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Sneak Peek at Zöe More’s Erotica

Photo credit below.

Photo credit below.

This post is for adult eyes only.

Please please check out this powerful post by Shameless Behavior author Zöe More on overcoming abuse via erotic horror and so much more.  Seriously.  It’s extraordinarily beautiful.

And, having said that, how could we not share a section from More’s “Hunger,” an erotic horror story that we’re honored to publish in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame?

When Sully’s mother, Victoria, tells her that if she ever kisses a man on the mouth he will die, Sully isn’t sure if she believes her.  But when she spies on Victoria kissing a stranger in the dark alley, this is what Sully sees:

[Sully] watched her mother suddenly raise her head and latch onto the man’s mouth,

Out now! Click the pic for Amazon.

Out now! Click the pic for Amazon.

kissing him deeply. The man groaned. Victoria ripped his jeans down and pulled on him

roughly, making the man swear and writhe. 

As Sully pressed her own fingers between her legs, the man started to convulse violently, but Victoria did not stop gripping his mouth with her mouth, his cock with her hand, not until he started to sweat, bleeding more moisture than Sully had ever seen, more than she’d ever felt run down her back in a summer thunderstorm, surely even more than what filled the drainage ditches in front of the house, until, impossibly, he seemed to burst in a shower of sizzling liquid, until there was nothing left of him but dust, nothing more than a chalky outline of a man, much like those her science teacher drew on the blackboard, sketched haphazardly into the crumbling brick of the alley. 

How will Sully ever kiss anyone now? Especially anyone she cares about? Of course, when she meets the boy she truly wants, the stakes have never been higher…

You can buy Shameless Behavior at:

Go Deeper Press


…and soon elsewhere!


Photo credit: Gabriel S. Delgado C. from Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela (Lujuria / Lust: Tentación  Uploaded by Fæ) via Wikimedia Commons

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Shameless Erotica Launches Today!

Out now! Click the pic for Amazon.

Out now! Click the pic for Amazon.

Today, dear friends, Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame launches at Go Deeper Press and Amazon.  (Stay tuned for its appearance at Barnes & Noble and other venues.)

Who stars in this tome of proudly erotic tales? Well, in order of appearance, we’re proud to present:

Beth Wyatt, Lana Fox, Rion Woolf, Daniel Burnell, Laurel Isaac, Sybil Rush, Laila Blake, Sommer MarsdenZöe More, Stella Harris, Axa Lee, and Kyoko Church.

Some sexy quotes from these talented scribes to give you a taster? Here:

WET by Kyoko Church:

Oh, fuck! Desire. His words made her insides twist and between her legs throb. She felt like she might faint. Everything he was saying was so wrong. Dirty. Depraved. Yet she couldn’t help but be completely intoxicated by it.

STAY by Rion Woolf:

I rip the blindfold from my eyes. Sir hasn’t retreated far, only to the corner of the bed, his back to me. Slowly, I make my way closer to him. Once I reach for his shoulder, I realize he’s crying. He pulls away from my touch. “How long have you suspected?” he asks.

I look down at the thick dildo with its end still embedded inside me. I never imagined it would be the color of a deep, plum purple. “A few weeks,” I whisper.

Sir nods. “Why haven’t you left?”

TWIN SCARS by Axie Barclay:

We reached the breaking point on a Thursday evening, when my husband came up from behind me while I dressed, kissing my neck, and, instead of returning his embrace, I covered not my breasts or my cunt, but the scar. From the corner of my eye, I saw his mouth clench a little.

“That’s it,” he said. “I’m calling a babysitter.”

ECHO CHAMBER by Sommer Marsden:

“Better and better,” he said. “But don’t do it for me. Do it for you. Fuck, girl, you deserve to make some noise. As much noise as you want.” With that, he kissed my belly, dragging his tongue, with bold intention, down the center of me, from navel to pubis. He looked up with those insanely green eyes, grinned like the Big Bad Wolf, and pressed his mouth over my pussy.

