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Contest: How Long Will It Take ‘Em to Ban Con?

GDP005-Con_Cover_72Con, Book 1: You Can Play It Safe When You’re Dead, is now available directly from the big A, for your Kindle. (I’m not using the booksellers name, in case I tip them off — read on.) I’m keen to see whether they ban it or not. There isn’t one ounce of “obscene” material in there as far as I’m concerned, but as you know, the famed big bookseller acts rather like Hitler, saying that they’ll decide what “obscene” means, and then they’ll throw it out. They sell Lolita and A Clockwork Orange — both books that I love. They also sell Mein Kampf, so presumably they don’t think that’s obscene either. (35 reviewers give Hitler’s disgustingly racist work almost 4 stars overall.)

In Con, Book 1: You Can Play It Safe When You’re Dead, there are grifter twins, a dastardly mark, and sex at gunpoint.  Join the dots, baby.

So!  The contest:  Will they ban Con, or will they not? And if they do ban it, how many days will it take? Two days from today? Or a month? Or two months? In order to make this fun rather than frustrating, the first person who manages to correctly guess how long Con will stay live on the big bookseller’s website will receive any three of our e-books entirely without charge. You can comment below.

I’m going to guess it will take them 7 days. What do you think?

Please support indie erotica and freedom of expression by buying Con, either on our website or at Amazon. We heart your support!

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The Shameless Behavior Contest: Two Covers, You Choose

Hi, folks. It’s Angela. How are you? I need your help. You’ll see below two potential covers for Go Deeper Press’ upcoming anthology, Shameless Behavior. I want to know which one you think is best, the one that simply must be the final cover, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. What you can do is leave a comment right here on our blog.

Here’s the best part yet: The Commenter (that’s you, in respectful caps) that (1) chooses the cover he or she thinks is a go and (2) provides the best critical feedback (I’ll take both positive or negative, and if it’s negative, I’m thinking constructively negative, since I’m a sensitive soul, a Cancer and all) gets a free e-book of his or her choice from Go Deeper Press and a copy of Shameless Behavior once it’s available. Oh, and of course the book will have the cover you’ve chosen, without the Shutterstock watermark, and you can tell all your friends and family, “I did that.”

We’ll pick our best critical Commenter on Monday, May 6, so be sure to get your critical comment in no later than Sunday, May 5, at midnight.

Lana and I, we can’t thank you enough, really, so let me do it again: Thank you, thank you to YOU, awesome member of our extended GDP family. Now get criticizin’!

COVER NO. 1 (Click on the image for a larger version!)


COVER NO. 2 (Click on the image for a larger version!)


Thanks for supporting Go Deeper Press. If you’d like to browse our erotic, sex-positive e-books for brain and brawn, you can find our website here. You can also contact Angela about designing covers for your e-books and other projects at angela at godeeperpress dot com.



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As the Bishop Said to the Actress: Erotic Contests

Bishop Brennan from the legendary “Father Ted”

Have you ever heard of the British phrase, “as the bishop said to the actress”?  If not, here’s the lowdown.  If someone says, without intending a sex pun, “I’ll give you it as soon as I can…” or “It’s getting harder and harder…” or “Put this in there, would you…” it is customary in circles of pun-obsessed souls to tack on the phrase, “…as the bishop said to the actress.”  Voila!  The reverse phrase is used as well:  “As the actress said to the bishop….”  And there are other alternatives — take a look here to read more.  You can also follow or use the Twitter hashtag we’ve created, #AsTheBishopSaidToTheActress, for more bishop-themed punning, with zero guarantee of taste.  Snort.

So what does this have to do with Go Deeper Press?  Well, we are offering twenty bucks to the best #AsTheBishopSaidToTheActress tweet.  The winning tweet will be published on our blog.  By the way, folks, the hash tag must be used for tweet to qualify.  Deadline: October 20th.  If you prefer to enter by commenting on this blog (rather than on Twitter) that’s great too, but remember that your “tweet” (or rather tweet-like comment) needs to be 140 characters or less, including the hash tag.

Our other contest offers publication of the best erotic stories that contain a bishop and an actress…and, of course, a sex pun.  Warning:  These still have to be hot, intriguing, character-driven stories that are well-written.  These stories can be comical, but we’re after a range of moods.  You can enter stories of between 400 and 1,500 words (See our submission guidelines below).  And because it is quite a feat to create an enticing erotic tale within these limits, we’re offering 100 dollars to the best one.  All stories will be considered for publication by Go Deeper Press.  The deadline for this contest is November 15th.

Hard, but worth it.

Pun intended.

Submission guidelines for story contest:  Please send your stories as a double-spaced, 12 point font, Word attachment.  Email to: submissions [at] with “Bishop to the Actress” in the subject line.  If you do this, you will make our editors’ lives so smooth and shiny that we will send positive reiki right towards your manuscript.  (No, really!).  Deadline: November 15th at midnight (US time, EST).

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