Disgrace in Steubenville


Traci Lords © Glenn Francis http://www.PacificProDigital.com

If you haven’t heard about the Steubenville rape case, it’s horrifying.  And today, as I was listening to In Bed with Susie Bright, Susie brought our attention to Traci Lords, who was raped in Steubenville herself.  I recommend this powerful article at the Daily Beast by Winston Ross.  It contains Traci’s courageous description of the time she was raped as a young teenager.  An excerpt:

And he just kept whispering, “You’re so beautiful, God, you’re beautiful,” just this sweet voice tickling me
Then I got kinda nervous and I got really embarrassed I felt myself getting really hot, sort of blushing,
I tried to get up but he started to laugh
And he was sort of pulling me down, pinning me in to the ground…

I mean, wow.  Much respect to Traci.  You can read more here.  Do let us know your thoughts.

On a lighter note, we look forward to releasing Alison Tyler’s BDSM novelette, Those Girls, this Valentine’s Day.  And if you’d like some thoughts on how to spend Valentine’s Day if you’re solo this year, I’ve penned some suggestions for solo lovers here.

Have a lovely evening, folks!

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