More quotes soon! Until then, you can buy the collection here or on Amazon. And may your weekend be utterly shameless — in the best of ways…

Sneaky Peek at Stella Harris’ “Aquamarine”


Photo credit below.

This post is for adult eyes only.

Today, another preview from our brand new, erotic story collection, Shameless Behavior, which will be out this coming week. Stella Harris‘ “Aquamarine” sees Kelsey’s partner, Will, coming out about his love of cross-dressing in the bedroom. Specifically, Will loves having sex in women’s panties. Here’s the point where Kelsey sees Will in panties for the first time:

Kelsey changed in the bathroom down the hall, and then waited impatiently by their bedroom door for Will to call out that he was ready, like in a doctor’s office.

When the call finally came, Kelsey rushed through the door before stopping in her tracks. Will was face down on the bed—a sight to behold. One of his legs was bent just enough to give her a perfect view of his body and the panties, which were a perfect fit. The sea green satin almost glowed against Will’s tan skin. The waistband sat at the top of the curve of Will’s ass, and the slightly transparent fabric was stretched just enough to give a preview of what lay beneath.

Kelsey moved forward and slid her hands down Will’s back, but didn’t let herself touch the fabric yet. Now she was ready to slow down, to make this experience special, and to build anticipation. She’d meant to do that for Will’s benefit, but her own fingers were twitching with eagerness to touch.

Many thanks to Stella for so perfectly exploding the myth that a butch heterosexual man can’t be hot for his partner in femme panties. I particularly love how excited Kelsey is to see Will dressed this way. Often, sex is hottest when it surprises us, right?

Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame will be on sale in the next few days.

Bonjour sexy. Au revoir shame.

To get your hands on Shameless Behavior as soon as it’s available, and also to get freebies and free erotic goodies, sign up for the GDP occasional newsletter, yes! Or follow us on Twitter at: @GoDeeperPress

Photo credits: By Carl Bednorz (Flickr: Bow) via Wikimedia Commons

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Sneak Preview of Laurel Isaac’s Holding

Coming this September!

Coming this September!

This post is for adult eyes only.

Folks, it’s time for another quick preview of an erotic story from Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame. In Laurel Isaac’s “Holding,” two queer boys discuss watersports for the first time. As they talk, the narrator feels a wealth of emotions, including deep excitement and vulnerability. Here, she’s ardent about piss play, yet also remembers how she was once shamed:

I had a very kinky lover who was so disgusted by watersports that she would go into an exaggerated paroxysm of gagging every time it came up around kinky friends. She didn’t know about me, though I stopped thinking about it while I was with her.

But the desire always comes back. It’s so sharp, so immediate. I’m turned on before I know it, and I’m like, Is this okay? But then there’s the pleasure, blushing outward pleasure, and I’m like, This is good, very good. I think about women peeing while I’m inside them, gushing into my lap; a dyke being paddled by a ferocious top, so excited she just pees everywhere. Watching piss porn, it’s like my body was just meant to come. The excitement is so close to the surface. I barely have to do anything. I’m a magician floating her hand over the table and pulling the magnetic prop right along…

Thank you, Laurel. Now, this excerpt reminds me of the following:  I recently decided to stop browsing an erotic magazine because of the language they use when they state that they don’t accept watersports submissions. They say, in their guidelines, that they take such “violations” very “seriously.” That really pissed me off. (Pun intended.) But then, I thought of Laurel Isaac’s “Holding,” and I felt much better. And also pleasantly flushed. 

Because what sex activism is more delightful than art that turns us on?

Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame will be launched on Amazon on Monday September 30th, 2013, and will probably appear even sooner on the GDP site. To get the latest updates about the anthology, as well as freebies and deals, do sign up for our occasional newsletter (which comes with a free mini erotic e-book by Lana Fox!).

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Sexy Sneak Preview of Beth Wyatt’s “Cutter”

Photo credits below.

Photo credits below.

This post is for adult eyes only.

