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Things People Say About Sex on Buses

Get "Sol" free when you sign up for the GDP newsletter!

Get “Sol” free when you sign up for the GDP newsletter!

First of all, a quick shout-out to a wonderful review of Alison Tyler’s Those Girls!  Many thanks to A Book Hunter’s Journal for taking the time to say so many lovely things about Alison’s book.  A fun excerpt:

“My first mistake was downloading the book at work. It’d been so long since my last Alison Tyler naughty read that I forgot how steamy her prose is. So I hunkered down at the puppet stage with Judy (a puppet), a chicken (also a puppet), and my coworker (not a puppet). Ms. Tyler’s imagery blows out of the page (e-page?), filling her readers’ heads with all sorts of decadent scenes.”

Secondly, can you imagine anyone saying that banning a racist advert from a London bus would be a “threat to democracy”?  Well, some people make this crazy argument about homophobic adverts.  Seriously.  Gay Star News tells all.  Do take a look.  

Also, did you know that if you are kind enough to sign up for our newsletter, we’ll give you a taboo, erotic Go Deeper Short by yours truly?  The mini e-book is called Sol and it breaks rules…as we tend to do at GDP.  😉

Thank you, dear sex-positive readers.  Have a lovely day!

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Femme Fat, Femme Fatale!


Sweet pic taken from

I recently discovered Bevin Branlandingham (aka the Queer Fat Femme) via a post she published at the Frisky, entitled, “7 Ways to Be a Good Ally to Your Fat Lover” — a wonderful read.  An excerpt:

‘I learned this body affirming practice where anytime you say something critical about a body part you immediately respond with an apology and a gratitude: “I’m sorry, tummy,  for talking shit about you. I am so grateful to you for being so soft and comfortable.” Something like that.

I was thinking that if I was having a hard time with a part of my body it would be awesome for my partner to give it some extra TLC. Kisses, sweet talk, a massage, etc…’

The rest of the post is just as empowering and loving.  I recommend you take a look.

Also!  The folks at (specifically ARH) have written a wonderful review of Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women, entitled, “Femme Fatale: Bedside Reading fot the Disposable Male.”  Thank you kindly, DieForHer.  We love how the review gives some favorite quotes from the collection and also notes that Femme Fatale isn’t only for women and female-identified readers — sex-positive men can enjoy it too.  What’s more, if you’re into femme fatale fetishes, do check out the (not always NSFW) DieForHer site.

And by the way, Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women edited by me, Lana Fox, is available from Amazon or Barnes&Noble or our hot online store.

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Meet Jimmy Lee Hales, Gay Mormon

This is his “coming out” story–or video, really. It’s fascinating, brave as hell, and the perfect way to start your Monday. Do enjoy.

Many thanks to Meredith Bennett-Smith and the Huffington Post for this story. You can catch Jimmy’s full story here: “Jimmy Hales, Gay Mormon, Comes Out To Family, Records Their Reactions In Amazing Clip (VIDEO).”

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How We Like Our Sex (Let’s Show You!)

Available now from GDP!

Available now from GDP!

We read a lot of submissions, folks.  Really.  A helluva lot.  We’re lucky, because we love reading sex scenes, and we do receive a great deal of good work.  But sometimes, we come across well-penned sex scenes that just aren’t for us.

This is a very personal thing.  It’s to do with our aesthetic, rather than a clear judgment of “good” or “bad.”  If a scene is too flowery with language, for instance, or uses words that we find distancing (like “penis” or “member” or “vagina” — words that aren’t part of our preferred aesthetic), or if the scene is slushy or romantic in a chintzy kind of way, it’s easy for us to press the “reject” button.

So what sort of sex writing do we love?

In a word, edgy.

