Sneak Preview from Shameless Behavior: Daniel Burnell’s “Tamar”

Coming this September!

Coming this September!

The following reading material is for adults only. 

Our first sneak preview of the erotica in Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame, comes from Daniel Burnell’s “Tamar.”  In this tale, two soldiers meet in the desert, soon after the hostilities of war. The woman, Tamar, is a more recent recruit.  She is also a virgin. The man, Gabe, is a more experienced soldier.  In the story, Tamar is shy about the size of her body.  And here is a glimpse of how this sexual experience helps her to transform:

Gabe slides down to his knees and, with his fingers spread on her full ass, pushes his face between her legs and bites the uniform pants covering her cunt, the first time in her life anyone has ever touched her like that down there. Of course, she had heard of it, but never imagined it would happen like it is. Quaking with pleasure and cold, Tamar holds his head hard against her, and her mind seems to open with the freedom of escape from an oppressive regime, her own self-imposed prohibitions against her sensuality, boldness, and size. She had been unfairly tried and convicted, and her privacy had turned in on itself as she held back. Now, here is a man who loves her plump, juicy body and wants to put his face in her cunt, and she wants him to and everything else he can dream up. Surely she will have an orgasm if he keeps gnawing her down there. But he stops and unlaces her boots, removes them, and slides her pants and underwear off… — From Tamar by Daniel Burnell

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