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Those Boys: The Dom is ON!


Domming your e-reader…from 7/21!

Domming your e-reader…from 7/21!

Alison Tyler‘s Those Boys officially launches tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited. (In fact, you can already buy the e-book from Go Deeper if you don’t want to wait for Amazon and B&N.) Alison Tyler is a powerful talent and we know how fortunate we are to publish her. Her voice is to-die-for (especially when she writes as Sandy, in my opinion) and her characters vibrate on the page–as does their sexual connection. Those Boys is a page turner that is very hard to put down. And it explores BDSM lifestyle and psychology in a way that we find as profound as it is enticing. Alison’s Those Girls, in fact, which is the first in the series, was an Amazon BDSM chart-topper that shot us all right out of the water.

We are lucky. Profoundly so.

And you know who’s even luckier than us? Sandy, the narrator of Those Boys. Sandy is “engaging, hot, and compassionate” (Jade Waters), and “Most books don’t come close to making me feel for a character what I feel for Sandy” (Karen Blue). But don’t take our word for it! The wondrous Jade Waters actually invited Sandy (well, Alison really, but then again…) onto her blog as a guest. Below is a glorious snippet, and you can read the whole interview at JadeWaters.com


Sandy: That’s like asking a person how he or she got to be tall. Or blue eyed. Or Irish. I am a Dom because I’m a Dom. That said… there is a story to the beginning. At least, to the time when I decided to embrace what I knew lived inside me rather than try to fight those intense desires. I surrendered. Perhaps most Doms won’t admit this, but that’s how it was for me. I gave in.

You’ll hear all about my beginning in Those Days [the prequel]. It started with a girl—the way these stories often do. She slid me an opener. I grabbed it in my fist.


Sandy: Honesty is everything. Participants in the BDSM lifestyle are honest about what they want, need, crave, require… [Read more at JadeWaters.com]

Those Boys by Alison Tyler—Coming July 21!Other rave reviews of Those Boys:

From Tamsin Flowers, Malin James, Jade Waters of the awesome PillowTalk:

T: I love how fond he is of his subs – he’s not all about the just being bossy and in charge – he really cares for them and what their needs are. He’s interested in exploring their minds, not just in dominating their bodies. It seems like a much more balanced D/s relationship than most other fictional ones.

J: Exactly. And while we do see his need for dominance through his really rich commentary on what he’s doing, wanting, etc., it’s so clear he’s full of compassion and care – but not in a bunny foo foo weird kind of way.

M: Yes! His awareness is completely authentic – he takes his responsibility and control seriously. He is literally giving Rem and Vanessa what they need, and in doing so, he gets what he needs from them. I also love that he has a serious sense of honor. It’s not a typical moral code, but he has a hard, honest integrity.

Read the whole chat here. It’s gorgeous.

From A. M. Hartnett at TheBewilderedWriter.com

Having gotten a sneak peek at this story, I can’t tell you how fitting that gorgeous cover is. If you haven’t already experienced her dom, Sandy, please buy Those Girls immediately. Last year I thought I’d read the best erotic story ever in Alison’s Giving In, then I read Those Girls. Sandy will get into your head and never leave — and she’s writing a prequel! I hope this series goes on and on and on.

Speaking of Alison, I have a confession — and even Alison doesn’t even know this. She’s actually the partial inspiration for Brendan, the hero of Uncover Me. No, really, let me explain… [read more here…]

From Jade Waters at JadeWaters.com:

See, one of the main reasons Those Boys (and the novelette that preceded it, Those Girls) is so amazing is because of Alison Tyler’s authentic and rich portrayal of a true Dom. Did you catch us chattering about this on our Pillow Talk session on Tuesday? If not, here’s a recap—Tyler has made Sandy engaging, hot, and compassionate. She hasn’t made a two-dimensional stereotype of a Dom; instead she’s written someone who cares about his subs, and who is interested in exploring not just their bodies but their minds. Because of all of this, she’s done the number one most important thing that has made everyone stand up and take notice: She’s made him real…

From Karen Blue at Reviews@Hedovibes:

Sandy of Those Boys (and Those Girls) has become my favorite character. A dominant who knows exactly how to take them down, make them beg for more. Peacocks. Those Boys is about control, and submission. It is about desire and letting go. Sandy dominates so easily, he lets Rem get right where he needs him to be. The three characters in this story have more depth then most full length novels. This novella is flawed in only one way. It is too short.

