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A Free Erotic E-Book Deal: Shameless Behavior

shutterstock_133523684Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame, which features work by erotic luminaries such as Sommer Marsden, Stella Harris, and Kyoko Church, is a collection of 12 stories that are not only sizzling hot, but also tell adventurous tales of triumphing over shame. So naturally, we’re thrilled to be hosting a free giveaway of Shameless Behavior next weekend (March 3rd – 4th, 2014), when you can blaze a trail to Amazon and download the e-book absolutely free!

For a clearer pic of what we’re talking about, you can check out Mia Hopkins’ review of the e-book, which includes these words: “Intelligent, steamy, and thought-provoking, this collection celebrates that moment when, no longer alone, we feel safe enough to bring our deepest secrets into the light only to discover how beautiful we never knew they were.”

That also shows you what an amazing writer Mia Hopkins is, which we, at GDP, well know! But I digress…

To give a taste of what is in store for you, here are the first few sizzling pages from Kyoko Church‘s Wet, which is featured in the collection:


FREE on March 1st and 2nd from Amazon!

There were things Beth would always remember about that first time with Jeff: the blue of the ocean out of the honeymoon suite window glimpsed from the bed over her new husband’s shoulder, the faint smell of bleach that the Caribbean cleaning staff used before each new guest, a few small cracks in the plaster ceiling, and the intensity with which her normally jovial and easy-going boyfriend of ten months and spouse of twelve hours said, “Okay, let’s do this.”

The other things, honestly, she didn’t try to recall. But they played like a damning loop in her head—a recording she switched on every morning after that first time, one she would painstakingly add to with only the most searing words from each subsequent and progressively awkward coupling. In the end, she would have a highlight reel of the worst moments, a “greatest hits” from those years of shame, a humiliation compilation.

She didn’t play it willingly, exactly, but out of a masochistic need to remind herself each day:

This is who you are.
A woman whose husband finds her repulsive.


“I like to read,” Beth said on her first date with Drew, as they sipped their Starbucks coffees amidst the smell of new books.

She knew how trite it sounded, but it was the truth. She’d always loved reading but as her marriage crashed and burned, she escaped into the fantasy of books even more. When her life was miserable and it was difficult to raise her head to face her reflection in the mirror, she placated her damaged heart with fiction.

She read not on a park bench or a coffee shop or while sun tanning on the beach, leisurely and with easy enjoyment—no. She read like she did certain other things: furiously, furtively, with guilty pleasure. She wasn’t reading Dickens or Tolstoy. No Atwood or Kingsolver or Ondaatje for her. You couldn’t say the plots were masterfully handled, subtly crafted, or slowly unfolding. The books she read had brash covers. Two dimensional characters. Books to be read in one sweaty afternoon. She gulped down each delicious morsel and then searched frantically for more.

“I’m a King fan, myself,” Drew said. “Stuart Woods, Linwood Barclay, that kind of thing. What are you reading right now?”

“Oh,” she said, fighting a blush. “Oh, nothing. Just some…romance stuff.”

“Ah.” He smiled. “The ubiquitous rise of dirty e-books, right? Suddenly everyone and her grandma’s into BDSM.”

Then she really did blush. At first glance, Drew looked about as straight as they came, like a guy who read the Bible on weekends for a good time. And yet here was this straight-laced, possible Bible-reading type perfectly at ease saying…those letters.

“Hey, I was just kidding,” he said, noticing her reaction.

But something about the way he said it, with one eyebrow cocked and a twinkle in his eye that was anything but innocent, made her pulse jump a little. It was a look that reminded her of all her favorite male characters in the books she read. Confident. Knowing. Teasing.


God, she thought, as a realization dawned. He’s totally sexy. Certain telltale signs threatened inside of her, below. Parts she tried not to think about began to pulse, and she blushed even harder, squeezing her legs together, which only made things worse.

