, pulling away from my mouth and working his cock at a rapid pace. His big load shoots all over my chest, his cream dripping down to my stomach.

“Fuck!” Jordan says. “That was awesome!” In this moment, he suddenly has the face of a man half his age.

Erin lets go of my cock and gets to her knees. She wipes her fingers across my chest. Once they are covered in Jordan’s come, she brings them to my mouth, and I lick them clean, like icing from my birthday cake.

Dirty Little Numbers will be coming this month, featuring both heterosexual and queer characters. To receive free stories that won’t be posted on our blog, as well as a free erotic e-book, sign up for our newsletter. We heart our subscribers!

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Why Lana Finds Con Artists Crazy-Hot

Yes, it’s true. I dig con artists. Why? Perhaps because they’re all about control.

Now let me tell you–and I swear it really is relevant–that my father was a magician. Not one of those guys who tricks the world into thinking he can levitate, but rather a man who entertained kids at birthday parties. That sort of thing. And what Dad taught me when I learned sleight of hand, was actually rather like grifting. People don’t want to discover that you wangled the coin into the crease in the palm of your hand. No, they want to believe that the coin has disappeared–that you have made it go poof! They want you have that control.

So many of us long to believe.

Get "Con" for free at GoDeeperPress.com

Get “Con” for free at GoDeeperPress.com

Well, in the fantasy world of grifters, their control is the thing that thrills me. And the way their marks walk so willingly into the honey trap. Fictional con artists are clever, they use their power. They’re skilled, they have guts, and sometimes, as in Hustle, they’ll face jail boldly if it means they maintain their honor. Yet when it’s your job to spread illusions, life surely isn’t an easy ride.

But what happens when a grifter lets reality slip and wants, in some way, to live the illusion? In fiction, that’s often when the greatest challenges come to the fore. And when the con is a trap that touches on the sexual, well, the sparks can really fly. That’s one reason why, in my free e-book, Con: You Can Play It Safe When You’re Dead (the first in a series of erotic novelettes), the con artists are twins who secretly want one another. So when the mark gets out a gun and says Go on, have sex or I’ll kill you, though the grifter twins are no longer in control, they get to live in fantasy land for as long as they wish, without having to be responsible for their actions.

Naturally they’re grifters, so they’ll trick their way out of the trap.

But not before they’re ready…

News! Check out GDP author Laurel Isaac’s piece at Scarleteen “Figuring Out How to Be a Lesbian Safer Sexpert” and also Lana’s piece about intending self-love during yoga and meditation at My Yoga Online. Also, wanna be part of some sexy cons? Check out BBC’s Hustle and Sarah WatersFingersmithtwo of my faves, or download CON, Book One, absolutely free.

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Cocks So Big, Hearts So Broken (An Interview with Angela Tavares)

Coming on August 5th!

Coming on August 5th!

Huddle is now available at GoDeeperPress and Amazon!

Okay. So the other day, on the train to New York, I read Huddle: Sex With Sporty Queers (Volume 1: Boys Varsity), which is coming to our virtual shelves on August 5th. And my, what a page-turner! This book of delectable sexy stories is edited by GDP’s own super-talented Angela Tavares, so it’ll come as no surprise that I was thoroughly engrossed. These tales are beautifully compiled and crafted, and their characters are often as vulnerable as they are horny. What’s more, its cocks are right in the reader’s face–and that’s where we at GDP like ’em.

So, before Huddle‘s release (pun intended), I thought I’d ask Angela a few invasive, little questions. Enjoy spying on her. I know I do….

1. Before I met you, dear Angela Tavares, I had never really thought about sporty types being sexy. After reading Huddle, of course, I’m utterly dripping with enthusiasm! But can you remember any of the first times when you realized sporty folks could be really hot? We’d love to hear….

I’m not sure. I was probably 10, 11? That’s when I really fell in love with soccer, at a pretty young age. I had all these athletic girls around me on my team, on the other team. I was in heaven.

2. I know you love this anthology, and quite rightly so! But tell us a little about why you love it so much….

Every story in this collection has its own way of being sexy, of being a true turn on. Some have funny moments and some are very dark. These writers’ voices are unforgettable. I think, in some cases, Huddle turned out to be more literary than I had imagined, but I’m super proud of this. I love that GDP attracts these types of writers, ones that know how to tell you a tremendous story and make you burn a little, all at the same time.

