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Gorgeous Photos of Burlesque Stars – But They Ain’t 22…

By Stephanie Diani

By Stephanie Diani

Thanks for checking in, folks, in spite of our recent silence. If you’re interested in what we’ve been up to, we’ve been publicizing our next sexual-spiritual, self-love Mermaid Voyage, which will be FREE to all women and women-identified folks, starting on Valentine’s Day. Pop on over to our website to check it out.

But here’s what we want to share today. Beautiful Aging Burlesque Stars Sit for Striking Portrait Series – a collection of gorgeous photographs by Stephanie Diani, via Bust Magazine. Anyone who is fed up with the tripe we hear about age and beauty will definitely enjoy these!

Be well, folks.

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Gracie Hagen’s Nude Photography at Bust

Photos by Gracie Hagen at Bust Magazine (click image for more)

Photos by Gracie Hagen at Bust Magazine (click image for more)

Please go and check out Gracie Hagen’s nude photos at Bust Magazine. (We’ve raved about Hagen before — she’s such a hit with us.) Just from the two that are pictured here, you can see how Hagen is showing realistic beauty with stances that don’t feel “posed.” We need to see more of this kind of art in order to enjoy variety and truth in body and sexuality, and Hagen does it just beautifully. Let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading! Guzzle up our sexy reads at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Go Deeper Press (for all e-readers), and we’ll love you forever. You can also receive a free erotic e-book when you join our super-sensitive, sex-positive, freebie-gifting email list. Hearts.

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Pony Play with Ashley Smith


Ashley Smith photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for Galore Magazine NY

Thanks to photographer Ellen von Unwerth, model Ashley Smith, and Galore Magazine (via TinyNibbles and Touch Puppet) for this amazing spread.  Note that the pics are just a couple in a whole series.  At GDP, we love the aesthetic here.  These pics above, in my opinion, are hot because of how noir they are, how suggestive they are, and how focused they are on texture and touch.  Plus Ashley is, obviously, gorgeous.

The full spread is from Galore Magazine.  Enjoy!



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BDSM Gets Spanked and Ogled

There was a time when few could see the beauty in BDSM, but that seems like an age away now.  Personally, when the body is bound, I think it is at its most beautiful.  Tying wrists together can accentuate their size, not to mention the slope of the arms, and if you’ve never seen Japanese rope bondage raising a pair of breasts towards the eye (and mouth!), you’ve been missing a treat.  What’s more, post-spanking, a pair of buttocks can sport a delightful blush, and I have a particular yen for running the tip of a riding crop across my lover’s skin.  Yes, BDSM can be aesthetically gorgeous, and now that the BDSM-trilogy-that-shall-not-be-named has hit the big time, we’re seeing kink-inspired glamour all over the place.   Just look at the “choking” on the cover of Paris Vogue that caused such controversy a couple of months ago.  BDSM gets spanked, indeed — which seems strange, especially since (I assume) Stephanie Seymour gave her consent and looks far from unexcited!

But my oh my, if you want to experience the grace of BDSM, not to mention the finesse of female bodies, take a look at (fairly NSFW) Gunter Blum’s website.  For one thing, that man can make ass cheeks look swankier than pearls, and what he does for vulvas is sublime.  Black and white BDSM has never looked more colorful.  And don’t you just ache to touch Blum’s models?

I know I do.  *swoon*

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The Natural Sex of Mapplethorpe (And One Big Bravo)

By Robert Mapplethorpe

This morning, Angela emailed me a gem from the New York Times.  For all LGBTQ folks and our wonderful supporters, the sun is beginning to shine more brightly in the U.S. of A.  This, from the NYT article by John Schwartz:

A federal appeals court on Thursday ruled that gay Americans are a class of people who deserve the same kinds of constitutional protections as many other victims of discrimination. 

The 2-to-1 ruling, by the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York, came as the panel struck down the federal law prohibiting federal recognition of same-sex marriage. It is the first time that a federal appeals court has applied this level of constitutional protection — known as heightened scrutiny — to those unions. The case is now considered by some legal scholars to be the leading candidate for a Supreme Court review of the same-sex marriage issue.

Well, what better way to celebrate this good news than with a tribute to legendary gay photographer and artist, Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989). As you can see from the photos we’ve posted here, this man saw profound beauty in sex and the body, and shared it with the world.  The light he casts on the human form, and the grace he recognized in all kinds of sexualities and genders, lives on well beyond his death.  And then, of course, he “did it with flowers” too — a true reminder that our own physiques are no less natural or valuable than that of the lily or tulip.  Mapplethorpe’s photos of unashamed BDSM go hand in hand with his shots of flowers in all their petals, stamens, and pollen-clad glory.

After all, erotic love, be it pleather-clad or naked, is as natural as stamen and stem.

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A Texture Queen Adores Rae Threat

By Rae Threat

I am a texture queen.  No, really.  What’s more sexy than the sensation of long silk gloves, or the bite of lace trimmings, or the tension of satiny rope?  Fortunately, I’m not alone.  Whether wet or dry, clasping or loose, old or shiny new, Rae Threat is making it hot in her photography.  If you’re inspired by the photos we’ve posted here, please take a look at her tumblr and feast your eyes on more artistic gems.

Maybe my love of texture has inspired a love of burlesque.  When I learned the art of burlesque dance with the ladies of Rogue Burlesque, one of the most intriguing things that they taught us was how to communicate texture — or, more specifically, our own textures.  Running your fingers over your skin (or indeed your silky gloves) with relish quietly implies that you’re gorgeous to touch, plus if you hold your audience’s gaze as you do this, you easily suggest that they’d love to touch you.

And of course, when there’s a nipple involved, texture becomes even hotter.  (Check out the images, my friends!).

By Rae Threat

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Body Beautiful: The Erotic Photography of Gracie Hagen

Gracie Hagen’s “Twice the Price”

Holy cow, Gracie Hagen knows how to use a camera.  I only just found out about her work (via tinynibbles, with thanks) and my gosh, what a graceful eye.  Do take a look at her Flickr photostream to see Hagen tapping the beauty of different body shapes, body types, roles and genders in a way that makes me want to run at her, butt-naked, with a CVS throwaway camera, and say, “Find the erotic in me, please!”  Check her out for takes on sexuality, gender and social roles, not to mention a treasure trove of erotic imagination.  I could gaze at these photos all day.

Um, could someone please buy me a pair of leather gloves?


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