She wanted to stay. The more he talked, the more she liked him. She liked his bright eyes and his easy, wide smile; his quirky sense of humor and the way he opened up to her, so easily. And she liked that—despite his choir-boy appearance—a shadow of someone not quite so innocent lurked. But those things, in the end, were why she had to leave.

She made her excuses and walked away, desperately wanting to run back at the same time as wanting to put as much distance as possible between Drew and the way he made her feel.

Drew persisted.
They spent countless hours on the phone and IM, and, God, did she love talking to him.

He was smart and witty and kind. They could discuss everything from family and friends, to politics and favorite TV shows, to the latest cancer research and the psychology of sexuality…and everything in between. Safe in the confines of her apartment, things could get a little heated over the phone or chat. They had more than one naughty conversation that, after it ended, pushed Beth to resort to those furious and furtive pleasures she was more than used to providing herself, no brash-covered books necessary. But whenever they met in person and things started to turn intimate, Beth fled.

One night at his place, Drew rented the movie A Dangerous Method. He said it was about Freud and Jung, so she relaxed on his couch, preparing to be enlightened on perhaps the Oedipus complex or the collective unconscious. Instead, she froze in her seat, staring at the screen—Keira Knightley’s Spielrein confessed her secret yearnings to Michael Fassbender’s Jung—thinking she might spontaneously combust. She squirmed and willed her body not to betray her. Drew noticed her squirm and put a comforting arm around her.

When Fassbender trussed Knightley’s wrists up to a door while the brunette, standing and bent at the waist, offered up her ass to be flogged from behind, it was too much for Beth. Wracked with self-consciousness, she shrugged out from under Drew’s arm.

“Hey, are you okay?” Drew asked.
“Yeah, I’m just a little tired, I guess,” Beth said. “I—I might get going.”
“But the movie isn’t done,” Drew said. “Is it too over the top? It’s just…we had all those psychology chats. Or is it me?” he continued in a rush. “Did I do something?”

“No! No, it’s not you,” Beth said.

Drew sighed and looked down for a moment. When he looked up at her again, his eyebrows were peaked in concern. “Beth,” he sighed. “Look, I’m just going to be really honest with you, okay? I like you. A lot. You’re smart and funny and, God, sometimes you’re so sexy, I really have to stop myself from….” He flushed and smiled. “Sorry. I just—I think you’re really attractive.”

Beth could barely contain her pounding heart. If Drew was feeding her lines, then he deserved a best actor award. She didn’t care. She’d been lost in the desert for too long, and now she wanted to drink in the look in his eyes—the one that said he wanted her.

“And,” Drew continued, “I know you like me, too. I mean, the talks we’ve had! I’ll admit, I’ve needed a cold shower after more than one.” Beth blushed with her own private memories, but kept quiet. “When we’re together, though, every time I sense a connection between us— something happening—you pull away.”

Unexpectedly, Beth felt tears spring to her eyes.
“Am I wrong?”
“You’re not wrong,” she whispered.
He moved closer to her on the couch, placed a hand on her knee. Gently, he took her chin and placed a small, delicate kiss on her lips—their first. “Sweet Beth,” he murmured. “What has he done to you?”

Her breathing caught. “What?” she gasped.

“It doesn’t take a mind reader to know that someone has you believing you are less than the amazing, sexy, beautiful woman you truly are,” he said softly, and then kissed her again, moving his arms to encircle her small frame.

“Oh,” she sighed, deflated that her insecurities were so plain, weakened by how his words nudged her deep-seated wounds.

She let herself be swept away then. Swept away by all the things he was doing, the things she’d wanted for so long: his lips on hers; the knowing way he kissed her; the feel of his strong, warm hands running down her sides, then stroking her thighs. When he cupped her breasts firmly, and even when he pinched her nipples, sending jolts of sensation straight down between her legs, she was able to push aside all of the shame and fear and loathing. She wanted this so badly.

But then.

