Love, Sex and Flowers on the New York Subway

Longtime readers of this blog might know that I have written before about the rose being symbolic of the female sex.  Well, today, we’re back to flowers again, with a Washington florist refusing to arrange the flowers for a gay marriage.  Obviously, we’re devastated to hear this story — it seems that this sort of hatred happens over and over again, and as a queer woman, I take great offense.

I mean, how sad that homophobia should even effect flowers at a wedding.

Well, every time I hear a story of this kind of discrimination, I try and balance it with an inspiring piece of news.  So do take a look at this video of a New York subway passenger who stood up for gay love in spite of a most intimidating situation.  “Jesus is love,” he told the hell-and-damnation preacher.  And his courage and heart were warmly applauded.  Bravo!  Bravo indeed!

We’d also like to thank all those who have been reviewing Those Girls by Alison Tyler.  In fact, Preston Avery recently posted a five-star review at Amazon.  Preston explains how the man of the story, Sandy, is a dom with a “penchant for knowing what subs need,” but one of the beauties of this novelette, she adds, is how Sandy is shown what it is that he needs.  And that’s just a snippet from this wonderful, insightful review.  Thank you, Preston.

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