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How We Like Our Sex (Let’s Show You!)

Available now from GDP!

Available now from GDP!

We read a lot of submissions, folks.  Really.  A helluva lot.  We’re lucky, because we love reading sex scenes, and we do receive a great deal of good work.  But sometimes, we come across well-penned sex scenes that just aren’t for us.

This is a very personal thing.  It’s to do with our aesthetic, rather than a clear judgment of “good” or “bad.”  If a scene is too flowery with language, for instance, or uses words that we find distancing (like “penis” or “member” or “vagina” — words that aren’t part of our preferred aesthetic), or if the scene is slushy or romantic in a chintzy kind of way, it’s easy for us to press the “reject” button.

So what sort of sex writing do we love?

In a word, edgy.

If you’re over 18 (the rest of this post is adults only reading, folks) take a look at this excerpt from Zoe More‘s “Our Courtship, Our Romance,” in Femme Fatale (which is still our bestseller — it has a full five stars on both Amazon and B&N, which totally wows us).  I think the following lines are even more fun if I don’t give you the context…

“I love to decorate my chamber with their flesh, their sighs, their screams.  Draping one across a settee and softly pressing her breasts to mine; pounding another into the pianoforte, my thrusts fisting her spine into the stained ivory; and then the quick slap of a blushing face peeking out from behind the velvet portieres.   They are lovely, and they are mine.”  To read more, you can find Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women at our online store, or at Amazon, or at Barnes&Noble.

We also love sexual fantasy.  We know that can be just as hot as a sex scene itself.  In Alison Tyler‘s “Those Girls,” for instance, Sandy, a bisexual male dom, fantasizes about the gossip columnist, Vanessa, who he has just been being punished beneath his whip:

“I had that flash again.  Blue porcelain bowl on my black-and-white tiled floor.  Vanessa naked in only a collar licking champagne from the bowl.  I started to tell her.  I started to explain, watching her body as the climax built within her.”  You can find Those Girls at our online store, Amazon, or Barnes&Noble.

In “Compassion’s Seed,” my story from As the Bishop Said to the Actress, my bishop also fantasizes…but his fantasy takes place in a less forgiving environment. (And this is another thing we love.  Erotica that gives voice to the “taboo”):

“Lost, the bishop continued his clumsy sermon, trying not to stare at the woman in blue.  But it was no use.  As the woman took a seat in the front pew, he imagined her falling to her knees and taking his sex in her hands and mouth.  She’d suckle him hard, rubbing and licking, hands as busy as her eager lips, and when he climaxed in this vision, he felt it vividly–his hips bucking in pleasure as he came so plentifully that her mouth overflowed…”  You can find As the Bishop Said to the Actress at our online store, on Amazon, or Barnes&Noble.

Just a taster (pun intended.)  But what about you?  Do you have any quotes that show us your own erotic aesthetic, or one that you love?  We’d be pleased to read them, so feel free to comment below.  Plus, if you quote your own stories and they happen to be posted or published (bravo!), you can always leave a link, of course, so that we can visit your page.

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Anais Nin’s Garters and Go Deeper’s Launch

Hello, dear sex-positive readers.  Trust Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus to generate delightfully erotic cover art.  I love the aesthetic of thigh and garter-straps, and this image makes the viewer a voyeur.  A delicious little morsel just for you, dear ones. Now back I go to GDP Launch planning. December 20th is the date.  Woohoo!




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BDSM Gets Spanked and Ogled

There was a time when few could see the beauty in BDSM, but that seems like an age away now.  Personally, when the body is bound, I think it is at its most beautiful.  Tying wrists together can accentuate their size, not to mention the slope of the arms, and if you’ve never seen Japanese rope bondage raising a pair of breasts towards the eye (and mouth!), you’ve been missing a treat.  What’s more, post-spanking, a pair of buttocks can sport a delightful blush, and I have a particular yen for running the tip of a riding crop across my lover’s skin.  Yes, BDSM can be aesthetically gorgeous, and now that the BDSM-trilogy-that-shall-not-be-named has hit the big time, we’re seeing kink-inspired glamour all over the place.   Just look at the “choking” on the cover of Paris Vogue that caused such controversy a couple of months ago.  BDSM gets spanked, indeed — which seems strange, especially since (I assume) Stephanie Seymour gave her consent and looks far from unexcited!

But my oh my, if you want to experience the grace of BDSM, not to mention the finesse of female bodies, take a look at (fairly NSFW) Gunter Blum’s website.  For one thing, that man can make ass cheeks look swankier than pearls, and what he does for vulvas is sublime.  Black and white BDSM has never looked more colorful.  And don’t you just ache to touch Blum’s models?

I know I do.  *swoon*

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Peeping with Jack Vettriano

About nine or ten years ago, when I was still living in Britain, Jack Vettriano‘s prints were everywhere.  The classic of his is the Singing Butler.  It’s beautiful, but his sexier pieces draw me in more powerfully.  There are few who communicate desire like Vettriano, or reveal such eloquence in terms of a kinky aesthetic.  And with his sexier work, the viewer is usually peeping — a spy in the bedroom.  Pretty kinky in itself.

Do you think he’d give Go Deeper Press some cover art?  Oh come on, there’s no harm in dreaming, right?

A friend once reminded me that Vettriano was considered a “popular” artist.  I asked him why this was important.  “He’s scoffed at by ‘real’ artists,” said my friend, “but he’s laughing all the way to the bank.”  I reminded him that I didn’t care about whether a piece was “popular” or “high art.”  I’m a sex activist who not only loves erotica, but is pro-porn when everyone is consenting.  In other words, I try to give classism the finger, focusing instead on craft and effect.  Some say that erotica is higher class than porn, but of course there is some beautifully shot porn around and some pretty soulless erotica.  Everything varies.  Simple really.

As I said to my erotic writing class the other night, “Sometimes, I feel that ‘erotica’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘I’m a sex artist.'”  But that doesn’t mean that someone who crafts porn isn’t just as committed a creator.  When we hear that someone makes “porn” or “erotica,” we can respond: “The term that you choose doesn’t bother me.  Just let me see your aesthetic.”  Only after we’ve seen the work for ourselves do we have the right to rate it.

For folks who are using the terms “porn” and “erotica” in exciting and original ways, take a look at Blue Artichoke Films (their movie, Headshot, shows a man being given oral sex…yet we only see his body from the waist up).  Also, I’ve recently heard of Natty Soltesz — I’ve yet to read his work, but when I researched him, I heard him refer to his work as porn.  And according to a reader who I trust with my whole being, Soltesz crafts powerfully hot stories with great skill.  I look forward to reading his work.

In the meantime, here’s some more Vettriano.  Enjoy…

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