He reached his hand up under her skirt and momentarily teased his fingers over her panty-covered mound. The sensation was fleeting and all the sweeter for being so. But when he deftly hooked his thumbs into her panties, tugged them down and off, and with a waft of coolness finding its way to her moistened cleft, her ex’s words clawed through, unbidden.

You always get so wet.
It’s so…messy.
I don’t want to get it on my fingers.
And the worst one.
I can still smell it.
She flushed hard. Her head spun, and she felt slightly nauseous. She stood. “I—I’m so sorry, Drew. I have to go.”
“Beth, please, let’s talk about it.”
But she was already grabbing her purse.
In her car on the way home, she tried to talk herself into going back. She couldn’t stay like this forever. Closed off. Unfulfilled. Ashamed. But Jeff’s words, those memories of her ex, they lived inside her like a thing, like a python that had insidiously wrapped itself around her heart and refused to let go. All starting with that first time…. [Read the rest of the story during our free Kindle giveaway on March 1st and 2nd 2014, or buy the book at Amazon today!]

Thank you for supporting us at Go Deeper Press! We heart you all — our readers, social media friends, and supporters.

Thanks for reading! Guzzle up our sexy reads at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Go Deeper Press (for all e-readers), and we’ll love you forever. You can also receive a free erotic e-book when you join our super-sensitive, sex-positive, freebie-gifting email list. Hearts.

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Shameless Behavior: Erotica Review from Mia Hopkins

Y0Z_2e4m33EA1AikWpFA3-bZSIG04gM4mLkjj_vZJYkWe woke up to a delightful tweet this morning from Go Deeper author Mia Hopkins of Dirty Little Numbers fame, who has reviewed our erotic anthology, Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame. Her fabulous review opens like this:

“Sometimes kink feels like sex distilled, the depth of sexuality packed into a word, a gesture, a mood.”

With this line, contributing author Laurel Isaac distills the flavor of Shameless Behavior, a fantastic collection of short stories edited by Lana Fox and published by Go Deeper Press.    

Indeed, kink abounds.  In “Cutter” by Beth Wyatt, a Tom Hardy-esque MMA fighter with a penchant for domination meets a meek shopgirl who regularly retreats into the restroom with a packet of razors. “Stay” by Rion Woolf is a hot trans story about giving and receiving, big secrets and big surprises.  Isaac’s “Holding” is a tribute to watersports that ends in a fun crescendo… [read the full review.]

Incidentally, Mia also has a story coming out in Delilah Devlin’s Cowboy Heat (Cleis Press). Looks like a really fun anthology! Watch that space…

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Interview with an Erotic Writer: Sommer Marsden

Sommer Marsden

Sommer Marsden

Today, we interview the talented, unapologetic Sommer Marsden, whose erotic story, “Echo Chamber,” appears in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame. Enjoy!

1. Sommer, you are renowned for your gorgeous, hot erotica. Why do you enjoy writing erotic stories?

Well, first of all, thank you. You are good for the ego! However, to be honest, I have no idea. I accidentally stumbled over an erotic story online one day. I read the story and was surprised at how well written it was and how much I enjoyed it. Then, of course, I wondered if I could write something like it. The attempt to write erotica, adding the sex to my work, was like putting a key in a lock that I didn’t even know existed. Adding the sex to the mix was the shift in my writing that took me from a “kinda writer” to a full-time writer. I have no idea why. It’s just how it happened for me. With sex in the equation, I’ve found I can write just about anything.

2. Who are some of your inspirations in the genre?

The first erotic book I bought was Alison Tyler‘s Exposed. I’ll shame myself (or, as the old saying goes, tell the truth and shame the devil) by admitting that, before I started writing erotica, I never really read it. I’m bit of a backwards tale in the world of writing. I didn’t start reading erotica until after I’d sold a few pieces. After I inhaled Exposed, I went and bought Hurts So Good (edited by Alison Tyler). In that volume, I discovered a lot of fabulous writers. There are so many writers who inspire me, but beyond AT, off the top of my head, I always make a beeline for stories written by Justine Elyot and Vida Bailey (who does not write a lot, but what she writes is worth the wait). Those are just a few!