I have only had Those Boys in my hot little hands for a few weeks, and already I have memorized some of it. I read a hell of a lot, like more than is needed or normal. I have too many stories in my head. This one is the best I have read all year, no shit. Most books don’t come close to making me feel for a character what I feel for Sandy.

Buy Those Boys from Go Deeper Press (available now), from Amazon (available soon), or from B&N (available soon).

OTHER BDSM books from the GDP Underground:

Those Girls by Alison Tyler (the first in the series, in which we’re introduced to Sandy and Vanessa)

Con, Book 1: You Can Play It Safe When You’re Dead (explicit BDSM, intense scenarios, adult sex between twin sisters)

Huddle: Sex with Sporty Queers ed. Angela Tavares (sporty boys having sex with sporty boys — the brilliant Kevin Killian says: “I thoroughly enjoyed it.”)

Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame ed. Lana Fox (includes tales of BDSM erotic and emotional release)

Thanks for supporting us. We’re an indie press. We exist because of our authors, readers, and reviewers. You ROCK.

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Sherlock and Bulldogs for Big Queer “Boy Month”

Available soon from Go Deeper Press (godeeperpress.com)

Available soon from Go Deeper Press

Folks, we’re getting bone-hard for Sherlock and Watson at Boy Month, with cool Yaoi fan art in video, not to mention hot news about Alison Tyler’s Those Boys and Benji Bright’s Boy Stories. Check it.

Also, don’t lose sight of Lana Fox’s (non-erotic) chart-topping self-help book, written by a butch bulldog, Paws Off My Bone: An Assertiveness Guide for Dogs and Their Humans. It steamrollered into the top 10 on Kindle Self-Esteem charts (free), received 3 5-star reviews within the first week of launching, and got some amazing tweet action from the awesome Emerald, and the wonderful August McGlaughlin, among others. (Click on their names to read their amazing sex-positive blogs!). Keep scrolling for more…

Lastly, check out those dogs at BookBoner.com, where we’re sharing the dog rock version of the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”, wondering why “How to Poo on a Date” was written for humans and not dogs, and getting sex-positive about poop management. And when we say dig it, we totally mean it in a dog-positive way.

Finally, if you want to solve problems like Hope Solo, who we’re kind of devastated about at the moment, check Angela’s post here.

Find out more at Go Deeper Press!

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Good Porn Comes to Those Who Wait – An Interview with Alison Tyler


Click cover to view on Amazon!

Today, we’re thrilled to interview the famed Alison Tyler at the Go Deeper blog. Alison is the author of Dark Secret Love andThe Delicious Torment (both Cleis Press), not to mention dozens of other books—check out her website to find out more. In fact, her novelette, Those Girls, will be FREE next weekend on Amazon (5/9 to 5/11), so don’t miss the promo! We’re also excited about Alison’s Those Boys, which will be the next in the series. We’ll let you know, in due course, when Those Boys will be released, but for now, stay tuned for a hot sneak preview below.

1. We can sense your enjoyment in Those Girls. What did you particularly enjoy while you were writing the novelette? 

I started Those Girls as a tale of vengeance. You’ve heard me say this before, but Vanessa was based on a woman I know—and don’t particularly like. I wanted to create a painful situation for her—but me being me, I wanted that situation to bring her unbelievable pleasure. Vanessa came first. Sandy followed. And I fell in love hard with Sandy.

3. Can you give us a sneaky peek into what Those Boys is about?

Vanessa and Sandy have created a solid, BDSM-filled life. They are about to be joined by Rem, a beautiful boy who is not entirely sure what he wants.

I wondered whether he could sense the sort of life that Vanessa and I shared together. In one corner was her desk, with a laptop, notebooks, pens. And next to the desk was a heavy-duty ring. Sometimes I chained her to her desk—because I loved turning that fabrication you hear so many writers say “I was chained to my desk all weekend”—into a cold, hard reality.

Did he look through the doorway into the kitchen and see the sterling bowl on the floor? Did he have an instant vision of Vanessa, naked, drinking anything I poured for her? Water. Wine. Coffee cooled with pure cream. Could he imagine her with her hair up in a high knot on the top of her head, dipping down to lap from her bowl—her special bowl? Could he pretend for just one second that he might have a bowl at her side?

That thought gave me a hard-on again, and I went to the bathroom to take a piss and get myself under control. It wouldn’t do me any good to be too riled up. I splashed cold water on my face, pat myself dry, took a good long look at my own reflection. No, I’m not a pretty boy like Rem. Not by a long shot. Not like I ever was. I’m hardened. I’m shopworn. I’ve lived the years and have the lines around my eyes that I wear like a testament.