If you’re over 18 (the rest of this post is adults only reading, folks) take a look at this excerpt from Zoe More‘s “Our Courtship, Our Romance,” in Femme Fatale (which is still our bestseller — it has a full five stars on both Amazon and B&N, which totally wows us).  I think the following lines are even more fun if I don’t give you the context…

“I love to decorate my chamber with their flesh, their sighs, their screams.  Draping one across a settee and softly pressing her breasts to mine; pounding another into the pianoforte, my thrusts fisting her spine into the stained ivory; and then the quick slap of a blushing face peeking out from behind the velvet portieres.   They are lovely, and they are mine.”  To read more, you can find Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women at our online store, or at Amazon, or at Barnes&Noble.

We also love sexual fantasy.  We know that can be just as hot as a sex scene itself.  In Alison Tyler‘s “Those Girls,” for instance, Sandy, a bisexual male dom, fantasizes about the gossip columnist, Vanessa, who he has just been being punished beneath his whip:

“I had that flash again.  Blue porcelain bowl on my black-and-white tiled floor.  Vanessa naked in only a collar licking champagne from the bowl.  I started to tell her.  I started to explain, watching her body as the climax built within her.”  You can find Those Girls at our online store, Amazon, or Barnes&Noble.

In “Compassion’s Seed,” my story from As the Bishop Said to the Actress, my bishop also fantasizes…but his fantasy takes place in a less forgiving environment. (And this is another thing we love.  Erotica that gives voice to the “taboo”):

“Lost, the bishop continued his clumsy sermon, trying not to stare at the woman in blue.  But it was no use.  As the woman took a seat in the front pew, he imagined her falling to her knees and taking his sex in her hands and mouth.  She’d suckle him hard, rubbing and licking, hands as busy as her eager lips, and when he climaxed in this vision, he felt it vividly–his hips bucking in pleasure as he came so plentifully that her mouth overflowed…”  You can find As the Bishop Said to the Actress at our online store, on Amazon, or Barnes&Noble.

Just a taster (pun intended.)  But what about you?  Do you have any quotes that show us your own erotic aesthetic, or one that you love?  We’d be pleased to read them, so feel free to comment below.  Plus, if you quote your own stories and they happen to be posted or published (bravo!), you can always leave a link, of course, so that we can visit your page.

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The Hottest, Fuzziest Queer Couple Practice Smart Safe Sex

Have you seen this public service announcement that promotes HIV awareness in quite possibly the best way ever? It’s running on LogoTV, and every time it comes on, I sprint to the TV set in total effin’ bliss.

A quick background bit for you on these safer studs, courtesy of HuffPost.

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Sex with Ducks (to Music) by Garfunkel and Oates

No really!  It’s brilliant.  And it’s activism.  Here…

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Just Because You’re Homophobic Doesn’t Mean I’m Having Sex

Photo from

A bonobo that is *not* having sex. Photo:

The word “activist” is a useful one.  I tell people that I’m a “sexuality activist” to let them know that I view sexuality as vital.  “Anti-gay activists” use this, their own term, to show people how important they think getting rid of gay sex is.  But of course, there is another difference at work here.  When listening to the anti-gay activist, it often becomes clear that being gay is all about sex for them.  For the sexuality activist, being gay can be about sex, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.

Because another very useful term is “sexuality.”

You don’t have to be having sex to have a sexuality (or a way of thinking, feeling and identifying sexually).  You can be gay and never have gay sex. You can be gay and never have sex at all.  You can be gay and hate sex.  You can be gay and be in a heterosexual relationship.

When a certain person in my life told me that being gay was “unnatural,” I asked her to explain.  She immediately started talking about sex, and how gay sex was immoral.  “Animals don’t have gay sex,” she said (which, of course, is a total lie.  If you haven’t done so before, just google “gay animals” to see how wrong her notion is!).

One of my responses was to ask her, “Why do you automatically think that being gay is about sex?”  And I added, being somewhat passive-agressive, I’m afraid, “It’s not like everything is about sex, you know.”

I knew that would piss her off.  And I was right.

The difference between sex and sexuality or sexual identity is striking.  Naturally, the way you feel isn’t always the way you act or choose to act.  In the UK, if you’re a gay bishop, you have to be celibate.  You’re still gay.  Now I’m against people having to be celibate.  But I’m also against people having to have sex.