3. Can you tell us a little about your story” Echo Chamber” in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame?

I know some people have issues with ‘loud sex,’ and I imagined it would make it worse if you had one of those lovers who made you feel bad about it. I think we’ve all had a lover who’s made us feel bad about something. Lucky for her, my heroine meets up with a new lover who wants her to make a ruckus about it– if it feels good, let me know. And he decides that the acoustics in the bathroom might be exactly what she needs to really whoop it up. It was a fun story to write. Sometimes noisy is good. Really good.

4. Why do you think erotica can be so important for society?

To me, erotica is all about human connection. Understanding each other in the barest, most human way. And I think most of us could do with a little more human connection. Especially nowadays. So much of what we do is removed from the personal element. We “communicate” from behind keyboards so much now. My hope for most of my stories is that people will read them and be inspired to seek out that intimate, human connection. Nothing would make me happier than to think of my stories inspiring a supremely intimate moment…or three.

5. Can you let us know of any other books/stories that you have in the works at the moment? Any forthcoming publications? And how can we get hold of them?

Right now I’m working on two totally different things. I’m putting the final touches on the final book from my Divination Falls male/male shifter series. So, I have two very volatile, attractive shifter types having hot gay sex. And then, on the other hand, I am putting the finishing titles on a book for Ellora’s Cave that’s a fun, hot hetero tale of modern love–no title decided on yet. The Divination Falls book will be available from Xcite, probably late 2013, early 2014. The other title will be (fingers crossed) out with Ellora’s Cave in 2014. In December, I also have the U.S. release of Restless Spirit coming out with Sourcebooks Casablanca and a dystopian novel titled Hollow Men coming out with Resplendence Publishing. Very different kinds of novels, but both are very hot and loaded with that human connection I spoke of. I aim to please!

6. Do you have any advice about writing great sex scenes?

Keep it as honest as possible. Leave out all the acrobatics and focus on the intimacy. It can be sizzling or funny or even sad. Just focus a little less on the mechanics and a little more on the emotion, and you might be surprised at how scorching the final product is.

7. Anything else you’d love to let us know, such as your website, your social media handles?

Oh, that’s easy squeezy. My blog is called Unapologetic Fiction and can be found here http://sommermarsden.blogspot.com. I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and Pinterest. My Amazon page is at amazon.com/author/sommermarsden. And that’s all of it! I think….

Out now! Click the pic for Amazon.

Out now! Click the pic for Amazon.

Sommer, you’re a star! Thanks for a fabulous interview. And folks, if you’d like to read Sommer’s “Echo Chamber” along with erotic stories from other super-talented authors, you can order Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame here:


Barnes & Noble


Also, Con, Book 1: You Can Play It Safe When You’re Dead will soon be free no longer! Download this brazen story of twin con artists, for $0, while you still can….

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Sneak Peek at Zöe More’s Erotica

Photo credit below.

Photo credit below.

This post is for adult eyes only.

Please please check out this powerful post by Shameless Behavior author Zöe More on overcoming abuse via erotic horror and so much more.  Seriously.  It’s extraordinarily beautiful.

And, having said that, how could we not share a section from More’s “Hunger,” an erotic horror story that we’re honored to publish in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame?

When Sully’s mother, Victoria, tells her that if she ever kisses a man on the mouth he will die, Sully isn’t sure if she believes her.  But when she spies on Victoria kissing a stranger in the dark alley, this is what Sully sees:

[Sully] watched her mother suddenly raise her head and latch onto the man’s mouth,

Out now! Click the pic for Amazon.

Out now! Click the pic for Amazon.

kissing him deeply. The man groaned. Victoria ripped his jeans down and pulled on him

roughly, making the man swear and writhe. 