Today’s sneak preview from Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame is from Beth Wyatt’s “Cutter.” The protagonist is called Cutter because she cuts herself, but when she meets the Fighter, things begin to change:

“Why do you cut yourself?” he asks.

She knows the answer to that question. The past few years have been an unbroken string of losses: her boyfriend, her job, her mother, her home. She moved in with her father and went to work at the drugstore. She lost her hope and her self-respect until, finally, she even lost the ability to feel sorry for herself. All that pain turned to a burning numbness at her core, and the only relief from it, the only thing she can feel, is the slice of the razor. She understands this, but it’s too many words, too hard to say, so she simply says, “I don’t know.”

Coming this September!

Coming this September!

“You don’t know?” His fingers work against the seat of her panties, stroking her pussy through the cotton. She leans back against him, one hand reaching around behind him to grip his ass while the other clutches his head. He nudges her legs farther apart with his knee, and his fingers rub harder, faster. “You know why you came here tonight?”

She breathes a “yes.”

“If you want me to stop, I want you to say…’razor.’ You ought to be able to remember that.”

Wyatt’s Cutter will be published in Shameless Behavior, which is due for release on September 30th. To get early news of the collection’s release, along with special deals and a free erotic e-book by Lana Fox, sign up for our newsletter.

Goodbye Shame. Hello Hot.

Photo by Selbstmord at en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Sneak Preview from Shameless Behavior: Daniel Burnell’s “Tamar”

Coming this September!

Coming this September!

The following reading material is for adults only. 

Our first sneak preview of the erotica in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame, comes from Daniel Burnell’s “Tamar.”  In this tale, two soldiers meet in the desert, soon after the hostilities of war. The woman, Tamar, is a more recent recruit.  She is also a virgin. The man, Gabe, is a more experienced soldier.  In the story, Tamar is shy about the size of her body.  And here is a glimpse of how this sexual experience helps her to transform:

Gabe slides down to his knees and, with his fingers spread on her full ass, pushes his face between her legs and bites the uniform pants covering her cunt, the first time in her life anyone has ever touched her like that down there. Of course, she had heard of it, but never imagined it would happen like it is. Quaking with pleasure and cold, Tamar holds his head hard against her, and her mind seems to open with the freedom of escape from an oppressive regime, her own self-imposed prohibitions against her sensuality, boldness, and size. She had been unfairly tried and convicted, and her privacy had turned in on itself as she held back. Now, here is a man who loves her plump, juicy body and wants to put his face in her cunt, and she wants him to and everything else he can dream up. Surely she will have an orgasm if he keeps gnawing her down there. But he stops and unlaces her boots, removes them, and slides her pants and underwear off… — From Tamar by Daniel Burnell

To make sure you don’t miss out on the full story, as well as the other 11 tales in the e-book, join our mailing list where you’ll receive special deals and giveaways, including a sexy mini-ebook by Lana Fox.

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Huddle Author Stats and Facts: Dario Dalla Lasta

And our tour of the authors of the astoundingly hot and totally fruity stories in Huddle: Sex With Sporty Queers ends today with Dario Dalla Lasta. Quick note on Dario and “Game Set Match”: While reviewing Huddle’s submissions, I got to Page 2 of Dario’s story, thought, “Wait–who the fuck wrote this?” and then swore to myself that if I had to sell my ovaries to secure his story for Huddle, I would do it. I love it so much. Dario is a master of language, and can paint the prettiest pictures of boys having it off. Download Huddle for free to find out for yourself just how masterful he is.

Dario Dalla Lasta-photo by Sheri MansonYour name:  Dario Dalla Lasta

Your position: Front and center, while skewed a little to the left.

Your favorite sport:  Tennis, of course! I grew up with my father watching Wimbledon and the U.S. Open with rabid intensity while teaching me the basics of the game at a local tennis court. Back then, I was in love with Bjorn Borg and thought Jimmy Connors + Chris Evert = 4ever. Although I hadn’t been on the courts in twentysomething years, writing “Game Set Match” brought me back. When the opportunity to actually play tennis came up last month on vacation, I jumped at the chance. While my serve is definitely rusty, please take note that I slaughtered my opponent (my poor husband) with a sweet score of 6-1. Game Set Match indeed.