4. Is Sandy’s sexual connection with Rem in Those Boys different to his connection with Vanessa in Those Girls?

Bringing Rem into the picture simply allows me to show Sandy with a man. Sandy’s ability is to see what his lovers want. He has a special trait. A sixth sex sense. He knows what Rem truly desires, and he gives this to him in full:

I pride myself on my ability to read people’s desires. To see something in a person—even a complete stranger—and wrap my fist around that shining need. So where was he? We couldn’t have scratched his itch…. He’d been outside of his comfort zone. That was for sure. But when I’d lubed up his asshole and slid a thumb inside him, when I’d told him that I was going to have Vanessa fuck him with a strap-on—the look he’d given me was one that I understood. I’d found him out. I’d grabbed the gold ring. You don’t walk away from that type of raw honesty.

5. For you, what is so sexy about Sandy?

Sandy is so fucking comfortable with who he is. I love that about him. I would climb into his Levis, slide on his leather jacket, slip on a faded leather cuff in a heartbeat. I’d let my whiskers grow. I’d drag the back of my hand over the hard scruff as I waited for a cup of coffee at the local diner. I’d hear the jingle of coins in my pocket. Sandy is my hero. When I grow up, I want to be him.

6. What else, if anything, would you like to tell us about your writing, Alison?

Stories take time. I’ve been jonesing to write the next installment to Those Girls for awhile. But it took seeing a man in a clothing store for me to realize where the story was headed. I try not to rush myself. Good porn comes to those who wait.

Thanks so much to the fabulous and ridiculously talented Alison! Folks, Those Girls, FREE on Amazon this coming weekend, (5/9 to 5/11). Don’t miss the promo! Also, read another hot excerpt from Those Boys at Alison Tyler’s blog…

Called a “Trollop with a Laptop” by East Bay Express, Alison Tyler is naughty and she knows it. Her sultry short stories have appeared in more than 100 anthologies, including Coupling, edited by Sommer Marsden, and Sex for America, edited by Stephen Elliott. She is the author of more than 25 erotic novels, most recently Dark Secret Love and The Delicious Torment (both from Cleis Press), and the editor of more than 75 explicit anthologies, including Kiss My Ass, Bad Ass, Smart Ass, and Happily Ever Anal. Visit www.alisontyler.blogspot.com 24/7, as she’s a total insomniac.

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Titania’s Secret: A Twisted Shakespeare Rewrite, For Your Eyes Only

By Cris.real293 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

By Cris.real293 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

This rewrite of the story from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in which the Queen of Fairies falls for a man with a donkey’s head, contains a forbidden surprise.  The piece first appeared at the wonderful Night Train Magazine and was written by yours truly.  (Also, check out the upcoming writing course on forbidden fairy tales at Grub Street, Boston, next Saturday.)  Enjoy!


Titania’s Secret                                                                                                 

 Truth be told, I still yearn for the ass.

Don’t misunderstand me, I would not have been unfaithful – had I known I’d been enchanted, I’d have stopped the spell.  And yes, the Queen of Fairies shouldn’t dote on a beast, but how was I to help it, in the end?  That wiry mane, those dark, wet eyes… and though beforehand I’d have loathed his smell, at the time it was sweet as summer hay.  Even his laugh was a poem – hee-haw…hee-haw…hee-haw!  The magic had only misshapen his head, but I sensed the beast elsewhere: it heaved within his tunic, sinewy and strong, as if he could lift anything, pull anything, for days (and suffice it to say, at the risk of being unseemly, his more manly parts were also built to suit!).

Before my husband duped me, we fought on a mountain making lightning crack the air.  Our quarrels – and there’d been many – made the poor earth suffer: the rivers flooded, pears rotted on the bough, oxen died in droves.  But still we clashed about the boy and what could I do?  I’d made a fairy promise.  His mother had died in childbirth, and I, who can break moonlight from a terracotta urn, could do nothing to bring her back to life; even at her final breath, I could see us eating mangoes on a Goan beach, where I’d cupped her belly and blessed her unborn child: she was dressed in emerald silk, her laugh smelt sweet and the white sands sighed beneath our soles.