As Sully pressed her own fingers between her legs, the man started to convulse violently, but Victoria did not stop gripping his mouth with her mouth, his cock with her hand, not until he started to sweat, bleeding more moisture than Sully had ever seen, more than she’d ever felt run down her back in a summer thunderstorm, surely even more than what filled the drainage ditches in front of the house, until, impossibly, he seemed to burst in a shower of sizzling liquid, until there was nothing left of him but dust, nothing more than a chalky outline of a man, much like those her science teacher drew on the blackboard, sketched haphazardly into the crumbling brick of the alley. 

How will Sully ever kiss anyone now? Especially anyone she cares about? Of course, when she meets the boy she truly wants, the stakes have never been higher…

You can buy Shameless Behavior at:

Go Deeper Press


…and soon elsewhere!


Photo credit: Gabriel S. Delgado C. from Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela (Lujuria / Lust: Tentación  Uploaded by Fæ) via Wikimedia Commons

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Sneak Preview of Laurel Isaac’s Holding

Coming this September!

Coming this September!

This post is for adult eyes only.

Folks, it’s time for another quick preview of an erotic story from Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame. In Laurel Isaac’s “Holding,” two queer boys discuss watersports for the first time. As they talk, the narrator feels a wealth of emotions, including deep excitement and vulnerability. Here, she’s ardent about piss play, yet also remembers how she was once shamed:

I had a very kinky lover who was so disgusted by watersports that she would go into an exaggerated paroxysm of gagging every time it came up around kinky friends. She didn’t know about me, though I stopped thinking about it while I was with her.

But the desire always comes back. It’s so sharp, so immediate. I’m turned on before I know it, and I’m like, Is this okay? But then there’s the pleasure, blushing outward pleasure, and I’m like, This is good, very good. I think about women peeing while I’m inside them, gushing into my lap; a dyke being paddled by a ferocious top, so excited she just pees everywhere. Watching piss porn, it’s like my body was just meant to come. The excitement is so close to the surface. I barely have to do anything. I’m a magician floating her hand over the table and pulling the magnetic prop right along…

Thank you, Laurel. Now, this excerpt reminds me of the following:  I recently decided to stop browsing an erotic magazine because of the language they use when they state that they don’t accept watersports submissions. They say, in their guidelines, that they take such “violations” very “seriously.” That really pissed me off. (Pun intended.) But then, I thought of Laurel Isaac’s “Holding,” and I felt much better. And also pleasantly flushed. 

Because what sex activism is more delightful than art that turns us on?

Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame will be launched on Amazon on Monday September 30th, 2013, and will probably appear even sooner on the GDP site. To get the latest updates about the anthology, as well as freebies and deals, do sign up for our occasional newsletter (which comes with a free mini erotic e-book by Lana Fox!).

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Sneak Preview from Shameless Behavior: Daniel Burnell’s “Tamar”

Coming this September!

Coming this September!

The following reading material is for adults only. 

Our first sneak preview of the erotica in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame, comes from Daniel Burnell’s “Tamar.”  In this tale, two soldiers meet in the desert, soon after the hostilities of war. The woman, Tamar, is a more recent recruit.  She is also a virgin. The man, Gabe, is a more experienced soldier.  In the story, Tamar is shy about the size of her body.  And here is a glimpse of how this sexual experience helps her to transform:

Gabe slides down to his knees and, with his fingers spread on her full ass, pushes his face between her legs and bites the uniform pants covering her cunt, the first time in her life anyone has ever touched her like that down there. Of course, she had heard of it, but never imagined it would happen like it is. Quaking with pleasure and cold, Tamar holds his head hard against her, and her mind seems to open with the freedom of escape from an oppressive regime, her own self-imposed prohibitions against her sensuality, boldness, and size. She had been unfairly tried and convicted, and her privacy had turned in on itself as she held back. Now, here is a man who loves her plump, juicy body and wants to put his face in her cunt, and she wants him to and everything else he can dream up. Surely she will have an orgasm if he keeps gnawing her down there. But he stops and unlaces her boots, removes them, and slides her pants and underwear off… — From Tamar by Daniel Burnell

To make sure you don’t miss out on the full story, as well as the other 11 tales in the e-book, join our mailing list where you’ll receive special deals and giveaways, including a sexy mini-ebook by Lana Fox.

