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I Chose to Be Gay When I Realized That All I Wanted to Do Was Touch Boobs

Actually, this is totally a lie. I knew I was gay even before I knew that there would be boobs to touch, so “chose” isn’t even close to being the right word. It’s funny and sad (but mostly sad) that people think that we, as members of the LGBTQ  community, actually do choose, like Milky Way versus Snickers–well, Tom likes nuts, so guess which one he’s taking home.

Nah. It’s not like that at all. And it’s great to see the people of Colorado Springs in this YouTube clip, appropriately titled, “When Did you Chose to Be Straight?” (courtesy of Travis Nuckolls and Chris Baker), stumble when the question is turned on them.

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Modern-Day Mermaid: Love Your Breasts

We thought we’d post my second Modern-Day Mermaid video today.  In it, I encourage you to be you, to love your breasts, your bodies.  Oh!  And don’t forget to listen to our free erotic self-love audio visualization here.

And here’s the vid.  Enjoy!

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The Ultimate Breast-Themed Experience


By ILA-boy (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons (artist credit below)

Last night, I had a dream about the world’s only breast-themed theme park.  Imagine.  There were waterslides that were covered in silicone breasts, so that when you slid down them your bum and hands–and even your back–touched hundreds of different-sized silicone breasts, each with different kinds and colors of nipples.  Some nipples were hard, some were soft, some were large, some were tiny.

There were also cameras that x-rayed through to people’s bras underneath their shirts, and there were whole walls covered in moulded breasts–inspired by people’s real-life breasts–that you could stare at and see how different our tits really are.

My dream didn’t go here, but I’d love the notion that on that wall were breasts that had been operated on, breasts that were unusual, breasts that were from older people, and on and on.  Variety!  Sexy stuff.

Needless to say, I awoke a little horny.

Sculptor:  Es Baluard , Mallorca, Spain, Summer 2008; Museum der Stadt Palma de Mallorca für moderne und zeitgenössische Kunst.

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