The Sex We’d Like to See in 2013

slide_5623_76284_largeFolks, we are setting off for London today and are busy, busy, busy.  We’ll be gone for a week, but will be blogging when we can.  Until then, here’s one of the many things we’d like to see in 2013, both in terms of submissions and in terms of life:

Big sex with bigger people.  Bigger people having big sex.  Don’t get us wrong…small is good too.  But one look at Tara Lynn in the pic to the left, photographed in French Elle (see more shots of Tara at Huffington Post), gives just a glimpse of what we’d love to see.  People who are larger than those we usually see.  Real people with real bodies, bringing the big sexy.

Also!  Big news.  Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of Dangerous Women, edited by Lana Fox and Hunger: A Go Deeper Press Short by Zoe More are now both available on Amazon.  Woohoo!

We’ll bring news from the Big Smoke, when we can.  Until then, Happy New Year, dear sex-positive readers!



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