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An Interview with Erotic Writer Beth Wyatt

Beth Wyatt, author of Cutter

Beth Wyatt, author of Cutter

You’re going to be really proud that you know who Beth Wyatt is. She isn’t new to publishiing her work, but she is new to publishing her erotic writing–and it’s quite beautiful. Look forward to her powerful, steamy “Cutter” in “Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame.” Now enjoy her interview, won’t you?

1. We’re thrilled that you have joined us at Go Deeper Press.  Your story, Cutter, is beautiful, not to mention steamy.  Anyway, why did you become an erotic writer? We’d love to know…

Back in high school, I used to write “erotic thrillers” and share them with my friends. They were all the same–some female journalist stumbles across some secret that threatens her life and has lots of sex with the handsome cop assigned to protect her. They were awful, but I had fun writing them. It was a naughty thing to do, and it was something that set me apart from my classmates. In short, I was a teenage pornographer! But for some reason, I drifted away from erotica and focused on other genres as I got older. I’ve only recently found my way back thanks to my good friend and erotica writer, A.D.R. Forte. She gave me a lot of feedback on my story “Cutter” and encouraged me to submit it to GDP.

2. Can you give us an idea of what your story in “Shameless Behavior” is about?

It’s about an unhappy young woman who uses physical pain to ease her own emotional suffering. That need embarrasses her, and she tries to keep it hidden until she has a chance encounter with an equally wounded young man who needs to hurt someone as badly as she needs to be hurt. It’s a bit dark and sexy, but I think sex is always better with a bit of darkness. I hope readers will think so, too.

3. Is erotic writing something you enjoy? If so, why?

“Cutter” is the first piece of true erotica I’ve written as an adult, and it virtually wrote itself, which is a rare thing for me. I tend to write more “mainstream” stories, but there’s usually a strong sexual component to them. I think sex is such an integral part of the human experience that you can’t avoid it, no matter what genre you write in.

As far as enjoying the experience of writing erotica goes, I think that will come in time for me. Right now I’m a little too self conscious and keep getting in my own way.

4. How do you think our world would be different if there was less sexual shame and more sexual pride?

Coming this September!

Coming this September!

I think people would be happier in general. We externalize our shame and judge and punish other people who represent to us the parts of ourselves that we hate. By learning to love and accept ourselves, we learn to love and accept others. And if we’re no longer repressing our true sexual selves, we can have more and better sex. Who wouldn’t want that?

5. How do people respond when you tell them you’re an erotic writer? Do you have any stories about that?

Outside of my circle of writing friends, only my big sister knows. She’s a big fan of erotica, and she’s excited about my upcoming appearance in “Shameless Behavior.” I’m nervous about her reading my story for some reason, but I’ll get over it.

6. What advice might you give to a writer who wants to pen a great sex scene?

I really hate sex scenes where the writer just gives you a laundry list of actions the characters are performing without developing any emotional connection to the action. Sure, sex is a primal, physical act, but there’s a psychological component as well. For me, a well-written sex scene involves the brains and the hearts of the characters, not just their naughty bits.

Another thing, avoid weird euphemisms for sexual organs. Please no “love wands” or “squish mittens” or other weird phrases–unless they are in keeping with your character’s voice. If you’re free enough to write about sex, you should be brave enough to write about it clearly and plainly. Words like “pussy,” “dick,” “cunt” and “cock” are your friends.

“Shameless Behavior: Brazen Stories of Overcoming Shame” will launch in September 2013. To keep up to date with the launch, and also receive a free erotic e-book by Lana Fox, join our mailing list! (We never share your email and we don’t bombard.)

Beth Wyatt still lives in the same small Virginia town where she was born and raised. She pens her stories late at night, surrounded by cats and death metal music. She is currently working on her first novel.

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Orgasmic Mermaids, Orgasmic Yoga, and Double-Orgasmic Reviews

Matsya Avatar of Vishnu Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Matsya Avatar of Vishnu Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons (via TheLindseyONeill.com)

All across the world, there are people having sex without orgasm.  And many of these people are having truly satisfying sex.  It’s all to do with what an individual wants from their sex life — and of course, climax isn’t the only way to have intimate, powerful sex.   Yes, you can make love to yourself without having an orgasm, and it can be an exciting, beautiful, comforting affair.  However, for others — and indeed, other occasions — a wonderful climax can be a real WOW.

Well, that brings me to this:  I want to share with you a lovely post by Lindsey O’Neill, yoga instructor and professional blogger, and friend of Go Deeper Press, on how Mula Bandha practice (or the “pelvic floor ‘lift’ and ‘lock'” as Lindsey calls it) brought her such unexpected erotic expansion, not to mention other profound benefits.  In the post, Lindsey writes:

I left the first session with my curiosity aroused, and so, naturally, I kept on coming. Back. To the yoga class, that is.

Terrific stuff.  Do have a read.

By the by, if you are a woman who is interested in the richness of erotic self-love, stay tuned for my online course entitled, “The Mermaid Voyage: A Two-Week Journey of Erotic Self-Discovery.”  In addition to your own gift-package containing transformational erotica, aromatherapy products, natural crystals, solo sex accessories and more, this journey pampers the sexual-spiritual you, whilst guiding you to bask in your erotic imagination, free from any shame.  More on this soon!

