Things People Say About Sex on Buses

Get "Sol" free when you sign up for the GDP newsletter!

Get “Sol” free when you sign up for the GDP newsletter!

First of all, a quick shout-out to a wonderful review of Alison Tyler’s Those Girls!  Many thanks to A Book Hunter’s Journal for taking the time to say so many lovely things about Alison’s book.  A fun excerpt:

“My first mistake was downloading the book at work. It’d been so long since my last Alison Tyler naughty read that I forgot how steamy her prose is. So I hunkered down at the puppet stage with Judy (a puppet), a chicken (also a puppet), and my coworker (not a puppet). Ms. Tyler’s imagery blows out of the page (e-page?), filling her readers’ heads with all sorts of decadent scenes.”

Secondly, can you imagine anyone saying that banning a racist advert from a London bus would be a “threat to democracy”?  Well, some people make this crazy argument about homophobic adverts.  Seriously.  Gay Star News tells all.  Do take a look.  

Also, did you know that if you are kind enough to sign up for our newsletter, we’ll give you a taboo, erotic Go Deeper Short by yours truly?  The mini e-book is called Sol and it breaks rules…as we tend to do at GDP.  😉

Thank you, dear sex-positive readers.  Have a lovely day!

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