Foxtrology: Aries

By Angr (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

By Angr (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Interested in astrology?  So is our Lana Fox.  That’s why, over the coming weeks, Lana will write sextrology posts that outline the erotic qualities of the sun signs, taking a sex-positive, gender-equal tack.  By the by, some of these posts have also appeared (in a slightly different version) at Lana’s personal blog.

Today?  Aries!

Aries: March 21st – April 20th

If Aries is your sun sign, astrology suggests that you like to be caressed around the face and head.  This can make the ears, crown and/or hairline potentially powerful erogenous zones.  Playing with the hair of an Aries or nibbling their ears, can also make their juices run, and seeing as they are often quick-witted, they might well enjoy talking about sex and sexual politics.  Aries, your natural power and directness can make for wonderful BDSM play, so a blindfold or two, or maybe a whip, might not be amiss.  Many Aries people are ignited in the bedroom, possessing a high sex drive, powerful communication skills, and a passion for sex itself.  However, Aries lovers might find it hard to let arousal simmer and build,  preferring to have it all now, now, now!  So varying pace and approach can help.  This ram’s rapid expenditure of energy in the boudoir, means that planning time for recuperation is a great idea — but an Aries’ lover might have to suggest this.  After all, these rams might not always realise how important resting is for their health.

Sex Accessory of the Day:  Aries folks often enjoy luxury in the bedroom as well as power.  I bet many would enjoy the Corkscrew at “Fucking Sculptures.”  Let us know what you think, Aries readers!

Aries Recommended Book of the Day:  The Sin City graphic novels by Frank Miller (published by Dark Horse) contain raw, sublime erotic moments within an exciting, noir-style plot.  Sounds like Aries all over, don’t ya think?

A Famously Sex-Positive Aries:  Lady Gaga. She’s done so much for sex-positivity and LGBTQ rights. I mean, wow.

Burn on Aries!  And remember…your astrological chart is a mix of all sorts of aspects (including your Moon sign and your Rising sign, to name but a couple).  So if you are Aries and any of the above doesn’t sound like you, then it isn’t!  This is just a generalization.  

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