Now, I also want to thank Observant Reader at A Book Hunter’s Journal for giving such a kind review to my own Go Deeper Short, entitled, “Sol.”  Observant Reader (who is very aptly named) explains how he received this “rather steamy forbidden love affair” by simply signing up for our GDP newsletter.  (And folks, this offer is still a go, so you too can receive Sol for free!  Also, by signing up for the GDP newsletter, you’ll get the latest news on our “Mermaid Voyage” course as well.)

Observant Reader also notes that Sol contains a helluva lot of coffee beans:  “Erotica and coffee. It’s a wonder why I never thought about putting my two favorite subjects together into one idea.”

This post was brought to you from the boudoir of a rather a buzzy coffee-drinker. 😉

Thanks for visiting our blog!  To browse our e-books, please go to our online store at GoDeeperPress.com.

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“I Want to Hand a Copy to the Next Woman Who Thinks She Knows What Erotica is But Hasn’t a Clue…”

Available now from GDP!

Available now from GDP!

We’re always thrilled to receive reader reviews, especially when they’re as intelligent and glowing as Claudia McCoy’s.  (You can find her delightful and insightful Amazon reader review here.  Thank you so much, Claudia!).  And of course, as activists, we’re especially thrilled that Claudia wants to “hand a copy to the next woman who thinks she knows what erotica is but hasn’t a clue.”

Of course, we’re excited to hear what any of you think of the collection — or any of our books, for that matter.  So we’re offering you an incentive!  If you post a review on Amazon before the end of January 2013 (and of course, the review can be good, bad, or in between!) let us know who you are and we will email you a free Go Deeper e-book, with our thanks.  Claudia, of course, we’d like to email you your own free e-book.  So you, and other reviewers, can email us at “editors (at) godeeperpress.com.”

With feedback, we can work out what our readers really want.  And that, for us, is golden.  So thank you, Claudia, and thank you, all.

Buy Femme Fatale on Amazon here.

Buy Femme Fatale from Go Deeper Press here.

Don’t forget to join us on Twitter and Facebook for news, offers, and updates!  We look forward to it.



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Healing Erotica (Or Smut That Changed My Life)

I wrote a post for Spirituality & Health recently entitled “Healing Erotica,” in which I argue that erotic writing can be  therapeutic.  As a survivor of sexual trauma, I first took back my power when I started reading and writing erotica.  What many have dismissed as “smut” (and I’m thrilled to see us taking back that term!) has actually helped to heal my life.

The post speaks for itself, but I will add this:  You don’t have to have experienced sexual trauma in order to feel broken by sex.  In our society, lies about sex are used to shut us up, thwart our creativity, push us into powerlessness, silence who we are.  And as anyone who has suffered sexual difficulties will know, the social silence surrounding sex can make it hard to come out about sexual pain and receive the support we need.  After all, if you can’t talk about ecstatic sex, how on earth do you talk about sexual assault?

Erotica can give voice to us sexually, while also embracing us all as sexual beings.  Yet it has a reputation for being “frothy” and “superficial.”  Well, we’re not enemies of “frothy” at Go Deeper.  Frothy can be transformative too, and a helluva lot of fun.  But we also know how deep erotica can be.  Wanna explore how tying someone up can transform you?  Then you’ll adore Alison Tyler‘s novelette Those Girls.  Wanna consider how sexual longing can threaten to destroy us?  Then you’ll fall in love with Zoe More‘s paranormal Hunger.  And that’s not to mention the sublime talents of Georgia E. Jones, Abyssinia Grey, Maricia Verma, and a host of others who are publishing with GDP.

These stories are hot.  These stories are deep.

And that ain’t no contradiction.

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Shanna Germain in Hide and Seek

Cleis Press (2010)

In Shanna Germain’s “Red Light, Green Light,” Luce’s husband Danny gives her a gift she’s wanted since their first visit to Amsterdam: a window where she can display herself in the city’s infamous red light district. In this excerpt, Luce has selected the man that will pay her handsomely for her time, but what gets me most is the way Germain ensures that Danny never leaves Luce’s thoughts:

I ride him backward, his hand pulling me down, hips pumping up. I put my hand to my wet clit, think of Danny standing out there in the cold, watching my closed curtain, waiting while this other man fucks me. It nearly makes me come right there, just thinking of that. But I promised Danny I’d wait, that I’d wait for him. I have to take my hand away from my clit, concentrate on the man beneath me, on the way he moans and rocks under me, on the way his cock feels, longer inside me, as though he’s reaching farther up in me than Danny ever does.

Visit Shanna Germain’s official website. And buy “Hide and Seek” right here.

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The Red Shoes (Redux) by Nikki Magennis


In Nikki Magennis’ The Red Shoes (Redux) Lily is given a pair of “cherry-red, skyscraper-high, patent-leather fuck-me shoes” by a shoe-shop owner named Hans…as a gift.  But this story comes from an erotic fairy tale anthology, (Alison’s Wonderland ed. Alison Tyler) and as we all know, there’s no such thing as “free” in a fairy tale…

“Dance,” he whispered, and gave her a sharp slap on the rounded cheek of her ass.  The sting made her leap, and Lily whirled around, her mouth open wide in surprise.  Before she could say a word, though, her attention was distracted by a low, pulsing sound.  It could have been her heartbeat thumping in her ears or it could have been music, but whatever it was, the rhythm spoke directly to her body, to her hips and belly and the sweet wetness gathering between her legs.

Lily danced.  She rolled back and forth and stroked herself, balancing on her tiptoes in the towering shoes.  As Hans watched, she danced for him and toward him, winding around his body and rocking against him…

To read more, along with other fantastic pieces, you can buy Alison’s Wonderland here.

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