It’s time that we stopped assuming that saying, “I’m gay” is the equivalent of saying, “I’m having gay sex.”  Because unless we do, we limit people.  After all, sex is only going to be wonderful if we actually choose it.  And whether, or how, or when we choose it is nobody’s business but our own.

Thanks for supporting our sex-positive erotic press.  To buy our anthology As the Bishop Said to the Actress at the sale price of just 99 cents, you can visit our online store before February 17th.  What’s more, Alison Tyler’s Those Girls is also available at an amazing knock-down price.

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Free Erotica from “As the Bishop Said to the Actress” (and Our Valentine’s Week Sale!)

Well, hello dear sex-positive readers!

Whether you are partnered or solo this Valentine’s Day, we want you to know about a big discount.  From Thursday February 14th to Sunday February 17th, As the Bishop Said to the Actress can be yours for a mere 0.99 cents at our online store.  (Or you can buy on Amazon or Barnes&Noble for the usual price.)  To see whether this taboo, erotic anthology is for you, you can listen to Lana reading a few pages from her story in the vid below.  Warning:  This really is explicit, adult material.  Over 18’s only, please.  

Tomorrow, we’re launching Alison Tyler’s powerfully erotic Those Girls, also at a special Valentine’s price at our online store.  (Or you can buy from Amazon or Barnes&Noble.)  It’s hot. edgy and transformational.  There’s spanking, there’s confessing.  And we can’t wait!

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Queer Kids Love the Prom, Too

Rainbow_flag.svgAnd it looks like fellow students and one particularly pea-brained teacher at Sullivan High School in Indiana know this, but still, they’re pushing for an “alternate” prom where there will be a “ban on gays.” Now, I know this is already screaming nuts to you, but I insist you check out the Huffington Post article on this, because I’m fairly certain it will make you angry enough to shred metal with your bare hands. What a sad state of affairs, in 2013, when a community in the middle of the United States starts relying on bogus, bigoted tactics to keep things “traditional.” So tell me, Sullivan, Indiana: How long before the non-white kids have their own separate bathrooms?

Okay. Deep breaths for me now as I direct you to more positive places. Have a Facebook account, do you? Great! Go and support the LGBTQ kids and all their non-bigoted friends at their Facebook page, Support the Sullivan High School Prom for All Students. Leave a comment and let them know you have their backs. And what a great time to mention all the amazing work that the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth (BAGLY) has done over the years. Hell, they offer their own prom for queer kids who want to feel safe and embraced, and why not drop them a few bucks in support of all this?

In completely different news, get ready for Alison Tyler’s Those Girls, because they’re hot in all their red-headness, in all their insolent, sassy, new-bottom-swagger way. Trust me. It will be available on Valentine’s Day, and at a discounted price–that’s the rumor.

Thanks for hanging out with Go Deeper Presswho publish sex-positive erotica with a political slant.  Find out more about our e-books here.

The happy U.S. rainbow flag comes courtesy of GPL via Wikimedia Commons.



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Disgrace in Steubenville


Traci Lords © Glenn Francis

If you haven’t heard about the Steubenville rape case, it’s horrifying.  And today, as I was listening to In Bed with Susie Bright, Susie brought our attention to Traci Lords, who was raped in Steubenville herself.  I recommend this powerful article at the Daily Beast by Winston Ross.  It contains Traci’s courageous description of the time she was raped as a young teenager.  An excerpt:

And he just kept whispering, “You’re so beautiful, God, you’re beautiful,” just this sweet voice tickling me
Then I got kinda nervous and I got really embarrassed I felt myself getting really hot, sort of blushing,
I tried to get up but he started to laugh
And he was sort of pulling me down, pinning me in to the ground…

I mean, wow.  Much respect to Traci.  You can read more here.  Do let us know your thoughts.

On a lighter note, we look forward to releasing Alison Tyler’s BDSM novelette, Those Girls, this Valentine’s Day.  And if you’d like some thoughts on how to spend Valentine’s Day if you’re solo this year, I’ve penned some suggestions for solo lovers here.

Have a lovely evening, folks!

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