Afterwards, my fairy-charges kept the child; played lullabies on grass-pipes, crowned him in daisies, made frogs belch bubbles from the lake; and I saw him clap his hands as they kissed his dimpled cheeks.  But my Oberon thought I’d just give him the boy because he was my lord and wanted – what? – a toy?  Well, I would not let him, and so he grew cruel and I forsook his bed.

Then came the night I woke to the moon and a most becoming song.  I rose, without thinking, and followed the voice.  It was a stranger by the elder trees, his ass-ears tipped with moonshine, singing at the sky, eyes half-shut.  At once, the scent of magic filled my head, but I thought it was this demi-god that tricked my senses so.  I fell to my knees, as a queen never should, told him I loved him, begged him to be kind.  He looked at me and spoke the humblest words:  “Mistress, there’s no reason for you to fall for me, but I understand completely!  Love and reason are not friends.”  I laughed for it was true – he was wise and divine – and I led him to my bower and bade him sit.  I called upon the forest to wind about him: the thornless rose caressed him, ivy lounged against his chest.  My charges filled the air, swift on silvered wings, as I sent them to the Orient, to Egypt and Rome, and they returned with purple figs and sweet, dark berries, which I fed him from my fingers, kneeling in his lap.  Once we were alone, I raised my skirts, and we made love in idleness, his beast-scent in my head: I rose and fell, light as glass, and crushed the flowers we’d decked him with between my fists. 

He brayed.  I kissed his neck.

I forgot to ask his name.

Oberon woke me at dawn, his thumbs on my eyelids.  I roused myself and looked at him; I felt he’d taken something.  His smile was half-cocked, there was triumph on his face.  “Look, my love,” he whispered and gestured to my side.  I stared, open-mouthed, as I saw the sleeping ass, and my mind raced beyond my breaking heart: I knew I had to play the part, or Oberon would quit me (no queen can be enamoured of a beast).  I fell into my husband’s arms, as if I was afraid, and, as he held me, I looked for the boy; I’d forgotten the mite – this was my sin – and I knew he was the reason I’d been duped.  “Where…?” I began, but my husband grabbed my face. 

“Do not fret, Titania.  The child’s where he belongs.” 

I hid my soul’s earthquake behind a mask of wax, bowed and said, “Yes, my lord,” for I knew the boy was taken and could not be mine, unless I used slyness and stealth.  I glimpsed my lover, found his ass-head gone.  He was human now.  I laughed to keep from crying. 

“Just a dream,” soothed my lord, stroking my hair.

What a fool to think a dream could mean so little!

Now his followers have the child, they’ll make him hunt and skin.  I can’t abide it!  This was not his mother’s wish.  From the elder trees, I glimpse him with his toy spear, and plan to break him free.  For I swore I’d protect him and I won’t forget, and my lord’s guard is lowering – he thinks I’m no threat.  He doesn’t know he wounded me, for how can I trust him?  The man who made me fall in love, then woke me up again?  Granted, he still charms me, makes moths dance round my head, claps fireflies from the darkness and makes them spell my name – and yes, I like to lie with him, to feel his hands upon me, and make the soft rain fall with him or hear him speak of need – but at nights, while he sleeps, I turn towards the dark and ache when his snoring sounds like braying.  And often, when I wake, I find him watching and know I’ve been murmuring, dreaming of the ass, and he kisses me fiercely as if to scold us both: for though it was my lover who wore the donkey’s ears, it was my husband made a cuckold of himself.

Are you after some sizzling fairy tale action?  Why not…

Look up my Forbidden Fairy Tales Writing Course in Boston on Saturday June 29th!

Go buy Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women or Alison Tyler’s sexy Those Girls for more forbidden fiction…this time, with a much hotter core.

Go rock those hips at the Donkey Show in Boston!

Go sign up for the first ever online mermaid-themed self-love spa, and love your erotic self, romantically, sensually, emotionally, bodily!


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Go Deeper Press’ Links of the Week

enhanced-buzz-19601-1365607093-20If you click on any of these links this week, let it be this one: 100 Amazing Trans Americans You Should Know

Meet Alysia: DC Comics Introduces First Openly Transgender Character In Batgirl Comic

Hey! It’s Alison Tyler on Getting in Touch with Your Sexuality!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little out of shape. Man jumps 1.63m from standing start.

Nightmare scenario: Gay Man Arrested At Hospital After Refusing To Leave Bedridden Partner

When “eat a dick” just isn’t cutting it for you anymore: 17 Shakespearean Insults To Unleash In Everyday Life

Thanks for supporting Go Deeper Press by reading our blog.  If you’d like to browse our erotic, sex-positive e-books for brain and brawn, you can find our website here. And don’t forget to check out our current calls for submission!