Your favorite place to write:  I tend to write the most during stolen moments at work, but love to revise at home on the couch with my dog snuggled next to me, listening to classical music.

Your favorite character in “Huddle” and why:  My favorite character has to be Trace Petrucco. He’s not me, per se, but he’s got lots of my quirks and insecurities, especially when I was younger and less experienced.  Plus, he’s blessed with long blond hair, and mismatched green and blue eyes.  I have DREAMS that I look like that!  Oh yeah, and he’s got a nice dick, too.

Your definition of queer:  The word “queer” to me encompasses all groups in the sexual LGBTQI rainbow. And that’s a lot of lovely folks up in there. But even more than that, queer is a state of mind, a stance, a mindset, a belief system, and an all-inclusive love of everything and everyone that is different and special and unique and nonjudgmental. I find it fascinating how “queer” used to be a hateful term and now it’s just flat-out cool. Basically, all of my friends are queer. If you knew them, you’d see that they are made up of every stripe and color and creed and sexuality imaginable.

Your first moment realizing that you write sex really well:  When I wrote an erotic short story on one of my college breaks. This wasn’t for a class assignment, I just had a rush of sexual energy and imagination that I needed to release and put down on paper. Then, to top it all off, I decided to mail copies out to a select group of college friends in plain brown envelopes with no return address. I mean, how sleazy is that? I’m sure it was horribly written, but I didn’t care because there was a scorching-hot gay sex scene that I was proud of. Once the truth came out, my friends blushed and told me of their profound embarrassment. I liked that reaction. Even though I didn’t write any fiction again until a few years ago, when I eventually started back up, all I wanted to write about was sex. I still do. In fact, I don’t think I can write anything without including lots o’ sex! Must be in my blood.

Your contact stuff:





You can get Dario’s “Game Set Match” and the rest of Huddle’s amazing stories for free until Monday, September 16. Get it now!

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Huddle Author Stats and Facts: Theophilia St. Claire

Over the course of the next few days, visit our blog to meet some of the authors of the astoundingly hot and totally fruity stories of Huddle: Sex With Sporty Queers. Today, you’re scoring with Theophilia St. Claire, whose story, “Punishment,” is about two football players vying for the same position and a coach who’s more than willing to exploit their desire to be No. 1. Trust me. Coach Harmon is a mad man with a hard on. Now, you get to meet the woman who created him, with contact stuff at the end so you can send her messages to let her know you need more of this specific type of goodie. Enjoy.

TheoPicYour name: Theophilia St. Claire

Your position: In between?

Your favorite sport, assuming there is one: American football, baby! New England Patriots all the way!

Your favorite place to write: In my bed.

Your favorite character in your “Huddle” story (your “writer’s pet”) and why: Coach Harmon! He’s definitely my favorite because his actions, his mannerisms, everything about him makes me blush. He’s definitely a “take-what-he-wants” man, and who doesn’t love very dominant men?

Your definition of “queer”: I think queer is being “out and proud,” without the need for labels (yes, I know that “queer” is, in itself, a label) or conforming to the stereotypes. Queer is just being you, even if you’re gay, and not giving a damn what anyone thinks.

Your first moment realizing that you write sex really well: Goodness. I don’t really remember just a defining moment. For years, my sister was my only reader/supporter, and she always seemed to like my stories, especially the sex scenes, which she’d request more of. So, around my teens, I had some, idea, I think. But even despite her encouragement, I still doubted my ability to write really good sex, especially compared to other authors, until…getting published with Go Deeper Press. I mean, it has to be good stuff to get published, right? Yeah, I think I’m starting to realize it now.  🙂

Your contact stuff: You can contact me on twitter @TheoStClaire and on Send me an email at!

You can get Theophilia’s “Punishment” and the rest of Huddle’s amazing stories for free until Monday, September 16. Don’t drop the ball. Get it now!

