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Sherlock and Bulldogs for Big Queer “Boy Month”

Available soon from Go Deeper Press (godeeperpress.com)

Available soon from Go Deeper Press

Folks, we’re getting bone-hard for Sherlock and Watson at Boy Month, with cool Yaoi fan art in video, not to mention hot news about Alison Tyler’s Those Boys and Benji Bright’s Boy Stories. Check it.

Also, don’t lose sight of Lana Fox’s (non-erotic) chart-topping self-help book, written by a butch bulldog, Paws Off My Bone: An Assertiveness Guide for Dogs and Their Humans. It steamrollered into the top 10 on Kindle Self-Esteem charts (free), received 3 5-star reviews within the first week of launching, and got some amazing tweet action from the awesome Emerald, and the wonderful August McGlaughlin, among others. (Click on their names to read their amazing sex-positive blogs!). Keep scrolling for more…

Lastly, check out those dogs at BookBoner.com, where we’re sharing the dog rock version of the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”, wondering why “How to Poo on a Date” was written for humans and not dogs, and getting sex-positive about poop management. And when we say dig it, we totally mean it in a dog-positive way.

Finally, if you want to solve problems like Hope Solo, who we’re kind of devastated about at the moment, check Angela’s post here.

Find out more at Go Deeper Press!

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BookBoner: Why I, A Humble Dog, Am Becoming an Erotica Blogger

Lilly Boxer from BookBoner.com

Lilly Boxer from BookBoner.com

There aren’t enough dogs on the internet, and I don’t mean pictures of dogs–I, dear bitches, am talking about dogs expressing their dogness.

For me, my pugsome dears, my dogness is about reading, which I like, and sex, which I find odd, and sleep–lots of sleep–and complaining, which I love. Plus I live with two lesbian humans, and that’s interesting. After all, they even have contraptions that I only ever thought appeared on man-dogs.

Plus they pee in a pot. Which is also interesting. And they have lots of erotica that has nothing to do with dogs–frankly, I find that doggist.

Where is the corgi in Fifty Shades of Grey? Where is the cockapoo in Delta of Venus?

So, at our new blog, BookBoner.com, we’ve decided to blog about erotic books that could be more dog-inclusive, and I, Lilly Boxer, will blog about sex and how it could be more bitch-centred. What’s more, dear pooches, we’ll throw in product reviews for items that should be more dog-aware.

Why, for example, do you never see waterproof vibrators on the shape of […] Read the full post here!

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“Your Husband Standing Over You With His Lad In His Hand…”

It’s been a sad couple of days in the Boston area, and our thoughts are with those who have been deeply affected by the explosions.  We love Boston and these attacks make us ache.

Well, at the Go Deeper Press offices, we thought we’d try and raise our spirits with a little comedy from Father Ted.  In this excerpt, Mrs. Doyle is off on her Lenten pilgrimage in order to stay away from the “old S.E.X.”  Hilarious stuff!  Enjoy.

Thanks for supporting Go Deeper Press.  If you’d like to browse our erotic, sex-positive e-books for brain and brawn, you can find our website here.

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Sex with Ducks (to Music) by Garfunkel and Oates

No really!  It’s brilliant.  And it’s activism.  Here…

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The Greeks Invented Gayness? Hallelujah!

Angela and I have been returning to my comical roots by watching British comedy vids.  What we didn’t realize was that two of our recent vids would refer to the notion that the Greeks invented gayness.  Snort.  Being gay ourselves, it occurs to us that we have a great deal to thank the Greeks for. 😉

Anyhoo, here’s one of the scenes from the brilliant Irish comedy, Father Ted.  In this one, Father Ted has been mistaken for a racist.  The hilarious scene ends with a portrayal of both racism and homophobia at their most ridiculous!  Side-splitting stuff.

Oh, and let’s give a nod to Ancient Greek gay poet Sappho too, of course, who wrote with such gorgeous longing.  And also the red and black figure vases that are said to depict gay wooing rituals in ancient times.

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