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Go Deeper Press’ Links of the Week

Courtesy of Chris Johnson and Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Chris Johnson and Wikimedia Commons

The last thing you wanted to hear today. Porn Performers Agree: The Porn Industry Is Racist

He’s Magic in a different way. Earvin Johnson III, Magic Johnson’s Gay Son, Goes Public With Boyfriend, Parents Very Proud

Queer Garbage! Shirley Manson Arranges Gay Marriage Proposal at Garbage Concert in Detroit: VIDEO

In case you need more convincing? Married Couples On What Marriage Equality Means To Them

Alison Tyler lays down the law on editors and your submissions. If you don’t have anything nice to say…

Queer burgers, you say? No, it’s QueerBurghers! Check out Natty Soltesz’s new project that will certainly make your effin’ day. It made ours.

Bringing a whole new meaning to “tight end.” Up to 4 Gay NFL Players ‘In Talks’ to Come Out at Once: Ayanbadejo

You’d think brothers who kick balls and embrace after every goal scored, as well as the people who watch them, would see things a little differently maybe.
Homophobia And Football The Most Natural Bedfellows

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In Which Lana Fox Rambles About Butt Plugs and Submitting

The "Corkscrew" from Fucking Sculptures (Gorgeous, ain't it?)

The “Corkscrew” from Fucking Sculptures (Gorgeous, ain’t it?)

Today, I had a brief chat with Alison Tyler, author of the smart and steamy Those Girls.  We were on Twitter at the time, and she sent me a tweet saying that she was going to “shamelessly plug” her new call for submissions.  The phrase made me smile, because whether we’re promoting books or selecting anal sex toys, we’re all about shameless plugging here at Go Deeper Press.

This pun got me thinking about sex toys.  See, yours truly is in the throes of choosing vibrators for the Mermaid Voyage gift box, and I want these sex toys to look inviting when they’re snuggled up with the body lotion, natural shells and other erotic goodies.  Aesthetically, I’m thinking more “silver and glistening” than “hot pink with polka dots.”  (There’s a place for hot pink with polka dots of course, but I digress.)

So that got me thinking about Fucking Sculptures — those delectable sex toy designers with (surely) the best possible name.  I mean, there are times when I want my vibrator to be the hot pink of a paddle-blush and there are times when I prefer an “artsier” look — more Salvador Dali, if you get my drift.  Well, Fucking Sculptures have the latter in spades.  Go check ’em out.  They’re fabulous.

And while we’re at it, did you know that our Angela Tavares, queer writer extraordinaire, is on the lookout for sporty queers?  Correction: she’s on the lookout for stories of sporty queers.  Take a look at her submissions guidelines.  And being someone who has submitted — in full furry handcuffs — to Angela Tavares myself, I can say that you won’t be disappointed.

Seriously, she rocks.  Take a look at what is going to be an amazing, hot collection.

Thanks for supporting Go Deeper Press by reading our blog.  If you’d like to browse our erotic, sex-positive e-books for brain and brawn, you can find our website here.



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Love, Sex and Flowers on the New York Subway

Longtime readers of this blog might know that I have written before about the rose being symbolic of the female sex.  Well, today, we’re back to flowers again, with a Washington florist refusing to arrange the flowers for a gay marriage.  Obviously, we’re devastated to hear this story — it seems that this sort of hatred happens over and over again, and as a queer woman, I take great offense.

I mean, how sad that homophobia should even effect flowers at a wedding.

Well, every time I hear a story of this kind of discrimination, I try and balance it with an inspiring piece of news.  So do take a look at this video of a New York subway passenger who stood up for gay love in spite of a most intimidating situation.  “Jesus is love,” he told the hell-and-damnation preacher.  And his courage and heart were warmly applauded.  Bravo!  Bravo indeed!

We’d also like to thank all those who have been reviewing Those Girls by Alison Tyler.  In fact, Preston Avery recently posted a five-star review at Amazon.  Preston explains how the man of the story, Sandy, is a dom with a “penchant for knowing what subs need,” but one of the beauties of this novelette, she adds, is how Sandy is shown what it is that he needs.  And that’s just a snippet from this wonderful, insightful review.  Thank you, Preston.