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Huddle Author Stats and Facts: Tamsin Flowers

Over the course of the next few days, visit our blog to meet some of the authors of the astoundingly hot and totally fruity stories of Huddle: Sex With Sporty Queers. First up is Tamsin Flowers, since she was kind enough to say, “Yes! Sample my story!” (you can right here), and because her author photo is smokin’, and I’m all about pictures of women who are smokin’

13611061_sYour name:  Tamsin Flowers

Your position: Sexual or otherwise?

Your favorite sport, assuming there is one: Although I don’t play it anymore, and when I did, I played it badly, it would have to be lacrosse.  For the uninitiated, this involves rushing round the grass pitch as fast as you can with a lacrosse stick (a stick with a leather and cat gut net at the end) held at head height, while “cradling” a hard, hard, dangerous, small ball in the net and, at opportune moments, catapulting said ball towards one of your teammates or the opposing goalie.  Yes, it is dangerous.  I remember my terror, when I began playing, at being told stories about the ghosts haunting the abandoned lower lacrosse pitch–the ghosts of girls who’d all been hit in the temple with a lacrosse ball and DIED!  I think cradling a lacrosse ball was one of the hardest things I ever mastered, and so nothing was more satisfying than running down the pitch, cradling the ball, evading the opposition, who are bashing at you with their sticks, and firing that ball into goal.  I think I did that once…maybe.

Your favorite place to write: I actually don’t care where I write, as long as the conditions are right: solitude, silence, and all my technology working properly.  When solitude and silence are in short supply, I can become very ratty and unpleasant. I would love to have a little writer’s shed (possibly, a more luxurious office, rather than a shed) where I could shut myself away for absolutely hours at a time.  So, everyone, please buy my books, so the shed can move from dream to reality!

Your favorite character in your “Huddle” story (your “writer’s pet”) and why:  Although I adore Jed, the main character in my story, “Lucky Mascot,” I have even more of a soft spot for the star pitcher, Dick Gunnison.  There’s something of a puppy dog about him and, in my mind, he has the best smile ever.

Your definition of “queer”: The way people use the word “queer” has really changed over the course of my life.  When I was young, it was something of a derogatory term that my parents (although not particularly homophobic) would use in hushed tones, as in, “I think he might be a bit queer,” and, to them, it was something a little alien that they knew very little about. (“A bit”?  What did they mean?) My own understanding of the term came from watching John Hurt’s extraordinary performance as Quentin Crisp in “An Englishman Abroad.” I sat and watched this with my parents when I was maybe 12 or 13, squirming with embarrassment at the sexually open subject matter, but was unable to tear myself away. It was such a tour de force.  As I grew older, the term “queer” was espoused for the word “gay,” and now, of course, it’s been reclaimed by the LGBT community.  According to generation and geography, it’s a word that has different connotations for different people, and to be honest, I’m a little wary of sticking labels on individuals. Certainly, when I write, I never actually declare a character to be straight or gay or anything else.  They just are what they are and do what they do, depending on the story.

Your first moment realizing that you write sex really well:  Sorry?  Just let me read that sentence again!  Seriously, that moment hasn’t arrived, and I don’t think it will. I’m a writer, so, naturally, I think my work could be much better if I only managed to find the better, “righter” words.  The first time I realized I could write sex that wasn’t squirm-inducingly awful?  Probably the day I sold my first story a couple of years ago, but I still wondered if the publishers had sent the acceptance by mistake and would eventually realise I was a bit of a fraud.  And I think that to this day, whenever a story’s accepted.  (Please, Go Deeper, suspend your disbelief in me for just a little longer….)

Your contact stuff:  My website is Tamsin’s Superotica, I’m @TamsinFlowers on Twitter, and I can be reached at

You can get Tamsin’s “Lucky Mascot” and the rest of Huddle’s amazing stories for free until Monday, September 16. If you’re late to the game, bro, they’ll be no playing time for you, so get it now!

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The Seductive Courtesan: An Interview with Yolanda Shoshana

Yolanda Shoshana (click the image for Yolanda's website!)