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An Interview with Erotic Writer Beth Wyatt

Beth Wyatt, author of Cutter

Beth Wyatt, author of Cutter

You’re going to be really proud that you know who Beth Wyatt is. She isn’t new to publishiing her work, but she is new to publishing her erotic writing–and it’s quite beautiful. Look forward to her powerful, steamy “Cutter” in “Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame.” Now enjoy her interview, won’t you?

1. We’re thrilled that you have joined us at Go Deeper Press.  Your story, Cutter, is beautiful, not to mention steamy.  Anyway, why did you become an erotic writer? We’d love to know…

Back in high school, I used to write “erotic thrillers” and share them with my friends. They were all the same–some female journalist stumbles across some secret that threatens her life and has lots of sex with the handsome cop assigned to protect her. They were awful, but I had fun writing them. It was a naughty thing to do, and it was something that set me apart from my classmates. In short, I was a teenage pornographer! But for some reason, I drifted away from erotica and focused on other genres as I got older. I’ve only recently found my way back thanks to my good friend and erotica writer, A.D.R. Forte. She gave me a lot of feedback on my story “Cutter” and encouraged me to submit it to GDP.

2. Can you give us an idea of what your story in “Shameless Behavior” is about?

It’s about an unhappy young woman who uses physical pain to ease her own emotional suffering. That need embarrasses her, and she tries to keep it hidden until she has a chance encounter with an equally wounded young man who needs to hurt someone as badly as she needs to be hurt. It’s a bit dark and sexy, but I think sex is always better with a bit of darkness. I hope readers will think so, too.

3. Is erotic writing something you enjoy? If so, why?

“Cutter” is the first piece of true erotica I’ve written as an adult, and it virtually wrote itself, which is a rare thing for me. I tend to write more “mainstream” stories, but there’s usually a strong sexual component to them. I think sex is such an integral part of the human experience that you can’t avoid it, no matter what genre you write in.

As far as enjoying the experience of writing erotica goes, I think that will come in time for me. Right now I’m a little too self conscious and keep getting in my own way.

4. How do you think our world would be different if there was less sexual shame and more sexual pride?

Coming this September!

Coming this September!

I think people would be happier in general. We externalize our shame and judge and punish other people who represent to us the parts of ourselves that we hate. By learning to love and accept ourselves, we learn to love and accept others. And if we’re no longer repressing our true sexual selves, we can have more and better sex. Who wouldn’t want that?

5. How do people respond when you tell them you’re an erotic writer? Do you have any stories about that?

Outside of my circle of writing friends, only my big sister knows. She’s a big fan of erotica, and she’s excited about my upcoming appearance in “Shameless Behavior.” I’m nervous about her reading my story for some reason, but I’ll get over it.

6. What advice might you give to a writer who wants to pen a great sex scene?

I really hate sex scenes where the writer just gives you a laundry list of actions the characters are performing without developing any emotional connection to the action. Sure, sex is a primal, physical act, but there’s a psychological component as well. For me, a well-written sex scene involves the brains and the hearts of the characters, not just their naughty bits.

Another thing, avoid weird euphemisms for sexual organs. Please no “love wands” or “squish mittens” or other weird phrases–unless they are in keeping with your character’s voice. If you’re free enough to write about sex, you should be brave enough to write about it clearly and plainly. Words like “pussy,” “dick,” “cunt” and “cock” are your friends.

“Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame” will launch in September 2013. To keep up to date with the launch, and also receive a free erotic e-book by Lana Fox, join our mailing list! (We never share your email and we don’t bombard.)

Beth Wyatt still lives in the same small Virginia town where she was born and raised. She pens her stories late at night, surrounded by cats and death metal music. She is currently working on her first novel.

