The Greeks Invented Gayness? Hallelujah!

Angela and I have been returning to my comical roots by watching British comedy vids.  What we didn’t realize was that two of our recent vids would refer to the notion that the Greeks invented gayness.  Snort.  Being gay ourselves, it occurs to us that we have a great deal to thank the Greeks for. 😉

Anyhoo, here’s one of the scenes from the brilliant Irish comedy, Father Ted.  In this one, Father Ted has been mistaken for a racist.  The hilarious scene ends with a portrayal of both racism and homophobia at their most ridiculous!  Side-splitting stuff.

Oh, and let’s give a nod to Ancient Greek gay poet Sappho too, of course, who wrote with such gorgeous longing.  And also the red and black figure vases that are said to depict gay wooing rituals in ancient times.

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