“Hot and Coming Your Way….” (And We Have a Winner!)

w1_2PDrg9GjQSc7ios6siOzw01hVPIE_bmGmo4Bpa4QOh my God, we’re excited, so excited, so excited. In just a matter of days our new anthology, As the Bishop Said to the Actress, will be available in our webstore and on Amazon.com. (Have patience, please! All GDP books will soon be available on bn.com and in Apple’s iBookstore, too. We promise.) The anthology includes four amazing stories, leading with our contest winner, “Fishing” by A. Zimmerman. Oh, so fun. Oh, so seriously sexy. We hope you love it, too.

Other stories included are these awesome gems: “The Bishop’s Tongue” by James Thorpby, “The Solo Act” by Lady Astrid, and “Compassion’s Seed” by our own Lana Fox. We’re so proud of this anthology, which takes that cheeky British saying, mixes it up with a bucket-load of taboo, and delivers fiction that is clever, dark, transformative, and (sorta most importantly) seriously piping hot.

The official release date is Monday, February 4, but we’ll be offering a pre-release version at a discounted price to all our newsletter subscribers. Not a subscriber yet? No worries. Click right here and join the fun.



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