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Go Deeper Press’ Links for the Week

url-2Today, we are running around the backyard, butt-naked, waving our Pride flag, and all in the name of supporting marriage for everyone…our good, gay selves included.  We have very cold feet courtesy of the snow, and there are butterflies are in our stomachs.  But butterflies are transformational, right?

Our links for this week, courtesy of the lovely Angela.

1. Why DOMA is Doomed

2. Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps May Be Gay, Suggests Former Member Lauren Drain

3. Hong Kong LGBT groups withdraw from government-sponsored Sexual Minorities Forum

4. Liz Carmouche Says She’ll Fight Fallon Fox

5. New interview at Kink-E Magazine with Alison Tyler, famed erotica writer and Go Deeper Press author.

6. New Documentary Following LGBT Athletes As They Come Out

7. Powerful Anti-Hate Ad Imagines What Harvey Milk, Matthew Shepard, and Others Would Be Like Today: VIDEO

8. Heeeeeere Come the Gay Divorces!

9. Gay Meningitis Outbreak in New York City: Help Spread the Word!

10. Michelle Shocked Me

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