Thanks for reading the GDP blog!  You can browse our books and read more posts at: http://www.godeeperpress.com

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Things People Say About Sex on Buses

Get "Sol" free when you sign up for the GDP newsletter!

Get “Sol” free when you sign up for the GDP newsletter!

First of all, a quick shout-out to a wonderful review of Alison Tyler’s Those Girls!  Many thanks to A Book Hunter’s Journal for taking the time to say so many lovely things about Alison’s book.  A fun excerpt:

“My first mistake was downloading the book at work. It’d been so long since my last Alison Tyler naughty read that I forgot how steamy her prose is. So I hunkered down at the puppet stage with Judy (a puppet), a chicken (also a puppet), and my coworker (not a puppet). Ms. Tyler’s imagery blows out of the page (e-page?), filling her readers’ heads with all sorts of decadent scenes.”

Secondly, can you imagine anyone saying that banning a racist advert from a London bus would be a “threat to democracy”?  Well, some people make this crazy argument about homophobic adverts.  Seriously.  Gay Star News tells all.  Do take a look.  

Also, did you know that if you are kind enough to sign up for our newsletter, we’ll give you a taboo, erotic Go Deeper Short by yours truly?  The mini e-book is called Sol and it breaks rules…as we tend to do at GDP.  😉

Thank you, dear sex-positive readers.  Have a lovely day!

Thanks for visiting the Go Deeper Press blog!  If you’d like to browse our books, we’re on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and our own Go Deeper online store.  We heart your interest, dear readers.

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How We Like Our Sex (Let’s Show You!)

Available now from GDP!

Available now from GDP!

We read a lot of submissions, folks.  Really.  A helluva lot.  We’re lucky, because we love reading sex scenes, and we do receive a great deal of good work.  But sometimes, we come across well-penned sex scenes that just aren’t for us.

This is a very personal thing.  It’s to do with our aesthetic, rather than a clear judgment of “good” or “bad.”  If a scene is too flowery with language, for instance, or uses words that we find distancing (like “penis” or “member” or “vagina” — words that aren’t part of our preferred aesthetic), or if the scene is slushy or romantic in a chintzy kind of way, it’s easy for us to press the “reject” button.

So what sort of sex writing do we love?

In a word, edgy.

If you’re over 18 (the rest of this post is adults only reading, folks) take a look at this excerpt from Zoe More‘s “Our Courtship, Our Romance,” in Femme Fatale (which is still our bestseller — it has a full five stars on both Amazon and B&N, which totally wows us).  I think the following lines are even more fun if I don’t give you the context…

“I love to decorate my chamber with their flesh, their sighs, their screams.  Draping one across a settee and softly pressing her breasts to mine; pounding another into the pianoforte, my thrusts fisting her spine into the stained ivory; and then the quick slap of a blushing face peeking out from behind the velvet portieres.   They are lovely, and they are mine.”  To read more, you can find Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women at our online store, or at Amazon, or at Barnes&Noble.

We also love sexual fantasy.  We know that can be just as hot as a sex scene itself.  In Alison Tyler‘s “Those Girls,” for instance, Sandy, a bisexual male dom, fantasizes about the gossip columnist, Vanessa, who he has just been being punished beneath his whip:

“I had that flash again.  Blue porcelain bowl on my black-and-white tiled floor.  Vanessa naked in only a collar licking champagne from the bowl.  I started to tell her.  I started to explain, watching her body as the climax built within her.”  You can find Those Girls at our online store, Amazon, or Barnes&Noble.

In “Compassion’s Seed,” my story from As the Bishop Said to the Actress, my bishop also fantasizes…but his fantasy takes place in a less forgiving environment. (And this is another thing we love.  Erotica that gives voice to the “taboo”):

“Lost, the bishop continued his clumsy sermon, trying not to stare at the woman in blue.  But it was no use.  As the woman took a seat in the front pew, he imagined her falling to her knees and taking his sex in her hands and mouth.  She’d suckle him hard, rubbing and licking, hands as busy as her eager lips, and when he climaxed in this vision, he felt it vividly–his hips bucking in pleasure as he came so plentifully that her mouth overflowed…”  You can find As the Bishop Said to the Actress at our online store, on Amazon, or Barnes&Noble.

Just a taster (pun intended.)  But what about you?  Do you have any quotes that show us your own erotic aesthetic, or one that you love?  We’d be pleased to read them, so feel free to comment below.  Plus, if you quote your own stories and they happen to be posted or published (bravo!), you can always leave a link, of course, so that we can visit your page.

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