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How We Like Our Sex (Let’s Show You!)

Available now from GDP!

Available now from GDP!

We read a lot of submissions, folks.  Really.  A helluva lot.  We’re lucky, because we love reading sex scenes, and we do receive a great deal of good work.  But sometimes, we come across well-penned sex scenes that just aren’t for us.

This is a very personal thing.  It’s to do with our aesthetic, rather than a clear judgment of “good” or “bad.”  If a scene is too flowery with language, for instance, or uses words that we find distancing (like “penis” or “member” or “vagina” — words that aren’t part of our preferred aesthetic), or if the scene is slushy or romantic in a chintzy kind of way, it’s easy for us to press the “reject” button.

So what sort of sex writing do we love?

In a word, edgy.

If you’re over 18 (the rest of this post is adults only reading, folks) take a look at this excerpt from Zoe More‘s “Our Courtship, Our Romance,” in Femme Fatale (which is still our bestseller — it has a full five stars on both Amazon and B&N, which totally wows us).  I think the following lines are even more fun if I don’t give you the context…

“I love to decorate my chamber with their flesh, their sighs, their screams.  Draping one across a settee and softly pressing her breasts to mine; pounding another into the pianoforte, my thrusts fisting her spine into the stained ivory; and then the quick slap of a blushing face peeking out from behind the velvet portieres.   They are lovely, and they are mine.”  To read more, you can find Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women at our online store, or at Amazon, or at Barnes&Noble.

We also love sexual fantasy.  We know that can be just as hot as a sex scene itself.  In Alison Tyler‘s “Those Girls,” for instance, Sandy, a bisexual male dom, fantasizes about the gossip columnist, Vanessa, who he has just been being punished beneath his whip:

“I had that flash again.  Blue porcelain bowl on my black-and-white tiled floor.  Vanessa naked in only a collar licking champagne from the bowl.  I started to tell her.  I started to explain, watching her body as the climax built within her.”  You can find Those Girls at our online store, Amazon, or Barnes&Noble.

In “Compassion’s Seed,” my story from As the Bishop Said to the Actress, my bishop also fantasizes…but his fantasy takes place in a less forgiving environment. (And this is another thing we love.  Erotica that gives voice to the “taboo”):

“Lost, the bishop continued his clumsy sermon, trying not to stare at the woman in blue.  But it was no use.  As the woman took a seat in the front pew, he imagined her falling to her knees and taking his sex in her hands and mouth.  She’d suckle him hard, rubbing and licking, hands as busy as her eager lips, and when he climaxed in this vision, he felt it vividly–his hips bucking in pleasure as he came so plentifully that her mouth overflowed…”  You can find As the Bishop Said to the Actress at our online store, on Amazon, or Barnes&Noble.

Just a taster (pun intended.)  But what about you?  Do you have any quotes that show us your own erotic aesthetic, or one that you love?  We’d be pleased to read them, so feel free to comment below.  Plus, if you quote your own stories and they happen to be posted or published (bravo!), you can always leave a link, of course, so that we can visit your page.

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Free Erotica from “As the Bishop Said to the Actress” (and Our Valentine’s Week Sale!)

Well, hello dear sex-positive readers!

Whether you are partnered or solo this Valentine’s Day, we want you to know about a big discount.  From Thursday February 14th to Sunday February 17th, As the Bishop Said to the Actress can be yours for a mere 0.99 cents at our online store.  (Or you can buy on Amazon or Barnes&Noble for the usual price.)  To see whether this taboo, erotic anthology is for you, you can listen to Lana reading a few pages from her story in the vid below.  Warning:  This really is explicit, adult material.  Over 18’s only, please.  

Tomorrow, we’re launching Alison Tyler’s powerfully erotic Those Girls, also at a special Valentine’s price at our online store.  (Or you can buy from Amazon or Barnes&Noble.)  It’s hot. edgy and transformational.  There’s spanking, there’s confessing.  And we can’t wait!

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“Hot and Coming Your Way….” (And We Have a Winner!)

w1_2PDrg9GjQSc7ios6siOzw01hVPIE_bmGmo4Bpa4QOh my God, we’re excited, so excited, so excited. In just a matter of days our new anthology, As the Bishop Said to the Actress, will be available in our webstore and on Amazon.com. (Have patience, please! All GDP books will soon be available on bn.com and in Apple’s iBookstore, too. We promise.) The anthology includes four amazing stories, leading with our contest winner, “Fishing” by A. Zimmerman. Oh, so fun. Oh, so seriously sexy. We hope you love it, too.

Other stories included are these awesome gems: “The Bishop’s Tongue” by James Thorpby, “The Solo Act” by Lady Astrid, and “Compassion’s Seed” by our own Lana Fox. We’re so proud of this anthology, which takes that cheeky British saying, mixes it up with a bucket-load of taboo, and delivers fiction that is clever, dark, transformative, and (sorta most importantly) seriously piping hot.

The official release date is Monday, February 4, but we’ll be offering a pre-release version at a discounted price to all our newsletter subscribers. Not a subscriber yet? No worries. Click right here and join the fun.



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As the Bishop Said to the Actress: Erotic Contests

Bishop Brennan from the legendary “Father Ted”

Have you ever heard of the British phrase, “as the bishop said to the actress”?  If not, here’s the lowdown.  If someone says, without intending a sex pun, “I’ll give you it as soon as I can…” or “It’s getting harder and harder…” or “Put this in there, would you…” it is customary in circles of pun-obsessed souls to tack on the phrase, “…as the bishop said to the actress.”  Voila!  The reverse phrase is used as well:  “As the actress said to the bishop….”  And there are other alternatives — take a look here to read more.  You can also follow or use the Twitter hashtag we’ve created, #AsTheBishopSaidToTheActress, for more bishop-themed punning, with zero guarantee of taste.  Snort.

So what does this have to do with Go Deeper Press?  Well, we are offering twenty bucks to the best #AsTheBishopSaidToTheActress tweet.  The winning tweet will be published on our blog.  By the way, folks, the hash tag must be used for tweet to qualify.  Deadline: October 20th.  If you prefer to enter by commenting on this blog (rather than on Twitter) that’s great too, but remember that your “tweet” (or rather tweet-like comment) needs to be 140 characters or less, including the hash tag.

Our other contest offers publication of the best erotic stories that contain a bishop and an actress…and, of course, a sex pun.  Warning:  These still have to be hot, intriguing, character-driven stories that are well-written.  These stories can be comical, but we’re after a range of moods.  You can enter stories of between 400 and 1,500 words (See our submission guidelines below).  And because it is quite a feat to create an enticing erotic tale within these limits, we’re offering 100 dollars to the best one.  All stories will be considered for publication by Go Deeper Press.  The deadline for this contest is November 15th.

Hard, but worth it.

Pun intended.

Submission guidelines for story contest:  Please send your stories as a double-spaced, 12 point font, Word attachment.  Email to: submissions [at] godeeperpress.com with “Bishop to the Actress” in the subject line.  If you do this, you will make our editors’ lives so smooth and shiny that we will send positive reiki right towards your manuscript.  (No, really!).  Deadline: November 15th at midnight (US time, EST).

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