3. Years ago, I found out that many women readers love reading gay male erotica. In your opinion, why? 

Is it terrible that my first reaction is “Why not?” Or maybe it’s the same reason why men like to read F/F erotica? The best thing about erotica—for me, anyway—is the chance to experience something new, something that I’d never thought of or experienced yourself, through fictional characters on the page. I’m also a little voyeuristic, so I like to watch people, regardless of gender, strip off and have a good time. So maybe this is why women of all sexualities can enjoy gay male erotica: There’s excitement in experimentation and looking through a peephole. For a more boring answer, maybe some women just want to see how two guys do it?

4. The Huddle stories are wildly hot, but they also have some really moving moments. Can you share a story moment that speaks to the vulnerable side of being–or wanting–a jock?

There are so many moments! And this is what’s so exciting about Huddle. With all the funny parts and the dark parts come such an amazing sense of so many things: longing and insecurity and loneliness—and so much more. But to focus, there’s Benji Bright‘s narrator in “Free Run” hiding behind a tree as he watches his running teammates fuck in the woods. Ben does such an amazing job of holding silence in this scene, if you know what I mean? I feel like I could hear a pin drop. And then there’s Christopher Stoddard‘s Christian in “Football Head.” You will want to take this kid out for pizza and buy him a new hoodie or whatever. Christian was so real for me because I think, in some ways, I was him. I bet a lot of us were.

5. Have you ever had a sporty girl crush on somebody who either is or isn’t famous? Do spill the beans…

Answering this question could take me hours. Let’s just say that, last year, I really, really enjoyed watching the U-20 Women’s World Cup. Yeah, I really liked that. I would also like to take Fallon Fox to the movies and buy her popcorn. Nadine Kessler can come along.

6.. Do you feel the Huddle stories speak to the wonders (and/or perils?) of competition? 

If by competition you mean obsession, domination, and locker room blow jobs, then yes. Huddle speaks to the wonders of all these things!

7. What’s your own favorite sport…and is it featured in the collection?

My favorite sport is soccer. I also really like mixed martial arts. There are no slutty midfielders or randy cage fighters in Huddle, I’m afraid. But I have high hopes for the next volume!

8. Tell us something else about Huddle. Something to tantalize!

You will never see cocks so big or hearts so broken. It’s the best of both worlds: pleasure and pain. Mostly, I just really, really hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

Amen, Angela! Amen.

Check out the anthology at Amazon and GoDeeperPress!

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Confessions of Kinky Stilettos

image001Lana here, everyone, and I’m thrilled to announce that my erotic novel, Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee, will soon be available from Harper Collins’ Mischief.  And what is it about, you ask?

Well, when Debs discovers her husband is having an affair with a woman she finds herself attracted to, it makes her question her very self.  So, newly divorced, she sets off on a journey of sexual self-discovery, with fur-covered diary, “Kitten,” in tow.  It turns out that Debs has many loves, including sex with women in kinky high heels.  But when she starts obsessing over her tenant, Janey Prince, a college student who is researching the history of the stiletto, Debs finds herself longing for the very person she believes she can’t have…

One of the things I loved about writing this novel was the research I did on the stiletto heel — after all, Debs is a shoe-seller and Janey, her tenant, is studying the significance of the high-heeled shoe.  Here’s a little taster, in which Debs confides in her diary, “Kitten”:

Hear this, Kitten:  While we were in the Buttercup Cafe, Janey told me that Catherine de Medici was the first woman to wear high-heeled shoes as a fashion accessory, because she was short—and in those days “short” wasn’t pretty for a woman.  But in the Shoe book, it also says that she was marrying some powerful duke at the time and didn’t feel she’d get the right respect because of her height.  And that’s interesting, Kitten, because we get a lot of shorter women in Pussyfoot Shoes, looking for heels that’ll make them feel more powerful.  And I know Gladys has apologized for mocking my interest in shoes, but still, if a shoe can give you power and confidence—and in my case, transform me into a dominatrix—that isn’t a shallow affair!  I mean, would Winston Churchill have taken Britain to war if he’d had less confidence?  Would Princess Diana have given to all those charities if she felt all squat and unimportant?

You can pre-order Confessions of a Kinky Divorcee on Amazon.  Warning: it’s a hot and kinky read.  I’m excited about the book’s release on March 21st!

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Free Erotica from “As the Bishop Said to the Actress” (and Our Valentine’s Week Sale!)

Well, hello dear sex-positive readers!

