Queer Kids Love the Prom, Too

Rainbow_flag.svgAnd it looks like fellow students and one particularly pea-brained teacher at Sullivan High School in Indiana know this, but still, they’re pushing for an “alternate” prom where there will be a “ban on gays.” Now, I know this is already screaming nuts to you, but I insist you check out the Huffington Post article on this, because I’m fairly certain it will make you angry enough to shred metal with your bare hands. What a sad state of affairs, in 2013, when a community in the middle of the United States starts relying on bogus, bigoted tactics to keep things “traditional.” So tell me, Sullivan, Indiana: How long before the non-white kids have their own separate bathrooms?

Okay. Deep breaths for me now as I direct you to more positive places. Have a Facebook account, do you? Great! Go and support the LGBTQ kids and all their non-bigoted friends at their Facebook page, Support the Sullivan High School Prom for All Students. Leave a comment and let them know you have their backs. And what a great time to mention all the amazing work that the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth (BAGLY) has done over the years. Hell, they offer their own prom for queer kids who want to feel safe and embraced, and why not drop them a few bucks in support of all this?

In completely different news, get ready for Alison Tyler’s Those Girls, because they’re hot in all their red-headness, in all their insolent, sassy, new-bottom-swagger way. Trust me. It will be available on Valentine’s Day, and at a discounted price–that’s the rumor.

Thanks for hanging out with Go Deeper Presswho publish sex-positive erotica with a political slant.  Find out more about our e-books here.

The happy U.S. rainbow flag comes courtesy of GPL via Wikimedia Commons.



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