Yolanda Shoshana (click the image for Yolanda’s website!)

At GDP, we are big fans of sexuality, magick, and the psychic arts, not to mention truffles, so imagine how exciting we find Yolanda Shoshana, who combines all these and so much more. Yolanda also runs an amazing radio show, on which Lana was thrilled to be interviewed recently. She has published a sensual food and sacred sex cookbook entitled Tantra with a Side of Truffles, plus she writes The Charming Courtesan blog. Check it out!

It was a pleasure interviewing Yolanda. Enjoy!

1. You have lots of intriguing job titles, Yolanda, and we love how sexuality plays such an important role in your work. How did you first come to combine seduction, magick, and clairvoyance?

I am a  witch, clairvoyant, courtesan curator, and seduction alchemist, which is not typical of most lifestyle experts. I found a way to bring my passions and who I am together to help women become the highest versions of themselves.

In the work that I do, I also bring back the art and magick of the courtesans. Since courtesans were so sexy and charming, they were thought of as witches. They lived their lives of pleasure without apologizing for it. It’s time we bring those virtues back.

2. What is “seduction alchemy”? And why is it so powerful?

Seduction alchemy is using the power of scent as a tool to seduce and conjure things in your life. Smells bring out feelings and emotions in people. Scent can be used to raise vibrations to bring in joy, happiness, and abundance.

What I always tell my clients is that perfume is one of the best tools for the art of seduction. It’s like sensual foreplay.

Tantra with a Side of Truffles3. Can you give us a glimpse of one of the sexiest dishes in Tantra with a Side of Truffles?  What makes this dish so sexy?

There is a truffle macaroni and cheese in the book—need I say more.? The truffle aioli recipe is great because it is a spread that can be used on just about anything and for every occasion.

There is something about truffles that just add a touch of sexy to every dish it is in. It must be the musky, deep smell and flavor.

4. Are there one or two simple tips you can give us for creating a magically seductive atmosphere on a dinner date?

Candles are a wonderful way to create a seductive atmosphere at all times. Also, having scent in the air adds to the atmosphere. A delightful scent to have is vanilla. It is perfect in seducing men and women. Vanilla conjures up love and sexuality, and stirs the senses.

5. Are there any oracle cards that you particularly recommend to those who are interested in sex-positive psychic readings?

There are two decks that come to mind. The first is the Kama Sutra Tarot. This great deck is based on the sexy book of love, the Kama Sutra. The second one is the Manera deck. It is a combo of sex, astrology, and fantasy. Both are great decks and give different interpretations for sex-positive readings.

6. How would we book a reading or consultation with you?

Sending me an email is a quick and easy way to book a reading with me. That way, we can discuss what kind of reading you want. I offer various readings, which include clairvoyant readings, angel card readings, oracle card readings, reiki, crystal skull healings, and so much more. If someone wants to work with me more closely, they can sign up for Courtesan Curation. It’s a six-month program that is a game-changer in life.

7. Is there anything else you’d love to tell us?

I will be starting Coven of the Courtesan, a teaching coven where I will offer virtual retreats and classes. Last but not least, be on the look out for my magickal novelettes, “The Courtesan Chronicles.” The books will include available perfume potions and magickal aromatherapy influenced and worn by the characters in the novelettes, bringing together a magickal, divine feminine, and olfactory experience.

What a pleasure it has been to interview you, Yolanda! Thanks a million for chatting with us on the GDP blog, and giving us a glimpse of your inspiring and powerful work. Namaste.

FREE while offer lasts!

FREE while offer lasts!

Remember to check out Yolanda Shoshana’s new book, Tantra with a Side of Truffles. (Mmm, I’m looking forward to those deliciously seductive dishes…), and also her website and blog

And don’t forget to download Huddle: Sex with Sporty Queers (vol. 1, Boys Varsity) from GDP while it’s still FREE. What’s more, you can download Con, Book 1: You Can Play it Safe When You’re Dead — the most daring erotic story that Lana Fox has ever written. 

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