Whether you are partnered or solo this Valentine’s Day, we want you to know about a big discount.  From Thursday February 14th to Sunday February 17th, As the Bishop Said to the Actress can be yours for a mere 0.99 cents at our online store.  (Or you can buy on Amazon or Barnes&Noble for the usual price.)  To see whether this taboo, erotic anthology is for you, you can listen to Lana reading a few pages from her story in the vid below.  Warning:  This really is explicit, adult material.  Over 18’s only, please.  

Tomorrow, we’re launching Alison Tyler’s powerfully erotic Those Girls, also at a special Valentine’s price at our online store.  (Or you can buy from Amazon or Barnes&Noble.)  It’s hot. edgy and transformational.  There’s spanking, there’s confessing.  And we can’t wait!

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“Hot and Coming Your Way….” (And We Have a Winner!)

w1_2PDrg9GjQSc7ios6siOzw01hVPIE_bmGmo4Bpa4QOh my God, we’re excited, so excited, so excited. In just a matter of days our new anthology, As the Bishop Said to the Actress, will be available in our webstore and on Amazon.com. (Have patience, please! All GDP books will soon be available on bn.com and in Apple’s iBookstore, too. We promise.) The anthology includes four amazing stories, leading with our contest winner, “Fishing” by A. Zimmerman. Oh, so fun. Oh, so seriously sexy. We hope you love it, too.

Other stories included are these awesome gems: “The Bishop’s Tongue” by James Thorpby, “The Solo Act” by Lady Astrid, and “Compassion’s Seed” by our own Lana Fox. We’re so proud of this anthology, which takes that cheeky British saying, mixes it up with a bucket-load of taboo, and delivers fiction that is clever, dark, transformative, and (sorta most importantly) seriously piping hot.

The official release date is Monday, February 4, but we’ll be offering a pre-release version at a discounted price to all our newsletter subscribers. Not a subscriber yet? No worries. Click right here and join the fun.



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Free Copies of GDP’s Erotic E-Books!

Available now from GDP!

Available now from GDP!

Would you like a free copy of Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women?  Well, if you’re happy to write a review of the e-book, we’re happy to send you a free copy.  But do be quick about it, because we only have 25 copies up for grabs!  All we ask:  Your online review can be positive, negative, or anything in between. You can post it on a blog/website, on Amazon, on Facebook, etc.  What we really want to know is what you think of the e-book.  Naturally, you’ll also be helping us to spread the word about Go Deeper Press, and we’ll be forever grateful for that.  Just drop us an email at “editors (at) godeeperpress.com” or comment on this post, leaving your email address.  We’ll send a free download link to the first 25 emailers, and we look forward to your review!

In case you need persuading, here is an excerpt from “La Femme Chocolat” — the first story in Femme Fatale.  Author V. C. writes this dark fantasy beautifully, bringing the Parisian chocolate-seller who seduces women with her wares, to wonderful erotic life.  In this excerpt, “La Femme Chocolate” (aka Annette) begins to seduce the narrator:

“When she walked in, blood rushed immediately to my clitoris, causing it to swell, while the rest of my body buzzed with indescribable pleasure that I had never felt before until that moment. Annette was completely nude. I was hypnotized by the bounce of her gorgeous breasts and the sway of her hips as she moved toward me, holding a tray of four gorgeous, delectable, bite-sized cordials on a silver platter. My mouth gaped as she lay on her back on the long coffee table that was in front of me. Immediately, I realized that she was the table, and I was to dine on her new chocolates on her naked flesh….”

No need for me to tell you what follows.  I’ll just say that it’s sexy, voluptuous, and well-worth enjoying.  V.C. writes beautifully.  A tour de force!

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Get A Free Erotic E-book from Go Deeper Press!


Cover designed by the super-talented Angela Tavares

That’s right, dear readers!  To celebrate our launch on December 20th, we’re going loopy and giving things away.  Up above, is the cover image for Sol — a Go Deeper Press Short that we’ll be gifting, free-of-charge, to all those who sign up for our newsletter (or “like” us on Facebook) by midnight on December 20th (EST).  Why, on that date, are we giving away this hotness?  Because that’s when we’re celebrating our launch.  Woohoo!

If you want the free e-book, however, don’t be late!  After December 20th, you’ll have to pay for this sizzling read.

Also, be warned: the adult content in Sol is explicit and rather (ahem) taboo.  And as always with GDP, this story will titillate your brain as well as your brawn…

You should follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook because, man, we are a laugh riot in those places, too. Thanks!



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