Why You’ll Want to Sink Your Teeth into Zoe More’s “Hunger”

Yes, Zoe More‘s Hunger, a stellar Go Deeper Press Short, will be available this December.  We’d tell you why you’ll want to devour this erotic tale as soon as possible…but why tell when we can show?

So.  Before we do just that, let’s fill you in a little:  Sully can’t kiss Tias.  She wants to, but it’s too dangerous.  That’s all you need to know.  Here’s an excerpt:

She knew he wanted her kiss—to crush his lips against hers, to savage the corners of her mouth, to get lost behind her lips, to seek out the pink flesh inside her cheeks for the taste, the essence that he searched for, but hadn’t yet found on her belly, the dip of her clavicle, or the backs of her knees. She knew it was there, in her mouth. She knew it because, when he tasted the rest of her, he said there was always something missing, something Sully knew Tias wanted more than anything. Something that she held back. Something he’d have died to get.

Zoe’s erotic story is coming (yes coming!) this December, published by GDP.


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4 thoughts on “Why You’ll Want to Sink Your Teeth into Zoe More’s “Hunger”

  1. angela says:

    I know I’m biased, but still…I *seriously* can’t wait to hear reactions once people get their hands on this. ALL HAIL ZOE MORE!

  2. Lana Fox says:

    Well, I’m biased too, but I can’t wait for the world to gobble up this hot, fantastic story! ALL HAIL ZOE MORE indeed!

    You say genius things, Tavares. Genius things, I say. 😉

  3. Zoe More says:

    Oh!!!! I am crying and blushing at this and now frankly…I look a mess. But how lovely! My story is curled up in my lap purring right now. It can’t wait to share itself with the world.

    ALL HAIL Go Deeper Press! Purveyor of fucking hotness. Indeed, this should be your new tagline. 😉

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