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An Interview with Erotic Writer Sybil Rush

Sybil Rush

Sybil Rush

It was a joy to interview Sybil Rush, whose erotic story, Mesmerized, will appear in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame (due for release in early September–sign up for the GDP newsletter to stay up to date with the launch.) Here, take a peek at her world:

We’re thrilled that you have joined us at Go Deeper Press, Sybil. You’re a fabulous writer.  Anyhoo, we’d love to know why you became an erotic author.  Will you spill the beans?

Aw, thank you. I’m blushing!

When I was younger, a lot younger, I was a strip tease artist and a topless dancer. It was my fantasy, and I lived it, and I loved almost every minute of it. I also knew a lot of other people who were sexually adventurous and got to hear their stories. Now, a bunch of those experiences are wanting to come back out as fiction.

Can you give us an idea of what your story in Shameless Behavior is about?

It’s about a woman who shames other people for being sexual. I know too many people like that, unfortunately, and what I wanted to explore in this story is ‘Why?’ Why do they feel the need to shame other people? And could anything happen that would make them stop doing it? Honestly, I find people who shame other people, especially sexually, REALLY unlikeable. So it was a big challenge to try to humanize her and have her be at least somewhat sympathetic. I hope readers are going to root for her, but I don’t know.

How do you think our world would be different if there was less sexual shame and more sexual pride?

I have some pretty out there ideas about this. I believe that sexual shame and sexual deprivation lead to a lot of the violence in the world. I’m not talking just about sexual violence, like rape, but all kinds of violence, from wars to bar fights. I mean, just look at the statistics on how sexual violence has decreased as porn has become more available. So, yeah, I think a world with more sexual pride would be a more peaceful world.

How do people respond when you tell them you’re an erotic writer? Do you have any stories about that?

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Ha ha. No one knows!

I’m really fascinated by secrets like that. The old lady who lives next door might write erotica. The soccer mom across the street might have been a call girl before she got married and had a family. And the couple on the corner might be swingers. You just never know.

What advice might you give to a writer who wants to pen a great sex scene?

I’d like to get some advice on that! I’m still trying to figure out how to write a great sex scene.

When I read a sex scene, what really turns me on is when I can feel the character’s enthusiasm. Like, if in real life, you really love giving blow jobs and, as a writer, you can put those specific things that you love about it into your story. Even if those aren’t the same things that I love about giving blow jobs, I’m going to feel it because it’s real to you.

And for those who want to read Sybil, here’s what she says she’s up to in the writing department:

I’m writing an erotic ghost story to submit to a Halloween anthology. I was working on it at home the other night, and I scared my own damn self. Really bad. I’m going to finish it, but I don’t think I’ll be writing any more supernatural stuff. I scare too easily.

I also had a story come out in an anthology called Valentine’s Day. It’s about a man who surprises his wife on her 40th birthday by arranging for her to dance at a strip club. I’m also going to have two stories on the Erotica Readers and Writers website during September. One is a dystopian, futuristic erotic story about hoarding, rock n’ roll, totalitarian government, and groupies. The other is about a girl who wants to be a topless dancer and her affair with the ‘sound guy’ at the club, who is a woman. Those will be up on September 1 (at this location) and gone at the end of September.

Of course, you can read Sybil Rush’s erotic “Mesmerized” in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame, when it comes out in early September. To stay in touch about the launch and get a FREE e-book, sign up for the GDP newsletter. You can also get a noir erotic novelette free from the GDP website…and this offer won’t last forever! Also don’t forget Huddle: Sex with Sporty Queers, the most exciting erotic collection Lana Fox has read for a long, long time.

Sybil Rush is currently a research scientist and part-time writer of erotica. However, she learned most of what she knows about sex during her former careers. She has been, at various times, a striptease artist, a topless dancer, an enlisted soldier, and a midwife. She occasionally blogs at http://nouveaugrotto.blogspot.com.au/.

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