Sneaky Peek at Stella Harris’ “Aquamarine”


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This post is for adult eyes only.

Today, another preview from our brand new, erotic story collection, Shameless Behavior, which will be out this coming week. Stella Harris‘ “Aquamarine” sees Kelsey’s partner, Will, coming out about his love of cross-dressing in the bedroom. Specifically, Will loves having sex in women’s panties. Here’s the point where Kelsey sees Will in panties for the first time:

Kelsey changed in the bathroom down the hall, and then waited impatiently by their bedroom door for Will to call out that he was ready, like in a doctor’s office.

When the call finally came, Kelsey rushed through the door before stopping in her tracks. Will was face down on the bed—a sight to behold. One of his legs was bent just enough to give her a perfect view of his body and the panties, which were a perfect fit. The sea green satin almost glowed against Will’s tan skin. The waistband sat at the top of the curve of Will’s ass, and the slightly transparent fabric was stretched just enough to give a preview of what lay beneath.

Kelsey moved forward and slid her hands down Will’s back, but didn’t let herself touch the fabric yet. Now she was ready to slow down, to make this experience special, and to build anticipation. She’d meant to do that for Will’s benefit, but her own fingers were twitching with eagerness to touch.

Many thanks to Stella for so perfectly exploding the myth that a butch heterosexual man can’t be hot for his partner in femme panties. I particularly love how excited Kelsey is to see Will dressed this way. Often, sex is hottest when it surprises us, right?

Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame will be on sale in the next few days.

Bonjour sexy. Au revoir shame.

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Photo credits: By Carl Bednorz (Flickr: Bow) via Wikimedia Commons

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